Self-storage businesses can be incredibly profitable when designed, built and managed effectively. Steel buildings are typically pre-engineered and fabricated off-site, which means your multi-building storage facility can be constructed in a matter of days when you use an experienced crew, drastically reducing the financing required for pre-construction design and labor costs.
Here are some of the steel and metal building options that can increase customer interest in your units, as well as your business's ability to be profitable. More than ever, it’s become imperative for Americans to rely on themselves to make a healthy income. The only major expenses you really have for this business are the land – which can be especially affordable to pick up in today’s economy – and the buildings. When your buildings include all the metal bells and whistles, like cool metal roofs, metal siding and rolling door panels, your annual maintenance costs will shrink considerably compared with traditional wood and shingle counterparts. Go the extra mile and dedicate a portion of your storage units to climate-controlled models.
Your storage facility's doors can be engineered to resist the average and freak peak wind speeds in your area.
Steel and metal buildings are inherently more fire resistant than wood-framed buildings due to their higher flash points. In addition to your standard storage options, consider offering large storage options for those who have RVs, aircraft, boats and other toys.

Companies continue to lay-off workers, cut benefits and sacrifice their workforces in order to preserve profits. We provide buildings for a broad range of residential and commercial applications including Garages, Workshops, Agricultural Storage, Barns, Airplane Hangars, RV Storage, Self Storage, Commercial Warehousing, Retail Space and Office Warehouse. We only have access to information that you voluntarily give us via email or other direct contact. The key is to design and construct buildings that are affordable, durable and require a minimal amount of maintenance while simultaneously providing customers with peace of mind that their possessions are secure from theft, fire and the elements. From storing cases of expensive wine and Champagne to providing shelter for valued art, antiques and collectibles, climate-controlled units are taking up an increasing share of the self-storage market.
Pay attention to wind direction and try to orient the buildings such that doors and windows aren't bearing the brunt of the force. However, you can take additional measures to increase your storage units' ability to withstand a potential fire. Because steel buildings are resistant to so many common risk factors – such as pests and fire – you really don’t have to place restrictions on how things are stored. It’s not always easy to reach them directly, but advertising through moving companies, realtors, landlord associations and the like can result in easy sales. These features will give prospective customers more peace of mind when their precious belongings are stored with you.

Storage facilities are often built with flat or very low-pitched roofs as a cost-saving measure.
If your community doesn't offer much in the way of extra-large storage spaces, this can be a great way for your self-storage business to stand out from its competitors. Because of the risks associated with working for someone else, knowing how to cash in with a steel self storage building can give you security in today’s unstable market. Landlords present a rich client base of their own due to the number of people who move and leave belongings behind in a rental. A well-sealed building also mitigates heat gain and loss year-round.--Upgraded insulation, which is easy to install in the consistent exterior and interior wall spaces, will also save you in utility spending by maintaining more consistent interior temperatures without the excessive use of the HVAC system. Collaborating with a moving company, you can offer customers free moving services in exchange for pre-paid storage contract, or a free month of storage with a professional move. All of these investments will pay off, so spending a little extra now will save money in terms of repairs and replacement down the road. In addition, you could offer referral fees to other professionals, like landlords or realtors, and of course, the auctioning off of goods that get left behind without payment for too long.

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