Our rental containers are clean, wind and water tight so you can feel at ease with your items being stored short or long term. A street use permit is required for the placement of a moving container in the City of Calgary. This encompasses the use of a street, a sidewalk, an alley, a walkway, a back lane, a boulevard, orA traffic control set-up. You can drive right up to your container and unload directly from your car or van into the container - or ask for help from our forklift truck - container rental storage was never so easy. To speak to Dear John for more information, please call us at (724) 758-5713 or visit us at 1618 State Rt. In addition to 8ftx10ft, 8ft x 20ft and 8ft x 40ft portable storage units companies and individuals with larger storage needs may rent domestic containers at some of our branches that are up to 45' and 48' lengths. Pac Van's Cummings, GA storage yard provides storage trailers, portable storage units for rent, modular container rentals, and mobile space solutions in Atlanta, Macon, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Athens, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Albany, Johns Creek, also deliver to Alabama and surrounding areas. For additional information you can view this item at Pac Van-Atlanta GA or you can use the contact form below. We require 48 hours for delivery as all our Refrigerated Containers are pretripped, set to your temperature requirements and run up to temperature for 24 hours before being delivered.
Delivery and Pick-up charges are calculated based on your site location and will be provided at the time of rental.

While rental periods for our Refrigerated Containers typically range from a few months to several years the minimum rental period for our Refrigerated Containers is one month. If you decide to purchase your Refrigerated rental Container anytime during your rental period we will credit you up to 25% of the first years rent towards the purchase price. 8'6" high x 8' wide, wind and water tight, Clean, secure steel storage, rodent proof, portable temporary refrigerated storage, factory double container doors.
High Cube Containers are 9'6" high, 8' wide, and water tight, secure storage, rodent proof, portable temporary refrigerated storage, with factory double container doors. Protect your valuables while you work with Bolduc’s sealed, lockable storage container rental services. From shelving, locks, and racks to container ramps for easy access and simplified loading, we’ve got what you need. 10' mobile storage container rental, portable storage unit rentals, steel conex boxes, and 10ft used shipping containers can be moved by a forklift. Small Portable storage container rental, 10ft Mobile storage unit rentals, steel conex boxes, and used shipping containers are available from Pac Van's Cumming, Georgia mobile storage facility.
Contact Pac Van for all of your portable storage container, mobile office space, and modular building rental solutions. Reefers maintain a constant temperature from -35 C to 40 C suitable for cold and frozen food storage set to freezer or chiller temperatures.

Secure containers are perfect for keeping valuable jobsite debris away from potential thieves, locking up equipment, and storing household items while you move or clean. 8x10' portable storage units for rent are portable by a forklift and have 14-gauge steel cam-locking doors and 560 cubic feet of storage space. Atlanta Portable storage containers for rent, shipping containers and temporary storage trailers provide short-term or long-term mobile storage solutions where you need them.
This includes lift off capabilities, which way you would like the doors facing and when would you like it!  Get a no obligation quote today. Whatever the case, when you need a custom container, call Dear John and we’ll work with you to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Whether you need mobile storage solutions for construction applications, temporary storage space, or long term storage needs mobile storage is the answer.
PacVan provides secure portable storage units, modular buildings and mobile office space rentals in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah and surrounding Atlanta metro areas.

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