Mega Storage Sheds is a full service custom builder of sheds, gables, barns, cabins, garage porches and decks in the greater Houston and Harris County areas of Texas. Great for Living Quarters, Campgrounds, Lake House, Bungalow,etc. To see some of our Two Story Cabins, See our Two Story Cabins Gallery below.
At least there are two main forms, the wood and steel that can be utilized to be the foundation of the upper storage. Those materials are applied based on the interior design and the overhead garage storage plans.

Build Your Own Garage Ceiling Storage with SteelThe first model is created with steel or metal that usually painted in original and maybe white color. But it is true that the white is the always available in the store since it is neutral for all interior color schemes.
The first thing you should do is mount the steel buffers on the ceiling and place the board. Simply building overhead garage storage that mixed with wooden hanging cabinets is complete.Build Your Own Garage Ceiling Storage with WoodsIn addition to the metal materials, build your own garage ceiling storage is suitable with woodsy.

If you are curious and confuse about how to build overhead garage storage, you can see the magazines.
It also attached on the brick wall in the corner of the garage.Although the main material is wood, the buffer and holder are made of steel.

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