Just Plastic Boxes is the go-to source for wholesale boxes and bulk plastic storage boxes--clear, airtight, stackable, Iris, Sterilite bins, totes, & containers. I was looking for some storage boxes that would look better than the packing boxes I had in it. Deep Storage is what I like about this bin I am able to place things I use daily (note book, books, etc.) close it up and keep my space neat and tidy, I have the gray bins sitting on my PEWTER Origami Heavy Duty 3-Tier Rack 2-pack 216-574, I am using as a book stand everything looks so nice. The Tooluxe 90 piece parts storage bin is a must for any home, garage, warehouse or workshop. I live in a house which has a dearth of bathroom storage, so I've been looking for a little inspiration.
However, our house is rented, so I can't attach anything to the walls, which means I need storage which takes up little floorspace. I like some of these options below - the back of the door and over the loo storage are really good for bathrooms which are short on space. My most successful answer to bathroom storage has been this peg bag below, which hangs off the side of the laundry bin, but can hang from the side of any shelf, shower curtain rail or hook. Here are some other peg-bag options - my favourite are from Rosa Blue, a shop in Cheltenham which designs and print its own fabrics. If you are going for shelves, then there are some nice storage boxes and baskets available from Crate and Barrel (which ships to the UK), IKEA, MUJI and H&M.

We’ve hand appliqued our favorite Alphabet Adventure & Funny Friends characters onto durable heavyweight 100% cotton canvas bins.
Reinforced latches and an extra sturdy lid are features of this particular 12 gallon tote that help categorize it as a heavy duty storage bin.
Quickly unfold the bins to stash your belongings neatly inside, then pop on the lids to keep items protected from dust and prying eyes.
Use to store and organize nuts and bolts, parts, small inventory items or just about any small pieces that you need to keep track of. This blog is all about style over substance, but knowing when to scrimp and when to splurge.
The wine crates and CD tower as shelves are both looks I love, as well as the wire shelving, which give a vintage look. And if you're someone who likes to have a chair in the bathroom, then the storage stool below can also double as a laundry bin. It was bought for me as a present, and it's made from a vintage linen tablecloth - far too nice to be hanging outside on the washing line. The plastic lid of this heavy duty tote (and other stor-it-all totes) has indentations that make it better for stacking if you have more than one of these 12 gallon storage bins.
Heavy duty powder-coated steel frame Ideal for garage, warehouse or workshop applications Assembles in minutes with common hand tools Unit rolls on 4 - 3" rubber casters Organizer is double-sided with 45 bins accessible on either side Dual-track bin rack has top and bottom bin support.

The metal rod storage system is a great space saver and is actually an IKEA kitchen storage system, and the shelf above the door is a clever way of using wasted space. Drawers are a good option if you're shy of dusting, because unless your products are used on a daily basis, they'll really gather dust. The trolley is on wheels, which is excellent when it comes to cleaning, as it's easily moved around.
I use it to store my muslin cloths in, but it could just as easily be used for cotton wool, tampons or hair accessories. This heavy duty tote has black latching handles on the lid that open with little effort but stay in place when needed. Sometimes referred to as the Stor It All 50 quart plastic storage box, this version from Iris is clear making it a heavy duty tote that is also a time saver for finding where you've stored things. Rugged copolymer construction with wide front openings, these bins allow for easy access and greater visibility.

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