A bunch of stacked cardboard boxes often can be regarded as a mess, but here’s a stack of cardboard boxes that don’t look messy at all, because they are made to stack neatly in the shape of a house. The bunch of storage boxes comes in the shape of a house, that comes with many square holes suitable for holding items like stationery. The best thing is that if you don’t like the original brown color they come in, you are free to paint and decorate the house in any way you want to. PVC Foam sheet products The PVC FOAM is high technology products, ita€™s main material is PVC, with a€¦ Foam and compressed to shape by sophisticated technique. If your sewing pattern “storage” looks anything like ours, then you’ll definitely enjoy this blog segment on new and better ways to get those patterns into an efficient and orderly system! Thanks to the amazing people at Coletterie, we stumbled upon a fascinating and totally doable pattern organizing idea!
A simple, yet genius idea has lead to a fantastic and effective way to organize those patterns and also catalog them for future reference! We’re sure that you are just as fascinated at how simple, yet amazing these ideas have been, but we haven’t even gotten to the good part yet!

If you have quite a selection of patterns and end up with more than a few boxes, the time it will take to sift through them all, looking for that exact pattern you want, will take more time than you’re probably going to want to spend!
So here is a solution to that, she went a step further to offer a way to catalog your storage using your smartphone! She made two very valid and important points – You need to be able to search for your patterns and access them, anywhere. For a step-by-step guide to walk you through how to set up your pattern catalog, click HERE. LeRoy Jones, second generation owner of Jones Sew and Vac, oversees all aspects of Jones operations. In this second usage class, you will learn the advanced editing features and scanning options of your Brother Scan N’ Cut. You can get a few houses specially made to hold items like gadgets, and another one specially for jewelry and accessories. One of those areas should definitely focus on all those mismanaged sewing patterns you’ve been collecting for more years than you’d care to remember!

They recommend using comic book boxes because they are the perfect size to accommodate each of the patterns exact size. These handy little plastic sleeves will protect your patterns in case of water or moisture getting into your boxes. Now you have all your patterns in one location, protectively wrapped and stored in handy boxes! The possibilities are pretty endless here and will really depend on how often you use each pattern and personal preference! With Tap Forms, you are able to create a database on pretty much anything you’d like to catalog.

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