We have manufactured structural steel buildings as large as 3000 square meters farms, and as small as 8 square meters utility tooling shed. We have also served a number of farmers in North Ireland mainly in Donegal and Galway and pride ourselves on giving every farmer  satisfaction in every structural steel farm shed we do.
At WDL Structural steel sheds and manufacturing roof sheets are our main area of expertise. WDL Structural Steel is a fabricator of structural steel , steel roof sheets, purlings, cladding and flashing. WDL manufacturer of steelsheds We supply a large range of roofing and cladding products, which may also be known by the following terms of description:roofing sheets, steel roof sheets, steel cladding sheets, steel corrugated sheets, metal roof sheets, metal cladding sheets, box profile sheets, profiled sheets, metal corrugated sheets, galvanised sheets, grp roof sheets, translucent roof sheets, plastisol coated sheets, plastic coated sheets, polyester coated sheets, tin sheets, vented sheets, curved corrugated sheets, insulated roof sheets, composite panels, insulated composite panels, insulated cladding sheets, zed purlins, roof flashings, roof trims, grp rooflights, translucent rooflights, fixings, fillers. WDL steel supply service cover Donegal, Derry, Tyrone, Fermanagh, Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo, Roscommon, Galway and all Ireland. Steel Sheds for agricultural, commercial and industrial use but we do domestic sheds as garden sheds or steel garages as well. Donegal based WDL will design and manufacture steel farm sheds with attention to details for your comfort. WDL team with more then 30 years experience in Farm Sheds design will help You with any enquiry.
Although ridge outlets provide the main source of air extraction, raised roof panels can be used to good effect in large or multi span buildings.
Spaced Roof – with sheets laid 12-15mm apart, provides air inlets lower down and extraction outlets higher up the roof.
Using a box profile steel sheets for your roof instead of fibre cement because it has a slipper surface and should help the snow slide off the roof.
If you have been looking for a garden shed for a while you will no doubt be aware some steel garden sheds are poor quality. If sales are down, manufacturers will try all sorts of tricks to lower their production costs to enable them to be able to offer you a steel shed at what will appear to be a really cheap price. To take a few hundred euro off a medium size garden shed one only has to use a thinner gauge wall cladding or reduce the size of the corner flashings etc. The major complaint people have when buying a kit garden shed is that after paying the full cost of the garden shed, they find some parts are missing or are the wrong size or color.We are not prepared to lower our standards simply to sell a few more garden sheds, our engineers would not allow us to use inferior steel or to alter designs we have used successfully in our buildings for more than 10 years. Structural Steel framed buildings  perfect way If you think about economical steel buildings. Do you need a practical and high quality steel shed that will do a job and won’t break the bank?

Steel sheets for roofing and cladding excellent for your new shed, re-roofing or re-cladding your existing shed.
With new Corus steel technology providing improved corrosion and UV protection, our steel roofs and cladding profiles are durable, very strong and available in a range of metal grades, colours and shapes like box profile and corrugated profile.
Whether for farming, commercial, industrial, agricultural or domestic use, the variety of steel sheets in our roofing and cladding range have been designed to meet your specific applications. Whether you are building in the inland Ireland or in coastal Donegal, we can provide advice and the most appropriate roofing or cladding products to meet your needs. For complete peace of mind always specify Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® with the market-leading Confidex® Guarantee.
The durability of Colorcoat Prisma® is derived from Galvalloy metallic coating, its high performance primer and its topcoat which contains polyamide beads.
These layers also provide excellent scratch and abrasion resistance for easier handling and processing.
WDL stock of Corus Colorcoat Prisma®  and Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® steels modern range of designer colours and finishes offer a solution for a functional and good-looking roof in any application like farming or housing. We can offer a wide range of composite roof and wall panels with specifications that are unrivalled in both performance and quality. Transparent Corrugated Polycarbonate Rooflights can be used to form complete roof coverings or can be incorporated into profiled steel roofing and metal cladding systems.
Corrugated profiled sheet in 1.3mm thick is available from stock to match our Corrugated range of steel sheeting.
WDL sheeting supply high quality, cost effective solutions, coupled with ease of installation, and lead themselves to almost any steel roof application.
We can offer a wide range of composite roof and wall panels with specifications that are unrivalled in both performance and quality. We can provide a wide range of single skin products in different profiles and colours of the steel. Steel Gutters are available in lengths of up to 8 meters and are available for valley or boundary wall applications.
Roof Guttering can be designed to meet the requirements of the building, please contact WDL’s technical advisors for further information.Ask about cost of guttering check our competetive gutters prices!
WDL provide ideal and solid support for an unlimited range of walls, roofs, cladding,flashing, purlins and fixings. WDL purlins are accurately roll formed from high strength steel to provide an efficient, light weight and economical roofing and cladding support system for structural steel buildings.

Purlins length: Manufactured and cut to customers requirements, up to a maximum of 14 metres. Speed of installation is assured as WDL purlins and girts are supplied complete with brace channels ready for site assembly.
WDL roofing system delivers superior technology, speed of installation and unparalleled strength and requires a minimum of maintenance throughout the life of structure. WDL supply complete range of structural C and Z purlins and girts for industrial buildings, sheds, garages, farm sheds anywhere that strong steel framing is required.
Experienced staff are able to advise you on roof purlins pricing and delivery requirements. WDL purlins are strong, crisp, clean and square and by any assessment are a quality product. If  you have any questions or would like to engage our services, please do not hesitate to CALL US or send an Email. If you need only roof material Call Us and We will bring you only roof sheets We will cut sheeting for you and You can choose between hundred of steel colours and steel grades. Whatever you need it for general storage, an industrial factory, warehouse or industrial workshop.
A full range of coatings and colours are available for steel sheeting and steel roof profiles, but there are a number which are identified as particularly suitable for steel roof. Steel Purlins can be supplied in Sigma-section, Z-section, C-section purlin along with all the required accessories. WDL purlins are available in variety of sizes to suit commercial, agricu;tural and domestic applications up to a maximum of 14 metres lenght. WDL pricing is competitive, and we ask only for the opportunity to provide a price for your next project. We have built a reputation across Ireland as trusted source of structural steel fabrications.

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