Buyer To Come to Atterberry Auction & Realty Office to Execute Contract Immediately Following Close of Bidding on June 12. Classic Buildings LLC offers the highest quality portable buildings and storage sheds at the best price, guaranteed! My entire experience with Classic Buildings was exceptional; I will recommend them to anybody.
Whether your public safety facility is a police station, sheriff's office, SWAT, detention center, or crime lab, we provide innovative evidence and property storage systems to secure evidence and maximize the use of floor space.Benefits of Using Evidence Lockers and Innovative Property Shelving Systems Security of temporary evidence (tamper proof keyed controlled lockers) Maximize use of Floor space (high density mobile property shelving saves half the floor space of static shelving) Organization of property and evidence (Consolidates and organizes evidence so it can easily be found) Productivity (Retrieval times to produce evidence when requested are sped up) Providing Police Evidence Lockers, Racks, Cabinets, and Shelving SolutionsWe provide all types of property shelving, racks, and cabinets law enforcement and police facilities.

Why wait when you can rent to own and have all your portable buildings and storage sheds now? I was amazed at the talent Nick showed in every way; the best word to describe him and his work is “outstanding”! From the first contact through delivery of my building yesterday, the folks at Classic Buildings were absolutely fantastic. It was also clear that it didn't matter to them that I was buying a small used shed and not a brand new, custom building.

I would highly recommend Classic Buildings to anyone and will definitely be returning for all of our outbuilding needs!

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