When looking to get a quote on a metal building for your home, business, or farm there are a few major factors to consider. Take off the metal siding panels, metal trim, and metal roofing panels on a building and you will see the structure for its core.
Besides the standard run of the mill portable buildings that you will see on the side of the highway or at a local home improvement store. The framing system you choose for you metal building project will effect numerous factors such as the cost of the building materials or package, cost to erect the structure, and size of building (length, width, height) that can be designed with the specific framing system. Now Lucas Buildings manufactures and recommends their standard of steel framing known as red-iron steel for their metal building packages.
Red-iron steel framed metal buildings also are easy to erect because there is no fabrication or engineering that needs to be done on the construction site. When you are in the market to purchase a metal building for your home, business, or farm you now know what exactly is at the core of a metal building.
Inland Steel chose the offices of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) to design their company headquarters. SOM designed Inland Steel in the International Style – a style introduced by Mies van der Rohe.
Two prominent SOM architects are credited with Inland’s design: Walter Netsch (1920-2008) and Bruce Graham (1925-2010). It’s simpler to agree that the two architects worked together in creating a Chicago favorite – a building that refuses to grow old.
The Inland Steel Company was sold in the late 1990’s, and now Capital Properties and starchitect Frank Gehry own the building.
This homeowner was interested in vehicle storage to protect against the harsh New York winters. A 9-lite entry door and two windows were installed in the gable end truss to allow natural light to enter the upstairs.
These states include Alabama(AL), Arizona(AZ), Arkansas(AR), California(CA), Colorado(CO), Connecticut(CT), Delaware(DE), Florida(FL), Georgia(GA), Idaho(ID), Illinois(IL), Indiana(IN), Iowa(IA), Kansas(KS), Kentucky(KY), Louisiana(LA), Maine(ME), Maryland(MD), Massachusetts(MA), Michigan(MI), Minnesota(MN), Mississippi(MS), Missouri(MO), Montana(MT), Nebraska(NE), Nevada(NV), New Hampshire(NH), New Jersey(NJ), New Mexico(NM), New York(NY), North Carolina(NC), North Dakota(ND), Ohio(OH), Oklahoma(OK), Oregon(OR), Pennsylvania(PA), Rhode Island(RI), South Carolina(SC), South Dakota(SD), Tennessee(TN), Texas(TX), Utah(UT), Vermont(VT), Virginia(VA), Washington(WA), West Virginia(WV), Wisconsin(WI) and Wyoming(WY).
This series will help educate consumers on the basics of metal buildings and provide industry insight. The term, Metal building, is just a generic commodity term that is used for buildings with metal exteriors or sheeting. For a metal building or portable building at your home improvement center will either have a square tube frame or a wood framing system. The first framing system that on the metal building market was the wood-frame or post-frame system. And as Joseph Block, a former company president, once said, “We’re a Chicago company and we’re going to stay here.” Inland Steel started as a small gamble in the height of a major economic depression, but by the 1950’s they had increased steel production to more than 6,500,000 tons, making the company the 8th largest steel manufacturer in the country.
The building broke away from its more classically designed neighbors by emphasizing its volume rather than its mass, regularity or rhythm rather than symmetry, and was marked by strikingly minimal ornamentation.

It made headlines for having the widest clear span ever used in a multi-story building, meaning that every floor boasts open and unobstructed or universal space (another Miesian concept). And as is all too common with famous and popular buildings, there’s long been a controversy over whom to give credit for Inland’s design.
We can deliver and setup your metal garage or steel building in these areas or drop off our kits.
While one of the major factors within a metal building purchase is the decision of what style of framing to use for the structure itself. In addition these buildings are pre-designed without any input from you and are meant to satisfy your storage needs for home, business, or farm as best as they can. Now, back to removing the exterior of the building allowing consumers to see the building for its core.
Durability because of the strength of steel and the density or gauge of steel that is in each column, end wall frames, purlins, girts, and rafters.
Set the end wall frames and columns correctly in the concrete and then the system can easily be bolted together.
The Prudential Building, completed in the previous year, was the first skyscraper built downtown since the Field Building (1934) twenty years earlier. The firm was true to its word and went on to design such buildings as the Willis Tower, Hancock and Trump towers in Chicago as well as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai – by far the tallest building in the world.
Instead of ornamentation, the tower is distinguished through seven pairs of nickel-chrome stainless steel clad columns (carrying the weight of the structure) that are pushed outside of the building’s curtain wall. This was made possible by running 60ft supportive girders beneath each floor between the pairs of columns spanning the length of the tower’s exterior. Newman wrote upon the tower winning an AIA 25 year honor award in 1982, “In a steel-building city, [the Inland Steel Building] .
You can choose any color combination for your metal garage or steel building at no additional charge.
Certified garages and buildings are designed by a state certified engineer to meet the codes for your state. You might consider a storage shed at your local home improvement center a metal building but it is in an entirely different category than the type of metal buildings Lucas Buildings manufactures. That is why the price on a portable building is much lower per square foot for the small sized buildings than a metal building that is custom designed to meet your all of your specific needs. To combat this issue post-frame manufacturers introduced the hybrid building, with steel roofing trusses enabling wider and longer buildings to be erected with post-frames. Versus the durability and strength of Lucas steel versus web steel truss systems, weld-up kits, post-frame buildings, and hybrid post-frame with steel truss buildings.
This bolt-up installation method is another reason that makes red-iron steel framed metal buildings more durable and cost efficient. Though even the Prudential appears somewhat dated, as it still bears the influence of the art deco style prominent before the construction hiatus caused by the Depression and WWII.

And when the company began to outgrow their offices, it made a lot of sense that they decided to build a new modern headquarters made out of steel as a sign of their continued growth. He is credited with coming up with the building’s layout and pushing all of the mechanicals into a separate tower. The building recently underwent a renovation to make it more energy efficient and suitable for the 21st century.
Due to covering such a wide range of states we ask that our customers check with their local building and zoning department to see if a permit is needed and if so that you the customer pick up the permit. Please note that these framing systems that are listed below are types of framing for metal buildings that Lucas Buildings or authorized Lucas Builders have dealt with over the past 40 years in the industry.
The second word, limitless, with red-iron steel framing packages you are not limited in the width, length, or height of the building because of structural limitations. However at the north east corner of Monroe and Dearborn streets something new is happening – the rise of the Inland Steel Building. But when Netsch was asked to design the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Graham took over Inland’s design. The building has a snazzy website with some details on the renovation as well as nice photographs of the interior. If the local inspection or zoning department needs plans we can provide them in some cases at an additional fee. Not to mention the endless amount of design options from framed openings for walk-doors, garages, and windows to many more design options. Inland’s glistening stainless steel and expansive sheets of tinted glass will usher in a new period of modernity for Chicago. Inland Steel and its subsidiary companies manufactured all of the steel forming the structure and cladding of the building.
Inland’s universal space was also made possible by moving all of the building’s mechanicals such as bathrooms, elevators and staircases to an adjacent 332 ft service tower also sheathed in stainless steel (this layout would not be possible to repeat today as it is against fire code).
He kept Netsch’s floor plan, but minimized the number of columns from nine pairs to seven and pulled them out from behind the tower’s curtain wall. The clear-span red-iron framing system with rigid end walls allows consumers to achieve maximum use of their building without interior columns to limit their space. Flash forward to the year 2011, and the Inland Steel Building (completed in 1958) still stands out for its elegant modernity, as it surely will for years to come.
Now when you are talking of a mammoth of a structure such as a distribution center or warehouse there are clear-span framing options with interior columns to support the structure itself adequately.

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