Kitset Sheds Ltd is able to supply custom built sheds that fully meet all of your personalised requirements whatever the purpose may be. When we customise a shed to your personal requirement we work with you and our structural engineer to give you what you want at the best price.
Made to order barns can have horse stables and workshops, garages may have sleep outs and commercial buildings, offices and accommodation. Custom built sheds are made to order, prefabricated off site and erected by experienced construction teams. Totalspan franchises are spread throughout the country, so no matter where you live you’ll get friendly advice from people who understand your needs, the local environment, weather conditions and Council consent processes.
Sheds NZ’s Ultimate Steel Garden Sheds are designed to be the ultimate in strength, durability and convenience. Building paper under the roof cladding takes away drips to allow a dry, condensation free interior. Our sheds are built to last, with timber framed walls 70mm x 45mm and two rows of dwangs, providing strong construction. All Ultimate Garden Sheds come with baseboards, we also have timber and concrete floor options available.
Rust and condensation free, our sheds come with the option of having building paper under the roof cladding to reduce moisture in the interior.
Ample space to hang tools, Ultimate Garden Sheds come with two rows of framing, giving you space to hang your tools or setup shelves.
Prefabricated walls, pre-hung doors and the use of tek screws rather than rivets means our Steel Garden Sheds can be erected from kitset in a few hours depending on size. We are very, very impressed with Blair, Brian & Will – a great bunch of guys and wonderful workers.
When considering a new shed there are a few questions you should be considering before making the final call. There are various different design and styles available to choose from, some of which are in themselves modifiable or fully customisable and some aren’t.
Steel vs Timber: Of course both have their advantages, but in today’s busy lifestyle, with so much to do, timber does tend to lose out a bit. Choosing Colour: Have a look around your property, what colour is your house, what is surrounding it?
Location: Once you’ve become a bit clearer on the size of shed you’d like, have a think where on your section it would fit nicely. Foundations: Again, depending on your individual needs and use of your shed, the floor is another aspect to consider. Insulation: Have you considered adding wall insulation (and ceiling for that matter) to your shed to make it even more suitable for your needs?
Council: Check with your local council about certain requirements and guidelines to apply for consent for your new shed? About UsWhen we design your new steel shed we are not restricted by pre-determined modular shed sizes or limited by set size increments. We are based in Tauranga and supply NZ made kitset garages, sheds and barns, from farm sheds to custom built industrial sheds. We want you to have an enjoyable experience so when you choose a building from us, we will manage your project with realistic time lines, pay attention to detail and only use experienced builders.
We can manage your entire project from the council permits, site cutting and preparation, laying concrete to erecting the building.

Our buildings are custom designed for your needs rather than having a fixed range of sheds for sale. For a growing number of auction hunters, bidding online for storage units is a preferred method of auction hunting.
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When we quote on your shed we always do a preliminary structural design specific to your propertyand layout.
Depending on our workloads we can get a quote to you the next day on basic sheds and for a slightly customised design it may take a few days or longer. We will work with you during the design process listening to what you want and suggesting ideas and solutions to any potential problems. Drawing on over 25 years in the construction industry, our builders and engineers are up to any project. This way the integrity of the building is upheld and the costing is confirmed before the quote is prepared.
Enterprising & Knowledgeable - we have the willingness and know how to customise solutions to suit your project. Sturdy 70mm x 45mm framing provides strong construction and two rows of dwangs gives you somewhere to attach tools and shelves. Although wooden sheds can be painted or stained in various colours, steel does come in variety of colours too.
But rather than just thinking about all the things you will want to fit inside the shed, please also consider how big a shed you can fit on your property. Consider view, sunlight, wind and weather (especially so if you’re opting for an open shed), easy access and practicability. This aspect might be a time-consuming exercise but don’t get frustrated, it will be worth it at the end.
Our powerful and flexible Multibuild Computer Design System enables us to efficiently design a steel shed exactly to your requirements and to make the best use of your particular site.
We can customise your shed for your needs with additions such as lean to’s, partitioning walls, awnings, and mezzanine floors. Our designs and attention to detail enables us to supply complete kits which are suitable for building in any location throughout NZ.
This enables the building to fit your property and purpose appropriately without compromising on quality.
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Hunt, buy, sell, and profit like a pro at storage auctions & beyonda€¦ estate sales, garage sales, auction houses & swap meets. And on top of that, you save yourself the time, effort and money of maintaining the stain on your timber shed. Consider future uses and what may change … are you planning on a bigger boat in the next few years? It is worth looking into this and the costs of getting power to your shed now, so you know what is coming at you. Extra features such as living areas, office space, kitchen, showers and toilets can be added along with doors, windows water tanks, stables etc.
They look smart, have superior weather tightness and are designed and built for New Zealands extreme conditions.
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For starters, we were proud to found Charity Storage , which uses existing storage industry auction processes to raise money for charities nationwide. These storage auction buyers are also active in everything from estate sales and auction houses to equipment auctions and auto auctions. To save time we prefer to talk to you about your requirements before quoting because ideas raised through discussions and with further consideration people change their design several times before they settle on the shed that actually suits their needs. You can be bidding on storage units over the internet in just a few minutes, and all you need to know to get started is here.
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So, if you're looking to find a great group of treasure hunters you've come to the right place. The list of possibilities is long so have a good think about what you need your shed to be usable for before thinking of anything else! Thinking about it now will save you time later on, not to mention help you to visualize and dream in colour now.

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