Any of you that follow The Beautiful Truth on Facebook will know that for the past few weeks I have been obsessing about getting new storage for my makeup. On top of the Alex set of drawers I have some items that are decorative but also good storage.
The Alex drawers are home to my palettes and other pieces of makeup that aren’t used as often. I’ve gone on and on about your post so much my boyfriend surprised me for xmas yesterday with my own dressing table like yours!
These colourful tumblers will be an easy summer win, now all you need is Pimms O'clock.

We love this posh tupperware box, perfect for taking lunch into work or - even better - to the beach. A colourful patchwork throw will flood neutral bedding with colour - without the commitment.
Bring a pop of colour to any wall with this cluster frame - the images are so pretty you don't even need a picture. I had rapidly run out of space for storing my makeup and hairdryers etc and I need a new solution. All the furniture is flat pack and my poor boyfriend spent all evening putting it together.

I have the mirror a long time but the fairy lights around it are battery operated from Pennys costing €3.

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