As part of the DEA’s Operation Log Jam, 8.5 kilos of synthetic marijuana and bath salts were confiscated from a New Hampshire self-storage locker last month. Hampton Police believe the drugs were intended to supply area head shops and convenience stores.
Synthetic cathinones, more commonly referred to as “bath salts,” are the newest synthetic drugs to hit the streets.
Marketed as herbal incense and potpourri, synthetic cannabinoids are a form of synthetic marijuana. According to the DEA, poison control centers received 3,200 synthetic drug-related calls in 2010, and then a whopping 13,000 calls in 2011.
Conducted by the DEA, FBI, IRS, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, state and local police departments, as well as the US Postal Service and the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations, Operation Log Jam targeted every stratum of the synthetic drug industry, including manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. The nationwide crackdown occurred in nearly 200 cities, resulting in over 90 arrests and a massive confiscation of synthetic drugs and illicit materials. Synthetic drug cases are exponentially more difficult to process than cases involving self-storage meth labs, for example.
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It was a cold and windy autumn day on the New Hampshire Seacoast but the action inside was heating up for an auction.
Remember if you bid in the last 4 minutes it will extend the ending time for that lot by 4 minutes.
If you are unable to make the scheduled day of pickup you may be charged up to $25 to transport your purchase and up to $10 a day storage.
Terms and Conditions of Salea€?1) The Terms and Conditions of Sale are nonnegotiable and legally binding.

When the auction ends auction winners will receive an invoice with pick-up information from C.T. Please bring enough help to pack (and packing materials), lift, carry, and load your purchases; and use a vehicle with appropriate space to hold your items. If you have not made the payment by the time of pick-up, and you fail to show for the scheduled pick-up, you forfeit any claim to the property.
Property that has been paid for yet has not been picked-up by the end of the pick-up day will be considered abandoned and subject to no refund.
Buyer is offered the opportunity to purchase USPS insurance for shipping their purchase. DEA agents, along with investigators from two local police departments, issued a search warrant and seized around $150,000 worth of synthetic drugs from Box Car Storage in Hampton, NH. According to DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart, they are not releasing the tenant’s name for fear of jeopardizing an ongoing investigation.
Damiana, an herb-like substance, is sprayed with a synthetic chemical similar to THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. On July 25 alone, the DEA executed 265 search warrants in over 90 cities in 30 states, targeting smoke shops, convenience stores, and 29 manufacturing facilities. Although many of these drugs are not specifically prohibited by federal law in the Controlled Substances Act, according to the Controlled Substance Analogue Enforcement Act of 1986, the feds can treat any chemical as an illegal substance as long as it’s “substantially similar” to a prohibited drug.
It costs law enforcement agencies about $2,000 every time they bring a batch of synthetic drugs to a testing outlet, and it takes over a week to get results back.
This white paper identifies major trends and best practices in rate management, occupancy analysis, rental contracts and profit management. Over 320 people inquired about the property and more than 150 groups toured the property during preview which led to an exciting auction day. We have over 100 antique categories, including antique jewelry, antique furniture, antique toys, Asian antiques and many, many more!
For larger shipments CT reserves the right to transfer your purchases to the UPS Store to handle the job.

Your cost will be the cost of the box, packing material, whatever the USPS charges plus the cost to pay an employee to do the job. Please let us know before we provide your shipping estimate that you would like insurance. This beautiful Tea Caddy has the most wonderful colour, patination and has faded red blush to the left side.
In addition to extreme paranoia, loss of motor skills, and disorientation, users experience a proclivity for violence. Because these substances are undetectable by most drug-tests, synthetic drugs are more popular among youths, members of the military, parolees, and anyone else who has to undergo routine drug-testing. As many of these drugs are technically legal, children as young as ten years old can walk into a store and purchase them.
Moreover, the product frequently crosses state lines, which creates an added level of difficulty, as different states have different laws regarding synthetic drugs. 17 highly qualified bidders were vying for this beautiful estate, mostly from the Northeast with some from as far away as California. New, creative laws are needed at the federal level, and we very well may see them put into effect soon. An extremely addictive substance, once bath salts are snorted, smoked, or injected, the user immediately craves more. When the gavel fell, the wife let out a cheer and her husband, the CEO of a national company, had won the bid. If it still arrives with breakage you may then collect the insurance if you chose to purchase it. Less than 30 days later, the estate became the primary residence for the couple and their four children. The absence of condition statement does NOT imply that the lot is in perfect condition, or completely free from wear and tear, imperfections or the effects of aging.

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