At Archadeck, we treat our clients like they are our family members and one thing we feel strongly about is utilizing still functional parts of the decks substructure. We added new posts, a new beam, added new decking, a new railing, a new set of steps in a better position and a new landing for the steps.
If you have an older deck that you want to bring back to life, give us a call and have us take a look at it.
We extended the deck space to include a new porch on the side of the house and a new deck at the corner of the home.
If the charming look of this countryside cabin isn’t enough, the story that goes behind it is even better. The entire art cottage is so charming that you may not have noticed the prominence of the front porch or the state of disrepair facing both the front porch and the steps.
For the front porch flooring, while pressure-treated wood is a natural material, you can tell by its color and cut that it has been cleaned and treated and is therefore a few steps removed from the aged and storied quality of untreated or heartier wood.
When these homeowners on Ashford Park in Macon called us, they were very familiar with having an Archadeck screened porch.
We’re happy they called Archadeck of Central GA because we pride ourselves in doing the best thing for our customers. Another point of pride we maintain at Archadeck of Central GA is the level of care we take with the homeowners’ properties.
Adjacent to their porch is a new deck large enough to host a grill as well as a table and chairs.
If you live in the Central GA are and are thinking about adding on or converting your outdoor living space to a porch, give us a call for a free consultation. If you choose to work with us, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge of local building trends and traditions, as well as our rock-solid relationships with other local tradesmen. Utilizing the existing room, we enclosed a portion of the covered wrap-around porch converting it to a sunroom. In order to enclose this portion of the porch, we had to remove the columns and railing and then re-install them inside the porch. When searching for a solution to enclose this porch area, the family spoke with a contractor who suggested using aluminum.
If you are considering adding a deck, porch, pergola or other outdoor living space to your home give Archadeck of Central GA a call for a free consultation.
The family had a lovely pool and patio but knew they wanted to do a lot more living outside. Inside the pavilion you’ll see tons of counter top area creating space for everything from grilling to food prep to using the smoker, and more.
One important part of this project that you won’t notice by looking at the space is the approval we needed to secure from the Architectural Review Board in this lovely Madison community in Macon.
If we’re being honest, when we receive a call to do work in a historic district we fear that the necessary restrictions and approvals will hamper our ability to build the best structure within the time frame the family wants. With this particular screen porch project we had even more reason to worry because the family needed it done in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. We had a very short window of time to build the project in time for Thanksgiving and Mother Nature wasn’t helping our case.
When we work with clients who are lucky enough to have one of the beautiful homes in downtown Macon’s historic district, we know there will be a few extra items on our “to-do” list.
One of our customers had a brick staircase at the side of their home that was crumbling and in need of repair.
Another interesting wrinkle in this project was that this is a home where the extended family gathers for holidays and special events. Archadeck of Central Georgia is proud to have been serving Macon and Warner Robins homeowners for more than a dozen years. If your home were perched up above Lake Tobosofkee and you had the perfect view of the lake, could anything be better?
Another factor in setting footings on the side of a hill is they need to be dug deeper to support the weight of the elevated deck. In terms of material selection, a popular alternative option to pressure-treated pine is composite or synthetic wood. I won’t say that the relationship you have with your contractor before and during the building process for your new outdoor living space is more important than the end result, but it’s darned close. On a recent patio project, we worked with the owner of a new home to create a patio to complement her existing Kathleen screened porch.
Our customer had a short wish list of requirements for the space and this design met them all. We can’t promise that every aspect of every job will go perfectly, but we will always do everything in our power to get it right the first time and to fix it fast if we don’t. Visit our websiteArchadeck of Central GA is a full service design and build back yard contractor. Not only does this have yard appeal but also comes with a LifeTime Warranty, Yep, you read me right and the best thing is that only $225.00 down delivers this jewel. Looking at the old deck, you would think we demolished the entire deck, heaved it in the dumpster and quickly  started building the new deck.
The deck was in such bad shape that nobody would even walk on it which also presented problems in getting out to the back yard.

Often the substructure is in good enough shape to utilize as the substructure on the new deck. Utilizing the old joists saved the client over $1,000 which he appreciated immensely especially since the deck was for his parents.
There are a number of techniques we can utilize to either reface, or in this case rebuild, your existing deck.
When these Macon homeowners called us, they had a small deck in quite a state of disrepair. We typically like to build up to the after picture but you’ll see why when you see the before picture below. While the old set did the job, they were a little tough to navigation and were not up to code. These homeowners knew what to expect with the Archadeck process and knew the high building standards we require. When converting an existing deck to a porch or other roof structure, sometimes the deck substructure will suffice for adding a new roof with a few reinforcements. The deck materials are complimentary to those of the screened porch making a unified look and feel to this combination structure. What could be better than spending hot GA afternoons under cover or enjoying the day fading into night with a couple of rockers outside your own front door? But, depending on how you want to live outside, you may want the sort of protection that an enclosed space provides. We worked to find siding to compliment the existing home’s siding since that one is no longer available. For the same price, we were able to custom build the space using matching high-quality materials. This custom built pavilion was designed specifically for how this Macon family wanted to live outside.
While we always take care of all permitting, we also meet with other review boards as necessary before beginning our projects. The homes in our historic districts are prized and their authenticity is preserved under careful watch.
The good news was that the structure was on the back of the home so we didn’t have the same restrictions we would have if the addition was visible at the street. She dumped a lot of rain just at the time we needed to be building so we created a plan that would allow us to keep building in the rain.
Although you can’t see it in this picture, we added a wheelchair ramp for one of the aging family members. Building or restoring the Macon deck may be the same from a plank and nails perspective, but there are additional considerations. As long as they were tackling that problem, they thought they would use the opportunity to add some space in the form of a small raised deck. If you choose to work with us, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge of local building trends and traditions, as well as our rock solid relationships with other local tradesmen. Pouring deck footings is fairly straight forward while on flat land but on a steep slope, there are factors such as keeping the concrete from sliding down the hill until it sets.
At Archadeck, we have a national drafting team that designs the architecture of all of our structures to exceed that of local building codes.
These include design details, materials details and most importantly, making sure your space supports how you want to live. Below you can see that the stairs help create a safe walking path down the sleep slope that leads to the lake.
It’s critical that any builder you work with will listen and respond to your needs and your plans for how you want to use your Macon or Warner Robins deck or patio. We discussed the possibility of using pavers but we also made sure to make sure she knew that she had other options. We took down two sections of fence to allow access for the cement truck using a path that minimized potential damage to her lawn. That includes each contact from our initial site visit to assess your property and discuss your project to the successful completion and walk through. Servicing the areas around Macon and Warner Robins, we build porches, decks, patios pergolas and so much more.
When we enhance or reface an existing deck, we are not just limited to the existing size and shape. We kept the under-structure for the front deck but replaced the rotted decking boards with the cypress boards.
Whether you are hoping to make your space rustic or authentic or shiny and new, we will work with you to determine the best materials and design to suit your own personal needs. We took particular care to keep pine straw in the yard for minimal disruption to their grass.
An enclosed space can provide some additional sun protection but can also provide protection from strong wind, rain, and more extreme temperatures. But, when the mosquitoes come out or the temperature becomes more severe, this family can head for the comfort and protection of their enclosed porch area.

A few of the wrong changes can take all the character and historic value out of these prized pieces of our city’s rich history.
Normally we will build out the porch walls before the roof but we built enough of the walls to get the roof up so we could work under cover of the roof to finish building out the screened porch. The house is on a corner lot, so the plans required architectural control committee approval before we broke ground. This meant that we needed to put in a little extra effort to maintain strong communication with the various family members. The synthetic decking’s classic gray color works well with the property and gives the owners the easy maintenance they need. They should also educate you about some design options and materials in a way that doesn’t make you feel pressured to out-spend your budget. We often make changes adding only the necessary additional substructure to increase the size or make other desired enhancements.
To make sure that the cypress beams did the job we were looking for, we took extra effort to use toenail screws from the sides of the boards so you couldn’t see them from the top.
We took them off, cut of the rotted areas and then increased the sizes of the header a little since the posts were then shorter. We did add reinforcements around the exterior but we were otherwise able to utilize the existing structure. This porch required a side wall connection however we were not able to add posts  to the wall because they would cover windows. While screened porches are very popular, here in Central GA, many customers are opting for Eze-Breeze windows on their screened porch.
The ceiling is finished with recessed can lights and large ceiling fans to keep air circulating within the space. Second, when you are tieing in with bricks or wood that is hundreds of years old, you need to tread carefully to avoid damage and to ensure safety and structural integrity. You can see the railings, skirting and stairs from the street, so we needed to use wood to meet the required covenants. When clients aren’t on site to have short, regular discussions, it is important to use other tools like emails with photos to stay in agreement on all of the details of a project. But… what if you actually had some room to sit poolside where you could also enjoy the view of the lake? There is ample room for several chairs and a table if she wants to eat outside with friends. We stained the underside of the deck boards before construction to further protect the lumber.
We replaced the flooring with new flooring and made sure to add screening underneath the boards to keep bugs from crawling up through the floor. Instead, our architectural team designed the long span roof to be supported by a large structural ridge beam. The Eze-Breeze window system is the best of both having a screened porch and having a porch enclosed with vinyl windows. The family is considering also screening in the deck area in the future so we added the screening under that area to prepare for future growth. The floor isn’t visible from the street, so we were able to build with Fiberon Pro-Tect, a longer lasting, synthetic product that has a classic look. It’s a service we are happy to provide to guarantee that the customers are getting what they want. Because that will not be a factor here, we were able to use pressure-treated southern yellow pine for the decking material and it came out beautifully. And, several times a day, it gives her two active dogs a path in and out of the house, keeping them from wearing a trench in her grass.
Archadeck made sure she knew when to expect our crew each day and our team cleaned up before leaving each night. You might also want to take a look at the decks photo gallery on our Archadeck of Central GA website.
The 4-track window system allows you to open your vinyl windows up to 75% allowing your 3-season room to function as a screened porch.
However, this family opted for insulated sliding glass windows for more protection from the elements.
Or visit our website for more great patio pictures in the Macon, Warner Robins and Central GA area. These horizontal sliding windows provide the same option to open up to 75% and function as a  screened porch but they also are insulated. When they are closed the temperature inside the room can be heated or cooled just like your interior spaces.
This particular family wanted to not only provide a little protection from the elements for themselves but also for their plants.

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