But nuclear power plants are extremely expensive to build, and the ones currently operating are old. For Allison Macfarlane, a Mason associate professor in environmental science and policy, these concerns only touch the surface of what is a multilayered issue. Now she’s a leading expert on nuclear-waste disposal and recently sat on a National Research Council committee evaluating the U.S.
In the 1980s, the DOE began studying Yucca Mountain in Nevada as a permanent geological repository for nuclear waste.
A proponent of geologic disposal for nuclear waste, Macfarlane believes if we can find a good place to bury it, everyone will be safer. Macfarlane says four criteria are needed for safely depositing nuclear waste materials in the ground.
Yet, the key to finding a safe place in the United States has been a hot potato politically and scientifically. Another political issue is how to expand nuclear power safely and securely to countries interested in acquiring it, such as places in the Middle East. Finding a solution to the threat — and potential — of nuclear power is just one of the many issues that make up an even larger problem of global warming. Located within this highly desirable residential pocket within the town centre of Falkirk, this well placed and appealing one bedroom mid-terrace villa offers great accommodation extending over two levels. This property description is based upon information supplied by the owner, or on behalf of the owner. Includes new exhibition space, programs and places to support a wide range of innovative experiences, including live theater, concert and film venues and a hands-on collections Object Cafe. A former bank building serves as the entrance lobby to the new museum, which will also have space for educational and community related events. The facade compliments the color and proportion of the existing building while providing a civic scale to the block. The addition provides space for a large traveling gallery, an education center, staff offices and art loading and receiving.
The new museum is being constructed according to standards set forth by the American Alliance of Museums, which will allow SAM to borrow exhibitions and artwork of national significance.
This $29M project includes a new 94,000 sf laboratory addition to the existing Mathias Lab building. Performed a facilities assessment of the existing Mathias Lab building which confirmed the need for expansion to accommodate increased and more efficient research activities in keeping with their mission.
Existing building required select renovation including the relocation or “rezoning” of numerous labs and offices, and the creation of storage facilities. Project utilized Laboratories for the 21st Century (Labs21) design guidelines for project development.

New 12,000 SF, $10 M Q?rius Learning Space offering hands-on collections experiences for families and groups focused on the process of scientific discovery. The learning space houses 4,000 handling collection objects in an open space filled with natural light.
Includes ten new exhibit areas encompassing 62,000 SF, a 24,000 SF two-story high lobby, a new 24,000 SF theater, and expanded 13,500 SF dining areas.
These additions, along with new classrooms, labs, and presentation spaces welcome families, teachers, students and other members to explore a new level of innovative learning. Master plan developed a strong visitor entrance sequence, making this historic structure more engaging and presenting visitors with a more welcoming and interesting experience.
Main gallery has been reconceived as “Experience Philadelphia” where visitors encounter a closer view of Philadelphia, anchored by a gallery scaled interactive mapwith a multimedia presentation. Throughout the museum, activities are supported by state of the art lighting and mechanical systems. Master Plan, additions and renovations to the building’s labs, storage pods and shared spaces. The 120,000 SF Pod 5 contains the Smithsonian’s vast biological collection, stored wet in alcohol. The 38,000 SF Pod 3 houses collections requiring high-quality environmental conditions and security, including physical anthropology collections, specimens needing cold storage or special gas storage, and art works. Received four International Illumination Design Awards, as well as the Best Institutional Project Award from the General Building Contractors Association. Facility features a 600-seat concert hall, new classrooms, recital spaces, a new campus courtyard space for the performing arts, and a physical link between the theater and the studio art buildings. Ewing-Cole’s philosophy as client advocates and architectural leaders reflects forty-five years of professional design that serve a unique client base from four regional locations in the U.S. Industry acknowledgments include a 2006 nod for work completed on Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies, and an AIA Merit Award in 2007 for renovations at Hamilton College’s Skenandoa House. Business Directory, Newspaper Ad, and Daily Deal software are powered by OwnLocal, helping newspapers own local in their market. Nuclear energy doesn’t emit carbon dioxide and produces a lot of electricity, and is therefore a fairly clean and efficient energy source. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu to sit on a Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future. In her book “Uncertainty Underground: Yucca Mountain and the Nation’s High-Level Nuclear Waste” (MIT Press, 2006), coedited with Rodney Ewing of the University of Michigan, she argues that Yucca is a poor site for such a repository.
States don’t want it on their land in part because of the safety issue of transporting nuclear waste through cities.
With nuclear power comes the potential and opportunity to develop nuclear weapons, and Macfarlane is adamant about nuclear nonproliferation.

She also is chair of the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, which runs the cheery Doomsday Clock monitoring the threat of “midnight,” or the end of the world should nuclear weapons, global warming, biotechnology or any other human development get out of hand.
Although Macfarlane sees much innovation ahead in terms of alternative energy, she is concerned about the future. EER Band CInternally the subjects on offer comprises of an entrance vestibule, bright front facing lounge, fitted kitchen complete with base and wall mounted units and complementary works tops, taking the single flight staircase to the upper accommodation consisting of a substantial double sized bedroom with storage facilities, there is also and attractive three piece family bathroom.There is good storage throughout the layout of the property, which has been neutrally and tastefully decorated. These property particulars are produced in good faith and do not constitute or form part of any contract. The Philadelphia-based firm’s special interest in healthcare facilities over the last ten years has contributed to state-of-the-art centers for medical research and quality patient care like the Geisinger Health System buildings in nearby Danville. The company maintains a rich list of clients from academic, cultural, entertainment, and other disciplines that include the likes of Dow Jones & Company, Smithsonian Institution, Campbell Soup Company, PriceWaterhouse, and Olympus America. Not to mention, many people shudder when they hear the term “nuclear,” associating it with dangerous weapons, death and destruction. The commission will provide recommendations for developing a safe, long-term solution to managing the nation’s used nuclear fuel and nuclear waste. In the interim, about 60,000 metric tons of spent fuel is clogging storage facilities at power plants, and the Obama administration has announced it would cut Yucca’s funding and seek alternatives.
No one wants “Mobile Chernobyl” in their hometown, but Macfarlane believes that transporting other, more common materials is often more dangerous than transporting nuclear waste. There is gas central heating and double glazing.Externally the property sits amongst low maintenance gardens with the front predominantly chipped. The Herald & Times Group does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in this document.
Current projects include a new 200,000 square foot Meadowlands Stadium for the NFL’s New York Giants and Jets. The site needs what Macfarlane calls a “reducing environment” with no free oxygen that can react with water and the spent nuclear fuel. The rear has private and secluded areas predominantly slabbed and are fully enclosed by a stained timber fence.Falkirk offers a wide selection of amenities including excellent shopping at both boutique and supermarket levels and there is also a wide selection of recreational facilities such as clubs, pubs, restaurants and golf clubs as well as a gym located nearby. Falkirk is ideally placed for a wide range of transportation links by both bus and rail which services Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling to the north as well as wider surrounding areas. This well placed and appealing one bedroom mid-terrace villa is ideally situated within the heart of Falkirk, providing quick and convenient access to a wide a range of local amenities.

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