Our weekly schedule includes auctions held at every storage facility within 50 miles of Dallas, including Ft. Most auction listing sites get their information from other databases, so they list the same handful of auctions over and over.
The facility above is selling a gun safe, a crossbow, 3 tool chests, a gas powered blower and welding equipment. The schedule will provide you with the name, address and phone number of each facility, the time and date of the auction and the number of units available. Aside from the auction listings, you’ll also be granted access to our knowledgeable community through our blog and forums.

We’ll even let you know if there are any interesting or unusual items worth noting at the auction.
These resources will get you in touch with other auction professionals throughout the country, and you can use them to ask questions, share your own expertise and network with others in the business.
This guide will provide you with everything you need to know to launch your own storage auction business. Worth storage facilities holding auctions this week; subscribe now for instant access to our auction lists and to receive your free e-book. We call each and every storage facility in the DFW area to get the most current auction schedules.

You want to spend your time on attending auctions, finding treasures and selling them at a profit. By using our service, you have easy access to auction listings, even those that aren’t widely advertised or well-known.

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