Electric Bench Sander, Vice, Air Compressor, Liquid Brush Pressure Washer, Battery Charger, Step Ladder and Misc. At this point we have 2 units to sell, the locks will be cut and the units sold starting at 10am Saturday 7-27-13. Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Mountain Iron (Virginia) added their business to CitySquares! Best thing I ever did was get an old card catelog from a school library when they quit using it. John,You can buy the red storage boxes at Rural King, HF, Menards, and perhaps many other places.
In the big shop I built in WI I built wooden Bolt bins right into the wall with 2" of foam between them and the outside wall.
Terry, That is so simple, yet effective!A permanent black marker writes on the plastic very well and adding descriptions could be so easy.People who "think out of the box" are those who help the human race to steadily advance!
Well, I'm certain to catch heck for this, but I got a two sided parts storage rack from Harbor Freight on casters. Dad got a bolt bin made of wood, the bins are old metal cans, the flat type gallon in size, with a side cut out.I've seen similar made from plastic gallon jugs - not as durable. Thirty-One Making Memories Thermal ToteNew Thirty-One Making Memories Thermal Tote with rollers and handle. All items are being "sold as" is with no warranty or guarantee of condition unless stated otherwise in the lot description.
All items must be picked up by the last scheduled pickup day or storage fees of $5 per day may be applied.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A $30.00 trip charge will be added to any invoice that requires a staff member to return to the sale site before or after the preview or removal times.

By placing a bid on this auction you are agreeing to the auction specific terms listed below in addition to K-BID user terms. Small bins for nuts, bolts, washers, etc, medium bins for plumbing and electrical fittings etc, large bottom bins for "extra" tractor and rig parts, etc.If I'm working on something, I grab the appropriate bins and take them to the bench. They are your best bet as for quality vs cost often times the bolt bins are sold with contents.
For bolts, nuts and etc, I use the small plastic bins set on shelves or could be in a cabinet, with a small ledge in front so they will not slide off. The bins give you a decent amount of leway when it comes to sizes of things as there are different size bins, things can stick out the top a bit, etc.
We have over 100 antique categories, including antique jewelry, antique furniture, antique toys, Asian antiques and many, many more! Auction # 1 Great selection of furniture, tools, household goods sporting goods and antiques. The auction will be begin to close at the stated closing time with Item #1 and close in sequence after that. K-BID’s knowledge about individual auctions and individual auction transactions is limited to the information appearing on the website. Next place I built shelves on one whole wall except for about 4x6' that I hung plastic racks on with drawers in them at the time, about $14 for each set of drawers.
The bins are removable and the casters make it easy to turn around depending on what is needed. If I am working on something away from the shed I pull out the drawer of bolts I need and take it with me.
That being the case, I've got a couple of shelves setup such that the bins slide in on the shelf. If possible and at our discretion K-BID reserves the right to delete any bid we believe has been place by a suspect bidder.

I'm not doing enough to warrant any bigger bins than I brought from the last place for nuts washers and bolts. If you have the skills homebuilt from wood is great because you can fit the unit to your space and unit size requirements. This gives me the ability to put stuff in a bin, or if it won't fit, to remove a bin and put it on the shelf itself.
I'm sure it was shop built.Also have a big wooden "locker" with shelves where I keep chemicals and large power tools.
Any registration that shows up on our fraud detection system may be placed on hold and bids removed until user is verified . Another plus for wood in a non climate controlled shop is for unknown reasons things dont rust nearly as bad when stored in wood as compared steel or plastic. Cases of obvious bidding with no intent to redeem will be referred to appropriate legal authorities.
At the close of the auction active items will remain open until no bids have been received for three minutes.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If the high bidder of an item does NOT acknowledge the purchase, K-BID systems reserves the right to determine how and to whom it will be resold. If we determine that the winning bid was not a bona fide bidder, the item WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY go to the next second-highest bid.

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