Metro Storage LLC recently announced the acquisition of four facilities located in the Minneapolis suburbs of Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Mound, and Orono. When prospective customers do an Internet search, the smaller facilities are not at the top of the list.
The owners of smaller facilities may feel that they do not have the revenue to list their facility in an online self storage database.
Smaller facilities also may not have funds to pay for an interactive website with online payment capabilities.
2411 West Picacho Ave., 10x10 Brick Exterior, Sheetrock Interior, 3x6'8" swing door with deadbolt lock. 2411 West Picacho Ave., 5x10 Brick Exterior, Sheetrock Interior, 3x6'8" swing door with deadbolt lock.
Our Newburgh location is conveniently located on Toleman Road and near Stewart International Airport.

Stowaway Self Storage Units in Newburgh, NY offers personal and business storage solutions. Stowaway Self Storage at Newburgh continues to offer residents and businesses in the Newburgh area quality storage options at low prices. Our controlled access lets you visit your secure storage unit seven days a week including holidays. Did you know that purchasing packaging materials, locks, boxes, and other storage supplies at Newburgh's Stowaway Self Storage saves you money and makes perfect sense? Vehicle storage is the most convenient way to park your car, truck, and other big toys so they will be waiting for you when you need them. To determine exactly how much space you will need to store your items, please visit our Visual Size Guide. These facilities add 208,000 rentable square feet, 1,500 storage units, and 450 recreational vehicle parking spaces.

Large self storage companies around the United States are buying small mom-and-pop facilities. As customers become used to these features, they do not consider facilities that don’t have them. This means that sometimes their accounting is still done with paper and pencil and that their other managerial responsibilities are not electronic-based.
We conveniently offer extra storage solutions near Newburgh, Middletown, Cornwall, Windsor, Rock Tavern and West Point.

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