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There are companies for steel homes, I would definately try that first before I bought a shed. This may have already been covered in this thread, but up here in Alaska I have seen people convert Conex shipping containers into pretty decent living quarters with windows, heating and insulation.
When I was younger and living in Tacoma, one of my neighbors was an old timer who lived in an old RR box car most of his life.
I used Cleary out of Great Fall, I would recomend using another crew, they were not real honest. It was a lot of fun doing this project and we enjoy living there more than we would have imagined. The wraparound porch with French doors, and the decorative bit above the porch, do wonders for it too -- gives it the air of an old colonial mansion. Since I started this thread, I need to say that the quality of your home was what I had in mind when I first started dreaming. Born, I hope you will post a thread on your build I would be interested to see what you your pole building turns out to be.
Sheds N Homes offer a range of beautiful and spacious house designs perfect for the Australian climate, and our staff have worked within the industry for many years and have gained a wealth of experience in the design and construction of quality steel kit homes.Our world-class affordable housing solutions are friendlier to the environment and your pocket as the material is much lighter, meaning it is easier to transport, effectively using less machinery and less of your hard earned dollars.

We ran out of time before the snow hit so we decided to park our fifth wheel in the building for the winter. I like how the porch and the placement of the windows really makes it look like a home and less like a metal building! Congratulations, and thanks to the many posters who offered their ideas and shared their expertise. By the time I calculated the large windows and sloped ceilings I wanted, the cost was prohibitive for me.
Made of electro-galvanized steel for resistance to UV rays, heat, insects and rot, the Woodridge line is an attractive and functional addition to your home. Also, a major factor was that local builders were comfortable with a traditional metal building for livestock, etc, but reluctant to bid the electrical, plumbing, sheetrock that accompanies a home. Featuring a unique wood grain print and horizontal panel design, this series provides the look you want with wood planks, but the durability of steel.
Which I think is why we were looking at metal sheds in the first place; construction costs are WAY lower.
We knew of several people in Texas (lived there for six years before returning home to the PNW!) who did so and the homes were beautiful. In addition, the Woodridge also features an extra tall six foot wall height which, combined with the gable roof design, provides additional head room and overall storage capacity.

With a 55" wide door opening, the 10'x6' Woodridge has plenty of room for most riding lawn mowers and other outdoor equipment. When we are finally done with our home, we will have two bedrooms, an office, laundry room and two baths downstairs, a loft with two bedrooms on one side of the house, and another loft for the game room on the other side of the house.
With predrilled and clearly marked parts, Arrow sheds are designed to be built by DIYers as a weekend project, saving hundreds on professional installation. It's still a long ways off from being done since we are doing it all ourselves, but in the end we will have the kind of home we have dreamed of within our budget.
We considered putting a manufactured home on our property because it would be quicker, but by the time we would buy the home, do all the excavation for the pad, prepare and pour the pad, have the home delivered and set up we would have ended up with a 1600 square foot home for about $50K more than this will cost us. Or just maybe you are just looking for the perfect recretaional retreat where you can entertain your friends?

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