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Lots more sizes available of these treasure chests and can also be bought as a stacking set. It is always wonderful to receive gifts but when they are beautifully wrapped it makes the whole thing even more magical. These luxurious storage or gift boxes are the perfect way to store precious things, like baby memoirs, love letters or even recipes.

Supplied as a set of 6, these Storage or gift boxes are beautifully simple in white with an elegantly printed number from 1-6 on the front of each.
The Set of 6 Storage or gift boxes are made from reinforced extra strong cardboard and beautifully finished. Send A Gift Hint Fancy this for yourself or think it would be a great pressie for a friend?
This will make your stored items easier to find or allow some fun when it comes to gift giving.

Imagine the fun of a birthday treasure hunt with the finding of each numbered box giving a clue to finding the next.

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