It is a fact of life that we always have more belongings than we have places to store them, we constantly add to our storage solutions and yet we still don’t have quite enough space, constantly we have to think of more and more inventive places to use as storage space. Creating extra storage is generally the primary reason for using storage boxes, they can stack to create estra space and can make the messiest of rooms look tidy without very much effort, but they also serve the purpose of organising your belongings, label them and only put items of the same type inside to reap the benefits of being able to lay your hands on exactly what you need without having to empty box after box in order to find it.
So take the plunge, de-clutter your life, buy some storage boxes and watch all those things that are lying around your home miraculously disappear, stack them high and create floor space, making the most of all the room that you have in your home but have never been able to fully use.
All products sold on The Shelving Shop website are placed on a 3 - 5 working day delivery timescale, at the time of ordering and receipt of payment, although some items may have to be delivered on a 10 day timescale. We attempt to deliver your order with our own dedicated fleet of vehicles with a "Shelving Shop" driver, although on occasions we may use third parties.
Select the size you require from the Size chart, then click Buy, to locate the options available for the size you require. Manufactured from aluminium checker plate this quality box stores and protects your Mustang Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

These crates are really useful boxes for garden storage, toy storage or for making into cupboards. Each end of the storage box has a cut-out handle for easy carrying and the corner batons stand 2cm proud of the box sides for ease of stacking. To see examples of how these boxes can be used, please see our wooden storage box gallery. If the dimensions do not suit your requirements, simply email the dimensions you require and i'll gladly sort you a quote and make the box to your choosen style. High quality hinges are fitted as standard and with some products options to upgrade the hinge to a full length piano hinge. Gas struts are available with most top loading boxes and are recommended but not 100% necessary. No matter what items you are tidying away they are always going to look neater when placed in a storage box, ideal for organising things storage boxes are perfect for those people that are always short of space. Storage boxes remove the excuse that there isn’t anywhere to put something, buy enough storage boxes and everything has a home.

Storage boxes are the first step in creating a more organised lifestyle and should be everyone’s first thought when buying a storage solution. Each wooden storage box is hand made in the UK from reclaimed wood, and being newly made these boxes are stronger and cleaner than vintage wooden crates.
These are a really useful, new copy of traditional apple crates that provide a cleaner stronger alternative to old orchard crates.
This makes them better suited for wall mounting, for bedside tables and for storage of toys and garden flower pots.

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