Unless you have a larger than average sized garage, most single garages are not big enough to fit a modern family car in, so they become a dumping ground or store room for items such as bikes, storage boxes, paint tins and tools. Garage conversions are one of the most cost effective methods of extending your family living space. This particular garage has been design to be transformed into an home office and a kids playroom. The organisation has a contract with a local company which sorts the used clothes collected from across the country.
The project that was started in Muscat with just 100 boxes has now been increased to 250 boxes that are kept at various parts in the sultanate.
In Muscat, Dar al Atta'a boxes have been kept in Wattayah, Wadi Adai, Hamriya, Ruwi, Darsait, Muttrah, Sidab, Wadi Kabir, Azaiba, Mawaleh, Amerat, Al Khuwayr, Bausher, Madinat as Sultan Qaboos, Sarooj, Qurm, Madinat al Ilam, Ghala, Seeb, Al Khoudh and Mabela. Each box has a list of things written on it that can be donated as well as phone numbers to inform when the box is full. Sunaidi said some people donate new clothes too and these are given to Dar al Atta’a directly for distribution among the needy and the rest are taken for recycling. Dar al Atta’a has different activities under its wing which includes the Family Welfare Programme, Education Care Programme, Empowerment Programme, Disaster Relief Programme and other activities specific to Islamic values like Ramadan relief, Eid and Zakat. 12,000 litre water bowser with twin axles, super single wheels, sprung drawbar and 2 chemical lockers. Upon further inspection it appeared that the spindle which holds the Weather vain in place was broken.
Unfortunately the botched repair job had just made matters worse and the spindle would need replacing. Facility Management Company, Spring Partners recently contact us with regards to some protective covers they required for their Client.
The cover is manufactured from 16gauge brushed stainless steel with a sloping top, invisible welds, fixing bolts and Air vent provided.

Part of a Multi Million pound re-development project from York Council, our team found themselves cladding the boiler house on the roof of a 4 storey block of flats.
Overlooking York Minster the project involves a major refurbishment of the 12 Multi story Flats. Brailsford Bros were shortlisted and won the contract from the Council to play there part in the project. There are 12 boiler houses to clad in all and thousands of railing that need extra sections adding to meet with new Health and Safety regulations. Cranes UK - one the largest crane distributer in the UK just recently asked us to solve a little storage problem they had.
An Aluminium chequer plate facia is fitted to match with the cranes existing design, to avoid the boxes looking like a bolt on extra. The project was for three units, with each unit being a different size and shape but on a similar scale to this one.
As with all our stainless work the finish on the units has to be excellent so as you can imagine weve gone through some polishing pads with this one. The units are used to pump resin through underground pipe systems where faults have been identified.
All work was completed within budget and working alongside other tradesmen were completed, ready for the opening of the bar before Christmas.
The Shrouds were approximately 1 metre Dia split into two halves, rolled from 10mm Mild Steel with a Top and Bottom Flange from 50 x 10 Mild Steel and Side Flanges manufactured from 100 x 10 Flat Bar and bolted together with 20 x 100 Mild Steel Dia. In early April we were approached by Barry Smith of Christian Spencer Leisure who own the Bluebell at Dodworth to quote for various items on their crazy golf course. In as little as 3 weeks we will transform your garage into a versatile living space such as a bedroom with en-suite shower room, cinema, games room, home office or a gym. Four trucks and a mini bus have been assigned for the purpose of collecting the clothes from different places.

This is due to the solid tyres used on forklifts destroying the typical rubber compound ramps. These included the glass racking behind the bar, drink shelves throughout the club and the urinals, sinks and cistern.
This was to include 4’ mesh fence panels, Galvanized and Powder Coated including posts, single gate and disabled handrails, work commenced on the 5th April 2008 manufacturing the posts and folding the mesh panels ready for galvanizing. Almost all commercial banks had vans to cover customers on remote areas, but I haven't seen one for ages. This initiative has made donation easy for people who want to help the needy improve their lives,” Rahma al Amri, director of Dar Al Atta'a, said.
When galvanized they were prepared for Powder Coating ready for Installation to began on the 14th April 2008. I think that maybe the reason there are no more bank vans is maybe they were a huge security risk!! We were asked to build this filtration unit for a local swimming baths to replace the existing unit which was leaking. We had to take measurements from this unit and make the necessary adjustments in order to create the replacement Filtration Unit from Stainless Steel. The unit is now installed and working perfectly, the other one should be easier to do - Did I mention there was two.

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