When you’re searching for a reliable, secure storage facility in the Atlanta metropolitan area, look no further than our East Cherokee Storage facility in lovely Woodstock, Georgia. At East Cherokee, we understand how important it is for your valuables to remain safe and intact.
Our self storage units are climate controlled and non-climate controlled to meet your needs, and we also use pest control in our clean storage facility to prevent rodents and insects from making a home or meal out of your belongings.
Our secure storage Woodstock also provides moving services to help facilitate your self storage process.
We also sell a variety of packing and moving supplies such as bubble wrap, boxes, and packing tape so you can efficiently pack your possessions for optimal protection.
Call us today at 678-453-5050 to learn more information about our East Cherokee Storage facility and our moving services.
If you are one of those individuals who own a boat, you can take advantage of the boat storage facilities. Whatever the reason for renting a storage unit, storage facilities offer you the chance to store all things you don’t need at the moment. Located in Roswell, New Mexico, this facility was originally known as Roswell Army International Airfield during World War II, and Walker Air Force Base in later years.
At the time of its closure in 1967, the facility was the largest air base of the Strategic Air Command (SAC). During its active duty years, Walker supported B-29 Superfortress, B-50, KC-97, B-36 Peacemakers, B-47 Stratojets, KC-135 tankers, and B-52 Stratofortresses. Today, various industry are located at the Air Center, including aircraft repair and refurbishing companies which store airliners onsite. The Roswell International Air Center (RIAC) is located five miles south of the central business district of the City. In addition to 8ftx10ft, 8ft x 20ft and 8ft x 40ft portable storage units companies and individuals with larger storage needs may rent domestic containers at some of our branches that are up to 45' and 48' lengths. Pac Van's Cummings, GA storage yard provides storage trailers, portable storage units for rent, modular container rentals, and mobile space solutions in Atlanta, Macon, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Athens, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Albany, Johns Creek, also deliver to Alabama and surrounding areas. For additional information you can view this item at Pac Van-Atlanta GA or you can use the contact form below.
To protect airliners during their storage from wind and sun damage, engines and windows are tightly covered with white, reflective materials. Large Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed, and Airbus aircraft owned by major airlines are stored at Mojave. The Kingman Airport & Industrial Park is located five miles north of Interstate 40 in Kingman, Arizona.
When we last visited in May of 2013, dozens of airliners were parked, including those from American Eagle, Continental, DHL, SAS and other airlines. The facility is located on the site of the former George Air Force Base, in active service from 1941 to 1992. This facility in Phoenix, Arizona was originally constructed during World War II as a naval air facility known as NAF Litchfield Park, and later renamed Naval Air Station Litchfield Park. The Goodyear facility was used to modify AAF twin-tail B-24 Liberators for use as Navy PB4Y-1 aircraft, and to accept delivery of Navy single-tail PB4Y-2 Privateers. Its primary role following the end of World War II was that of storage and preservation of obsolete or excess U.S. Following the closure of NAS Litchfield Park in 1967, the city of Phoenix purchased the airport for a general aviation facility.
Abilene Regional Airport in southeast Abilene, Texas is home to retired Saab 340 aircraft from American Eagle Airlines. When American Eagle started looking for a place to store the Saabs, they settled on Abilene because the planes would be close to the airline's maintenance base where they could be kept in a condition in which they can easily be sold. Roswell, Georgia, is located within easy driving distance from lovely Woodstock, where East Cherokee Storage’s new 100,000-square-foot facility stands.
Whether your son or daughter just went to college and you need a self storage unit to hold their bedroom furniture, or your business records are taking over a large portion of your office in Roswell, we can help. Our facility is well lit, gated, has on-site management during office hours, and keypad entry access for afterhours.
We have pest control for our units so you don’t have to worry about insects and rodents infesting your belongings.
Our building is made of 8” insulated brick instead of metal to help protect your property from damage heat and moisture can bring. Some of our units are climate controlled to help prevent mold from harming your belongings. We are a brand new facility for Roswell with spotless and insect free storage units that will safely hold your possessions until you’re ready to use them. Call us today at 678-453-5050 or click here for more information on how our self storage units can keep your property safe and secure whether you’re from Roswell, GA, or neighboring cities.
Military aircraft played a key role in the United States's victory over enemy forces in World War II. However, once peace was assured, the military found itself with a huge surplus of aircraft.
Within a year of the signing of peace treaties, about 34,000 airplanes had been moved to 30 locations within the U.S. The RFC established depots around the country to store and sell surplus aircraft.A  By the summer of 1945, at least 30 sales-storage depots and 23 sales centers were in operation.
A study was conducted to determine the most cost effective way to dispose of planes; it was determined that too many man-hours were required to dismantle planes for parts, and the cost for storage areas for the parts was too high. Airlines procured a number of transport planes, primarily DC-3 and C-54 aircraft, for building up their post-war inventories of commercial airliners. Others planes were transferred to civilian control, or to the Air Forces of allied countries. Planes were then assigned an airport, at places like Kingman and Walnut Ridge for short-term storage and subsequent disposal, or Davis-Monthan or Pyote for longer-term storage.
In early 1945 the Air Technical Service Command (ATSC) began to research locations suitable for storage of excess military aircraft. The Kingman Army Airfield in Arizona was built at the start of World War II as an Aerial Gunnery Training Base. After the war, the airfield was one of several used by the military to store huge number of surplus aircraft. The contractor was the Wunderlich Contracting Company of Jefferson City, Missouri, who received an 18-month contract from the federal government for $2.78 million to reduce 5,400 aircraft to aluminum ingots.
Active duty military personnel typically flew the aircraft into Kingman, and civilian employees would handle parking and classification.
It is estimated that about 5,500 airplanes were flown to Kingman in 1945 and 1946 for sale and disposal. Walnut Army Air Field, located in northeast Arkansas, was activated on August 15, 1942, with the arrival of the initial contingent of key military personnel.

After the war was over, Walnut Ridge was an ideal site for surplus aircraft storage because of its large land area and large parking ramp. Cal-Aero Academy was a civilian aviation school, established before World War II, and later contracted by the AAF to train pilots.
The Cal-Aero Academy was closed on October 16, 1944, after training 10,365 fighter and bomber pilots for the war effort. Aerial view of surplus military planes in storage at Cal-Aero Field in California after WWII (Photo used by permission of the photographer, William T. Nearly 1,900 aircraft would be transferred to Cal-Aero, of which about 500 were sold and the rest dismantled. One smelter was operated by the Sharp & Fellows Contracting company to melt the aircraft parts from Cal-Aero, offsite at Norco, CA.
Many C-46 Commandos were sent to Cal-Aero Field (see photo to the right) for storage, sale and disposal.
Beginning in the early 1970s, the airport became the center of the warbird restoration movement in Southern California. Chino Airport (CNO) is classified as a general aviation reliever airport, due to its close proximity to Ontario International Airport. It is also the home of two excellent aircraft museums, the Planes of Fame Air Museum and the Yanks Air Museum. Albuquerque in the 1930s was served by two private airports, West Mesa Airport and Oxnard Field. Construction of Albuquerque Army Air Base began in January of 1941 and was completed in August 1941 on land adjacent to the municipal airport. With the end of World War II, Oxnard Field began receiving surplus military bombers and fighters. Oxnard later became part of Kirtland Air Force Base, the Air Force's main facility for integrating new weapons designs produced by Sandia Laboratory with operational USAF aircraft and equipment.
Clinton Naval Air Station was located 15 miles southwest of Clinton, and 120 miles west of Oklahoma CIty. In 1949 the base was transferred to the City of Clinton, only to be reclaimed by the Defense Department in 1954 for the establishment of Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base. Other post-WWII Naval storage and reclamation facilities were located at NAS Litchfield Park near Phoenix, and NAS Norfolk in Virginia. Altus Army Air Field in Oklahoma was activated in early 1943, and served as an Advanced Flying School until April of 1945.
After the students perfected their skills with these planes, they transferred to units that prepared them to fly the type of aircraft they would use in combat over Europe and in the Pacific theater during World War II. Between 1945 and 1953 it would serve as a boneyard for thousands of surplus World War II era military aircraft. About 2,500 aircraft were stored, sold or scrapped there after WWII, including B-17, B-24, B-25, P-38, P-40, P-51 and P-47 aircraft. By May of 1948, the inventory of aircraft was decimated, and the facility was turned over to the City of Altus for use as a municipal airport. Stillwater Municipal Airport was built in 1939, and improved in 1943 with the additional of three 5,000 foot concrete runways. In February of 1946 the inventory of 475 surplus aircraft at Searcy was purchased by Paul Mantz, a recognized aviation expert, at a cost of about $117 each. About 1,300 aircraft were stored, sold or scrapped at this airport west of Wichita Falls, Texas. We know storing your items is an arduous process, but we hope our moving services make the process less stressful for you and your loved ones.
We are here to assist you, whether you’re from Atlanta, Woodstock, Canton, Holly Springs, Marietta, Acworth, Roswell, or another Georgia city. New items people buy will take place of the existing ones, and existing ones have to be stored in the garage, or in an extra room in the house, if a person doesn’t have a garage. If there is a gap between the day a person has to move out of the old place, and move into the new home, household items have to be stored somewhere. These things will be safe, in a clean environment, and protected by the guards of the facility. 10' mobile storage container rental, portable storage unit rentals, steel conex boxes, and 10ft used shipping containers can be moved by a forklift.
Small Portable storage container rental, 10ft Mobile storage unit rentals, steel conex boxes, and used shipping containers are available from Pac Van's Cumming, Georgia mobile storage facility. Contact Pac Van for all of your portable storage container, mobile office space, and modular building rental solutions.
A sealed airliner can thus be stored safely, for years, until the time comes to return it to active duty, or salvage.
It is also a storage facility for commercial airliners, due to its vast area and dry desert conditions. Some aircraft reach the end of their useful lifetime and are scrapped at the Mojave aircraft boneyard, while others are refurbished and returned to active service.
Now known as Marana Aerospace Solutions, the company offers more than 600 acres of secured ramp and storage area for all sizes of aircraft. Also known as Victorville Airport, it is home to many aviation related businesses, including Southern California Aviation, a large transitional facility for commercial aircraft.
Today, the airport is home to several private companies offering aircraft maintenance and commercial pilot training, and serves as a reliever airfield for Phoenix Sky Harbor. The turboprops are parked in a corner of the airporta€™s property, near the intersection of Loop 322 and State Highway 36. If your home or office is currently filled with clutter that is overwhelming you, your family, or your employees, self storage may be your best option. The War Assets Administration (WAA) and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) handled the disposal of these aircraft. Main components such as engines, armament, instruments and radios were removed from each plane.
The jet revolution made many aircraft obsolete, including the P-38, B-17 and B-24, among others, while planes like the B-29, A-26 Invader, and C-47 were destined for the reserve. It was one of the Army Air Corps largest airfields, training 35,000 individuals.
Army Air Forces acquired approximately 4,145 acres in Mohave County and established the Kingman Army Airfield.
Kingman offered huge open spaces, good weather for aircraft storage, and three runways, one of which was 6,800 feet in length.
Among the Kingman inventory were B-17, B-24, B-25, B-26, Consolidated B-32, P-38, P-63 and A-20 aircraft. Designed for 5,114 military personnel, and 976 civilians, the Air Field had three 5,000-foot runways, a huge apron covering over 63 acres, four large hangars, base engineering building, and fully equipped 203 bed hospital. An estimated 10,000 to 11,000 warplanes were flown to Walnut Ridge in 1945 and 1946 for storage , sale, or scrapping.

While working with the Army, the school trained Army Air Cadets to fly Stearmans and BT-13s.
The agricultural area around the airfield was an excellent storage location for surplus military aircraft.
In later years the C-46 went back to war, serving in both the Korea and Vietnam conflicts for various U.S. It has become a major source of economic and recreational opportunity for the county of San Bernardino, which maintains the airfield. In 1935 it was suggested that the city build a new public airport, and ground was broken in 1937.
The base provided advanced flying training and transition training in combat-ready aircraft, primarily the B-17 Flying Fortress and the B-24 Liberator. From Kirtland Field, Manhattan Project scientists were flown back and forth to Wendover Army Air Base and Los Alamos.
The base was revamped and new runways were built to accommodate the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress of the Strategic Air Command. Litchfield Park remained on active status until 1965 when its operations were transferred to Davis-Monthan AFB. The primary training aircraft were the Boeing-Stearman Kaydet T-17 and the North American T-9. With an average of over 300 days of weather conducive to flying each year, a generally flat landscape and few obstructions, the base was well situated for young airmen to hone their flying skills.
The plane and its crew returned to the United States during the summer of 1943 for a highly publicized public relations tour.
In 1953 the airport was reopened as Altus Air Force Base, which remains an active facility today. He kept 11 of the aircraft for his own use, and the remaining 464 were cut up and shipped to St. However, some aircraft would be stored in reserve and retained for future return to active duty. We made sure to use insulated brick and stone to build our self storage facility instead of metal, like some of our competitors, in order to help maintain temperatures and control humidity and moisture. Our well-lit residential storage and business storage facility is completely enclosed, plus it has 24-hour video surveillance, onsite management by nationally trusted Absolute Storage Management, and keypad access for entry after hours.
The most common reason for renting storage units is for storing all the excess belongings that have accumulated over the years.
It can be very difficult to find a suitable place to keep all your items during this period.
Also, it is better to store it in an indoor storage, then to expose it to different weather conditions, if you want your boat to stay in a good condition.
8x10' portable storage units for rent are portable by a forklift and have 14-gauge steel cam-locking doors and 560 cubic feet of storage space. Atlanta Portable storage containers for rent, shipping containers and temporary storage trailers provide short-term or long-term mobile storage solutions where you need them. Old aircraft are stored there with the hope that the dry desert climate will prevent any form of corrosion in case the aircraft is pressed into service in the future. Having an excessive amount of items spread throughout your house or business can become frustrating, distracting, and simply messy. We do this so you can rest assured you have storage unit waiting for you when you’re ready to move or de-clutter your Roswell home or office. The remainder of the aircraft was cut into pieces, and pushed in a large furnace, or smelter. In subsequent months, brand new aircraft directly from assembly lines were disposed of at Kingman.
Air Force operations, including resupply missions, paratroop drops, and clandestine agent transportation.
Albuquerque Municipal Airport opened in 1939 several miles to the west of Oxnard Field, with two paved runways. By April of 1946, over 8,800 military planes were stored at Clinton, mostly F6F Hellcats, FM Wildcats and TBM Avengers.. Some people will ask friends and relatives to store some of the items in their homes, but this can cause a lot of inconvenience to the hosts. Whether you need mobile storage solutions for construction applications, temporary storage space, or long term storage needs mobile storage is the answer. When your personal belongings or office records start to take over your surroundings, contact us at East Cherokee for all your self storage needs. Aluminum was the prime metal sought after, melted and poured into ingots for sale and shipping. As many as 150 airplanes a day were soon flying into Kingman, and the total aircraft inventory by the end of 1945 reached about 4,700. Also, large quantities of Curtiss P-40 Warhawk fighters were stored there awaiting the smelter; many of these were stored vertically to save space. While some were sold to individuals or companies, most were dismantled, melted in one of the two furnaces on site, and sold as scrap to the Sherman Machine and Iron Works of Oklahoma City. After the war, Searcy Field was transferred to the Reconstruction Finance Corporation and used to store nearly 500 aircraft.
It is not easy to throw away these things, because of the memories attached to them, or because people don’t want to get rid of them, as they were bought with hard-earned money in the past.
There is no need to put someone in the awkward position, and to ask for such favors, when you have many different storage facilities to choose from.
PacVan provides secure portable storage units, modular buildings and mobile office space rentals in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah and surrounding Atlanta metro areas.
Thus, 800 aircraft at Litchfield were moved to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson either by air or by truck for storage, and another 1,000 were salvaged. The inventory included B-24 Liberators, B-17 Flying Fortresses, P-40 Warhawks, Navy PB4Y-1 and other aircraft types.
This is the reason why some of them rent storage unit, they want a place to store their things into. When your garage gets cluttered, and there is no more space, it is time to rent a self storage unit. New designs and innovations in the field of furniture and other household items are brought each day, and people are lured into buying the latest goods, even if the existing ones are in perfect condition. When this happens, people stop using the existing goods, but don’t throw them away because they are still working.

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