Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum.Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Structure Consultancy services provide enhance structural design solution to Industrial buildings. Structural Design & Supervision of Industrial Shed for Bhumi Polymers, at Sapar, Rajkot .
Structural Design & Supervision Factory Building for Allied Industries, at Metoda GIDC, Rajkot. To apply effectively the seismic provisions of the National Building Code of Canada NBCC05, structural engineers need a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of earthquake engineering including ground motion seismology, structural dynamics, concept of capacity design, inelastic behaviour of various materials, and seismic design and detailing.
Understand the concept of capacity design and structure ductility as well as the seismic design requirements of the NBCC05. Gain knowledge of design and detailing of earthquake resistant steel and reinforced concrete buildings.
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It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. This course provides an opportunity to learn the basic principles and practices of analysis and design of earthquake-resistant design building structures. Ashraf El Damatty is a Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The University of Western Ontario.
He has been a consultant to many private and government organizations in Canada, USA, and the Middle East.
Long unobstructed span, large headway, heavy weight of machine, minimum vibration, gantry requirement, natural sunlight, heating and cooling etc., are ideal requirement of industrial structures.

He is also an Adjunct Professor at McMaster University and a Research Associate at the Institute of Catastrophic Loss Reduction and the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory. He has conducted complete design of a large number of high-rise, medium-rise and industrial buildings in Canada and abroad. Pajgade 2ABSTRACTThe present paper describes the analysis and design of high-rise steel building frame with and without Steel plate shear wall (SPSW ).
We provide structural scheme by keeping in view of all the requirements of particular industries with high safety, serviceability and durability at optimum cost.
The course will cover seismic design and detailing of steel and reinforced concrete buildings. He has over than 20 years experience in teaching, research and consulting in structure engineering. For present work equivalent static analysis is carried out for steel moment resisting building frame having (G+6) storey situ ated in zone III. Our technical team acquires the data related industries functional requirements, weight and size of each machine, vibrations of machines, dead stock of material and ancillary part of machinery etc., and finalized the structural geometry keeping all aspect of safety, serviceability and durability of structure. Building structure analyze in dead load, live load, wind load and earthquake load condition as per standard cord of practices and finalized design with optimum material usage in worst condition of loading.
El Damatty is the Founder and Principal of Engineering Analysis and Dynamics (EAD) specialized in advanced analysis and design of structures. He has been the principal and co-principal investigator of awarded research grants exceeding $10.0 M. The analysis of steel plate shear wall and the building are carried out using Software STAAD PRO V8i SELECT series II.
Our drafting team provides all the necessary details in form of working drawing to make execution easy at site.

The main parameters consider in this paper to compare the seismic performance of buildings are bending moment, shear force, deflection and axial force. We supervise execution at each stage like, excavation, foundation, plinth, slab for each floor etc., and provide technical suggestions if any to improve quality of work. We excel in structure analysis, design, drafting and inspection and provide high quality & economical solution to our projects. 1 INTRODUCTIONAs compare to the Reinforced cement concrete (RCC) the steel has got some important physical properties like the high strength per unit weight and ductility [3]. Being ductile the steel structures give sufficient advance warning before failure by way of excessive deformations. MODELING OF STEEL PLATE SHEAR WALLS2.1 Strip ModelingThis is the most popular way of modeling thin, non- compact shear walls. In the analysis software the steel plate in the wall panel is to be replaced by a series of truss members (struts ) or the strips along the tension field.
The first one is the strips inclined at uniform angle with the horizontal and the other is the multi-strip model as shown in the following figures.The two models of the SPSWs are as shown in the following figures.
In the first the strips are inclined diagonally at an uniform angle, generally at 450 with the horizontal. The other is the multi- angle strip model in which the strips are inclined at different angles.3.

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