That’s the case writer Nick Diulio makes in a fascinating new article for The SpareFoot Blog. Diulio takes his readers to an actual auction in Buena, NJ where there are no television cameras and the contents of the day’s first locker sell for just $10. You’d have to believe in unicorns to think that most reality shows are actually real — especially when they involve bidding on items left behind in self storage bins. In 2012, one “cast member” from STORAGE WARS even sued the show’s producers for planting items to make the contents more exciting. Once a tenant is 31 days behind on his or her monthly payment, the facility sends a certified letter stating that the unit is in default and will go to auction if the bill isn’t paid within a specified amount of time (usually another 30 days). What’s more, if a unit sells for more than what the tenant owed, the facility is legally obligated to refund the difference, at least under New Jersey law.

Would you bid on the items in a storage locker?  Share your thoughts and opinions by leaving a comment below. US Storage Centers - Glendale, offers storage services to corporations and individuals throughout the 85302 ZIP code. Find self storage units in your area by simply entering a city name or postal code in the form below. If the bill goes unpaid, the facility then must advertise the sale of the unit’s contents once a week for two consecutive weeks in a local newspaper. Your local US Storage Centers - Glendale location offers storage in Glendale for automobile, boat, business, general, personal, military or student use.
These ads include a general description of the unit’s contents, the address of the facility, the unit number, and the date and location of the auction.

So, if you are looking for quality, convenient storage in Maricopa County, contact US Storage Centers - Glendale today.
And while he’s not required to do so, Zona calls the tenant one last time on the morning of the auction to offer one last chance to pay the bill.

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