A Longlife Farm Storage Building provides maximum storage space at the most economical price and are ideal protection for crops, livestock and other agricultural supplies. The high profile Q-line quonset hut buildings are ideal Farm Storage Buildings for either square or round hay bales. The Galvalume steel comes with a 35 year warranty and will provide you with years of maintenance free use without repair expenses and down time. Since every model can be designed to be erected without ends, they offer tremendous savings and advantages for certain agriculture applications. The benefits of Longlife’s heavy duty design allow their Farm Storage Buildings to be permanently erected without any visible ends are ideal for round bale hay storage applications. Since there are no beams, posts, or pole barn like trusses in the building design, Longlife Farm Storage Buildings are ideal for crop storage.
The Q-line is also very effective where preexisting concrete walls or silo bunkers are in place. Do you have a special agricultural application or a preexisting slab with nonstandard dimensions? Due to our expert designs and the quality of materials we use, many of our buildings are a perfect choice for agricultural buildings.
Designed and manufactured to the exact specification of our customers in the most efficient and cost effective manner, our agricultural buildings are suitable for storage, workspaces or animal housing and are custom designed to meet the needs of the farm or stables. If you know the general size of your build, request your free quote and we will get back to you with a detailed quotation (usually within 72hrs), or contact our sales office on 01759 369953 for more information and to arrange a site visit. Order today and your building can be manufactured and delivered to you in as little as 4 weeks. A range of single skin cladding panels and profiles to choose from to either make the building as individual as you are, or to blend with surrounding existing buildings. Gliderol roller doors can be positioned on each elevation of the building (within a bay on side elevation) for access for farm machinery & storage.
PA Doors can be positioned on each elevation of the building to give easy access and emergency exits without the need to open the roller door(s). Optional Dripstop Drain anti condensation barrier applied to the roof, particularly recommended when building is used for livestock, stables or larger farm machinery. Optional mezzanine floors at almost any height to increase the square footage of your building, or just provide a quiet retreat at then end of the day.
CustomFITT Steel Buildings Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 6914339.
In the 21st century, there seems to be no limit to the bounds of human ingenuity, and storage container homes are but one example.
As one might expect, cost is a primary consideration and benefit of storage container homes. Owing to the relatively homogenous dimensions of steel containers, storage container homes are also easier and faster to build.
Needless to say, storage container homes offer a degree of strength and durability which is simply not possible with traditional stick built homes. Some people may simply be in search of storage container homes for sale, choosing to forego the option of designing their own floor plan. For anyone with a flair for the dramatic and an interest in new, alternative building methods, storage container homes or shipping container home are certainly one option to consider thoroughly. Log siding is a great way to achieve the look of harmony with nature you want and save thousands of dollars in the process. Log siding on a stick built (traditional framing) home will cost you 30 to 50% less than actual log construction.
By using a stick frame construction with a factory finished 2x8" log siding package they were able to achieve their goals on a budget the community could afford.
This gentleman was looking to build his retirement property and was thinking of building a new home on his land.
He had a large sturdy horse barn with a 2 bedroom apartment above it on the property and decided to remodel that instead of building new. Originally he wanted Log Siding on his house but after talking it over he decided that a less expensive 1x8" Dutch Lap wood siding pattern on the exterior was fine.
His thinking was that he would spend the majority of his time on the inside of the cabin and that the "feeling" created there was most important to him. He told me that he went over budget on the build to get the finished pine but was able to afford it because of the overall project savings of remodeling instead of building new. By remodeling an existing structure he was able to spend a little more customizing the interior which to him was the most important thing. I have had many people in the last few months telling me about how they changed their priorities and saved serious dough.

Several did the same thing- bought a pre manufactured home and had it placed on their land and then covered the exterior with wood siding and the interior with wood paneling.
This wood lover used metal framing and built a 12,000sqft mansion in Florida for under $270,000 (the log siding and paneling package was $20,000-ish).
Any of you retirement home shoppers out there care to speculate what a 12,000 SQFT under roof stick framed full log constructed home in Florida might cost? There are a number of attractive features of pre-fabricated homes including reduced costs and time involved. We had a TV personality contact us because he wanted to have a fishing cabin on his recently purchased lake property by the winter (within 2 months of the time we were talking). He bought a log siding and interior paneling package from us and by the time it was delivered the house was in place. I heard that phrase from a Timber Frame dealer referring to stick built homes with large timbers made to look like timber frames at a fraction of the cost. He was originally planning to build a log cabin or timber frame retirement home for $350,000 - $400,000 including land.
It took a little longer than he planned but he was able to find his dream property on a lakefront for $39,000 in Alabama.
Next he had his pre-manufactured home placed on the property for around $40,000 and bought a log siding and interior paneling package for about $10,000. By taking his time and being willing to accept a couple of things that might be considered undesirable to others he was able to get the same amount of property and the same square footage as his original retirement house plan.
I have had the privilege of talking to thousands of people in every stage of building their dream projects. In the face of major change, a few perception adjustments can make the dream possible again. Universal Steel of America (USA) designs Steel Churches, Metal Fellowship Halls, Gymnasiums and Youth Centers that are affordable and yet can be finished out anyway you desire.
We manufacture all steel buildings that provide the very best structural integrity and can be erected efficiently and quickly. When you want to know your project will be right from conceptual design to substantial completion contact USA for a quick steel building quote. Every Church is special in their own way, which is why we offer prefab steel churches and metal houses of worship that can be designed to fit your churcha€™s particular needs. USA prefab metal buildings can be designed to include classrooms, a youth center, administrative offices, a counseling center, conference rooms, choir and music rooms and kitchens, as well as meeting rooms, a fellowship hall or gymnasium for recreation activities, church banquets, social gatherings and large wedding receptions. Protect your church with a religious steel building that has the very best in structural integrity. Since the heavy gauge and deep corrugated panels are engineered for strength, many models can be used with open ends for ventilation. Call Longlife now and see how our Farm Storage Buildings can satisfy your farming & agricultural needs and save you time and money! If you are operating on a tight budget and need to maximize the building size, your building can initially be erected with open ends, conserving your funds. The completely open ends allow for critical ventilation to prevent spontaneous methane fires from tightly stacked bales that may be a little green. The large equipment can be pulled in the center area of the building and the work benches, tillers, discs and general storage can be put along the sides. Wheat, corn, and other grains can be efficiently top loaded into the building through intermittent access vents. Providing that the concrete is structurally sound, the Q-line full arch model often has been installed on these walls as a roof system. We can make it to the size you need with the amount of roller doors, access doors, skylights, bays and windows that you require.
Gradually gaining traction and ever-increasing in popularity in the world of architecture, storage container homes are exactly that: houses constructed of large, prefabricated storage containers. Typical homes of this type are significantly less expensive than their traditional stick-built, brick and mortar counterparts. In a sense, steel storage container homes are akin to modular homes, that is, each piece is prefabricated and simply assembled together to create a building.
In particular, storage containers made of steel are incredibly strong, as they can resist corrosion and wind damage far more significantly than other materials. Storage container homes plans are evolving rapidly with the growing demand for these unique structures. This, too, is becoming much easier in light of the number of new container homes being constructed.
I hear that a lot these days however some people are getting creative to achieve their Custom Wood Home dreams on the budget that is left.

By focusing on what is really important and being creative on the rest you can have something really nice and afford it too!
They had a 5400sq ft complex and there was no way they could afford to do this in actual log construction.
He abandoned the idea of a traditional log or timber frame and started looking at pre-manufactured homes. By moving to a different part of the country and being willing to live an hour away from the nearest town he was able to find something he could afford. They are stories of heartache, triumph and overcoming obstacles in order to get what they want.
Our steel building consultants will create a metal building to meet your local building codes and they will provide protection from whatever Mother Nature may have in store for you. USA steel church buildings offer exceptional features to protect your investment, so your tithes can be used towards your growing congregation rather than on constant facility maintenance. Our easy do-it-yourself kits and the quick-build plans make it simple to build a barn, equipment garage or farm storage shed without expensive contractors.
Longlife’s buildings can also be designed for low cost potato, grain and corn storage with aeration and conveyor systems. Factory prefabricated ends or customer supplied ends can then be installed at a later date when the funds become available. This application also allows easy access to the complete width of the building’s end in order to maximize the round bale stacking with three complete rows. This scenario saves money as you don’t have to setup an oversized building to accommodate just one piece of large equipment. This allows for uniform loading of the crops into the building; maximizing storage capacity. This has been employed on many farms where abandoned poured concrete walls have been put back into use for crop and equipment storage.
While many people are puzzled by the idea, and are often taken aback by the dramatic aesthetics of such homes, they offer a number of advantages which are adding to their reputation and steadily growing profile. The reason is simple: the basic materials required are merely the storage containers themselves, which can cost as little as $1,000 each for containers the size of an average room. However, in this case, the a€?piecesa€? are much bigger, making them easier and faster to adjoin.
The simplistic construction afforded by their cubic design also gives storage container homes an elevated degree of internal strength and stability.
In many ways, purchasing a storage container home can be more economical, as they can last much longer than normal homes and may even be priced lower, too. Manufactured with only US Galvalume steel and heavy duty steel hardware, Longlife farm storage buildings are engineered to withstand extreme hurricane winds and heavy snow loads.
The open end design is also useful for pulling in equipment with extremely wide attachments or planters without time consuming adjustments or disconnections.
This also dramatically lowers the cost per square foot, giving you more building space for your money. Special aeration tubes can be laid in place on the floor to enhance air circulation and prevent mold.
If you are in the market for a new home, regardless of whether you plan to buy or build, it is definitely worthwhile and educational to research steel storage container homes. Furthermore, homes built from storage containers do not require intricate foundations as do traditional homes. Additionally, steel containers can be transported very quickly with minimal cost or risk of damage. Architects just simply have to design the home with large prefabricated rooms as the template. His "cabin" looks pretty livable to me when I consider all the ways I could spend nearly 3 quarters of a million dollars. Our 100% clear span steel structures are ideal for any farm building use as there are no beams, posts or rafters to get in the way. If there is a lot of tall equipment that must be parked at the sidewalls, the S-line model can effectively meet this need.
Many crop storage models allow for storage right up against the side walls without any expensive side cables, bracings, or reinforcements; this makes Longlife buildings one of the most economical crop storage systems available today.
As time goes by, more advances and customization options are sure to unfold in this new and unique housing market.

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