When you are trying to turn over a profitable business, the last thing you want to be dealing with is the extra time and expensive labour of an office move. Whilst you may be factoring in a good couple of days for the main thrust of the move and be certain things are back up and running on a minimal scale, nothing is particularly guaranteed once the process starts.
Making some provision in your plans for self storage might well take some of the guesswork out of the effectiveness of your move. Imagine for example a scenario where you could leave items somewhere temporarily that are not essential to quickly get the office back into business mode again. It is worth discussing the sorts of things you are storing with the self storage operator, but in 99% of cases you should have no problems in securing a storage unit near you to hold the items you wish to store.
Strike up a good relationship with your storage company and they will be able to give you all sorts of advice on the best way to store items, and alternative ways that using the storage unit could benefit your business.
Renting climate controlled storage is an easy way to protect your items from fluctuations in temperature. Certain storage facilities allow you to drive up to your storage space for convenient unloading and loading.
All my expectations were met by a courteous,respectful,knowledgeable and friendly associate !!!!
I have moved across the country over the last 5 yrs and I could still managed everything online, payments, assigning access, and no hassle.

At Uncle Bob's, we survey our customers at multiple points during their stay to be sure they are completely satisfied with our storage service.
Over 15,000 responses later, we learned that 9 out of 10 customers would recommend us to friends and family. However, as business expands or changes shape, or leases expire and landlords put the rent up, it is something you will inevitably have to face sooner or later. If ease of access to the new office is underestimated or you have bad luck with the traffic, even the best made plans can be quickly scuppered.
As a business owner, you may already have realised how useful self storage is for archiving or keeping hold of stock and assets for later use, but there is plenty of advantage here for moving your move as easy as possible.
You won’t need your paintings, spare bits of IT and furniture, or company archives so soon, so surely that can be left for another day once everyone has settled in? Plus you will find this blog has grown into a treasure trove of information (if we say so ourselves) so please search away! The month after that your storage unit will return to the normal price, and you'll have extra money in your pocket! Warmed in the winter and cooled in the summer, this type of self storage is particularly suited for electronic devices, wood furnishings and certain types of wax or plastic. This is perfect if you plan to visit the storage unit frequently, or if you need to park your vehicle in the space.

She made a very stressful time in our lives a bit easier with her genuine smile and compassion. The build-up to a move in setting up new agreements, studying contracts and floor plans is a drawn out process in itself, but merely an extended overture to the more practical headaches that could be awaiting you on the ground.
The key is to stagger the move effectively to get the process over quickly and efficiently, with the important benefit of keeping closure times to a minimum.
The keys to the storage unit are yours and yours only, and security of the site in general is of greatest concern to the operators of self storage centres. If you plan to visit the storage unit a lot, then climate-controlled storage is ideal for you.
If you need drive up access, be sure to click this option and find the nearest drive up storage space near you. Expect CCTV, 24 hour personnel on site, and all sorts of deterrent fencing, alarm systems and security lighting. To make things easier, when you click this option we'll only show you the Uncle Bob's locations where this deal is available.

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