FORMS OF PAYMENT: Acceptable forms of payment include PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cashier's check, money order, wire transfer and company check with a bank letter of guarantee. The name and address on the user account must match the name and billing address of the credit card used for the bidding and purchase, or the charge will be rejected.
You must make payment in full within 3 business days of the official invoice date unless otherwise stated.
Credit cards submitted online will automatically be charged the full amount of your purchase (including buyer's premium and taxes) the next business day after the sale closes, unless otherwise noted on our website and unless you contact us prior to the close of the sale. To reach the facility from the 215 Freeway exit on Sunset Road then turn left and continue for just over 3 miles.
From storing excess office supplies to starting a distribution center, businesses of all kinds use Storage West. Perhaps, Tiffany Pinkard was referring to me being unhappy as a 3 year+ tenant of Storage West and received a 27+% rental INCREASE in my rent with NO increase in services!
Hello Gary, we're really sorry that you've been disappointed with the cost of your unit rental. If you are traveling to our location we are less than one mile from the I-10 Baseline exit. Our property offers parking for RVs, boats, cars, trucks, recreational vehicles and trailers. Tenants like our friendly, helpful attitude and how easy we make the storage process for them. Many people believe when they place their items in a self-storage facility, they'll be covered by the facility's property insurance if anything were to happen. Sometimes, homeowners simply collect too many items, whether it's an excess of furniture, unique accessories, or items with sentimental value.
People turn to storage units when they don’t have enough room at home to store the items they wish to keep.
If you're taking an extended vacation and need to store your vehicle, boat, or RV, Tri-County Mini Storage in Hamilton, OH, is the area's go-to self-storage solution provider.
Stage West Express offers warehouse facilities that can accommodate a company’s overflow storage requirements or provide complete, outsourced warehouse storage and distribution services for smaller organizations.
The Toronto-area warehouse is security-monitored through live video camera and alarm surveillance 24 hours a day. Through a network of strategic partnerships, we can also accommodate warehouse requirements in any major urban center in Canada or the United States. It doesn’t matter whether your business is large or small, Stage West Express provides the space and attention you require. Our warehousing solutions are tailored to meet any long or short-term warehousing needs, reducing inventory and employee costs through third party storage and distribution.
To move inventory to market in a timely manner requires an efficient, distribution network. Whether it's overstocks, obsolete inventory or regular inventory management and distribution, Stage West Express has the warehouse space to meet your needs. From the north, take either the 15 or 95 freeways south to the 215 west and exit on Durango Avenue.

I have been a customer for a few years now; these guys are great and have always been there when I needed them no matter the issue big or small they resolved it quickly and professionally. Please note that we do not accept cash, ACH deposits, personal checks or pre-paid debit cards. The date of the invoice is not counted as the first day for purposes of calculating the payment deadline. Further, when I went to pay as I had routinely done with the prior manager - Lisa Daniels - and the manager who preceded Lisa, I had NO problems and was NEVER charged a late fee when technically late!
Charles was dealing with a difficult customer and handled it very calmly and professionally.
We are approximately 15 minutes from Sky Harbor Airport and across the road from Arizona Mills Mall.
There are several cab companies that we work with and if you need to drop off your RV and then get to the airport, we can be of help. When it comes to affordable storage solutions for your boat this winter, these professionals have you covered.
They provide a secure environment where your product will not be damaged or lost and they offer the ability to ship your merchandise on demand, according to precise instructions. It is a customs-bonded facility in a fenced 6-acre compound that offers easy access to major highways and a centralized location near the international airport.
Our goal is to help you manage your supply chain distribution needs using strategically located warehouses for seamless management. With physical access to the warehouse and the ability to oversee your merchandise through our management systems, you can be sure your business is run efficiently.
Our warehouse management systems reduce corporate systems investments and automate labour-intensive tasks for cost-savings that are passed on to our customers. Stage West Express can create and manage a warehouse program customized to any specific needs. The property is on the corner of West Centennial Parkway and North Durango Drive and our address is 8856 West Centennial Parkway, Las Vegas NV 89149. If you are coming from the south, take the 15 north to the 95 north then take the 215 west and exit on Durango Avenue. This is not typical feedback for us, customer service is usually something we really pride ourselves on. Charles - the NEW manager - wanted to charge me a LATE fee and a LIEN fee - over $60 for a $27.80 5x5 rental only13 days late! She is the person you would want to always transact with because she has every aspect to provide a very great customer service. Getting to meet new people and become friends is perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of our job.
Not only do they offer 24-hour access storage, but Tri-County Mini Storage also provides you with the guarantee that your property will be stored with the best of care.When it comes to boat storage, there is a lot at risk. We are the closest Storage West facility to Creech Air Force Base and there are many military families in the neighborhood who use our facility. It was going to be one day early of the rent that was paid in advance and I told both Bea and Jennifer not to worry about the one day.

Drive for 1.6 miles then veer to the left at the Intersection of West Sunset Road and East Sunset Road. We get many referrals because tenants are so impressed with the staff, the property and the service they receive.
I have paid my rental technically LATE 17 months out of 36+ months and have NEVER been charged a LATE fee! Lisa is just simply the best and would recommend this storage facility just because of her. Not only are boats expensive, but they provide you and your family with ample recreational opportunities.
Our tenants like the fact that the property is clean, easy to access and has convenient access hours.
The storage unit was being rented my 83-yr-old mother-in-law, so I was handling the call for her. Tri-County Mini Storage uses a state-of-the-art security system to ensure your boat's protection. We also pride ourselves on the fact it is very secure because of systems such as surveillance cameras, computerized entry and cylinder locks on our units. I was calling from PA, my 25-yr-old son from FL drove to Vegas to unload his grandparents' storage unit into a 26' Penske truck and move them to Oregon. Unlike many other storage facilities, Tri-County Mini Storage is designed to keep everyone out of your unit but you.
When I received an email statement that my mother-in-law was being charged for another month, I called to settle the situation. Further, Charles LIED to me that NEW 5x5 rentals had to pay MORE than his 27% INCREASE in my rental! Mike told me 4 times that he didn't know when the unit had been vacated, and that he had just found it empty. Additionally, you'll have indoor and outdoor boat storage options, as well as long-term and short-term options.
He even finally looked up the email he was sent 2 weeks earlier regarding same unit, and had never read, stating the date of the move.
He charged for the same day he found the unit empty, even though it was obviously vacated before that day. He doesn't listen and doesn't seem to understand the fundamentals of good business practices! It is not the $9 overpay, but the extremely unreasonable and poor attitude of Mike that would cause me to highly recommend you FIND ANOTHER STORAGE LOCATION to store your belongings.

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