Classic comic books, furniture and family valuables all need somewhere to be stored safely, securely and affordably. Lucas Buildings is proud to offer industry leading storage buildings for sale throughout Oklahoma as well as nationwide.
Just like our custom steel buildings, we do not provide the labor for your mini-storage buildings. Lucas offers custom steel-framed buildings this our mini-storage buildings which come in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs. Depending on your budget and aesthetic requirements, mini-storage buildings can be designed in thousands of styles. At Lucas Metal Works, we strive to build mutually beneficial relationships with the mini-storage building owners who meet these needs by providing industry leading insight, sustainable products and endless design options.
These mini storage buildings and storage building systems are available in all sizes and shapes, panel colors and door colors and more.

We have a large network of mini-storage buildings manufacturers throughout the country that allow us to use their various distribution points. However, just like our steel buildings, we have a strong network of contractors and erectors throughout the United States that we can recommend to erect your mini-storage buildings.
Our mini-storage buildings are available in the standard 10 x 10 storage units to 10 x 30 storage units for custom RV and boat-storage units. Our Lucas Building Experts will work with you to help determine the design based on the location of the buildings. We strive to earn the trust of these business owners to become the Oklahoma mini-storage buildings supplier for all their expansion needs.
This enables us to offer storage buildings and mini-storage buildings to be shipped to most parts of the United States.
Or maybe you’re looking for a steel building to house your farm equipment or to build your work shop?

If you have a local contractor or erector you would prefer to use, we can certainly work with them to ensure your project’s material is shipped to the correct location. Mini-storage buildings can be easily designed with our Lucas Mini-Storage Building Experts to meet your needs.
If the mini-storage or self-storage is going is to be in the middle of town near upscale businesses or in a rural area needing only the essentials we offer many exterior options to choose.
Please contact Lucas Mini-Storage to ensure that we can ship a mini-storage building to your location.

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