No matter what size of box you have, there will always be someway that you can find another use for it.
Crafts for your children – For them times when your younger children are craving for something to do in the house, you can bring out their creative side by giving them a variety of packaging in different shapes and sizes to make something with. Ground mat – By unfolding a larger box and flattening it down, it can be perfect for use in the garden as a kneeling pad or can be laid down on the floor if you need to get under the car to check anything. Recycling Bin – Keeping hold of a large box means you can use it to collect other household items that can be recycled. Parcel packaging – If you have got any items that need to be delivered as a parcel, you can use a box to pack your things in. These are obviously only a small selection of the possible uses for cardboard boxes but whatever you find yourself using them for, it is better to do that than to just throw them away with the rest of your rubbish.
May 15, 2014 by Jen Stanbrook 8 Comments I know we talk about this time and time again, but storage is the key to my calm and serene family home. What I mean there is, if I had plenty of good, clever storage my home would be a haven of peace and tranquility. Now you might not have a wardrobe space quite like this one, but it is a good example of how an organised space can really save you a lot of hassle.
Finally, if you’re interested in something a little bit quirky in terms of shoe storage, look no further. If you like this post, do check out my other very popular post on Smart Storage Solutions for your Bedroom for more great storage ideas.

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Jen Stanbrook is an interiors writer, blogger and presenter, with an insatiable love of all things home. Doing this will not only be a good form of recycling but it could also save you money and time that you would have otherwise spent finding something to do the same job. It makes things much simpler and the fact that you can clearly label each box to indicate what is inside means it is easier to find things when needed.
They can really let their imagination run wild and come up with all sorts of things from castles and pirate ships to monsters and robots. Basically, any time where you either want something padded to sit or kneel on or just want to protect yourself from a dirty surface a box can come in handy. You can put all of your food cans, newspapers and other recyclable items into the box and then when it is full take it all to your nearest recycling centre.
For more information on cardboard boxes, mailing bags or any other packing products check out our site and see what cheap  cardboard boxes and bubble wrap we have available. As it is, I’m sat surrounded by boxes, piles of clothes and paperwork, and shoes that need tidying away.
Check out the lovely labels too, that will help you remember what you’ve put in them, without having to pull them out.

For me, it’s one of the hardest things to store in my bedroom and mostly it hangs on the inside of the wardrobe door, but grabbing an ornate frame like this and adding necklaces and bracelets is a great way to create wall art too.
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The list of things that you can do with a box could be almost endless but we have compiled some of the best and most common uses for them below. Where you need everything to have a home, so that you can rock up late at night and enjoy a peaceful sleep in a clutter free zone.
Keep baskets or acrylic containers full of your makeup in the drawer and keep it all neat and tidy when it’s not in use. This can be perfect for sending presents to family and friends or for sending items that you have sold on eBay.
Do organise your wardrobe, declutter it, and throw out anything you haven’t worn or used for the last 6 months. You can even make your own bespoke storage system, and front it with stylish sliding wardobe doors for a cohesive, sleek finished look.

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