How have recent TV shows Pawn Brokers and Storage Hunters affected the number of people choosing to pawn their valuables?
The really interesting part of the show is when people take their items to a pawn shop and see how much money their new purchases are actually worth.
Clearly the viewing public are fascinated with pawn shops and the personal stories behind the objects that end up in them. Pawning valuable items to release extra cash in times of financial need has become much more acceptable since TV channels started making entertainment programs about pawn shops. The reality TV program films storage container auctions, whereby bargain-hunters bid against each other for the contents of a storage unit, even though they have no idea what’s inside.

Think again, because you don't want to mess with former boxer Brandon Bernier and his wife Lori, the fiercest competitors in a high-stakes sales game.
Sometimes people discover they have purchased a container filled with worthless junk and other times they end up with far more than they bargained for, as you’ll see in this clip. You won't believe what they find: from hidden bundles of cash to thousand-dollar chairs, from the dangerous to the downright weird. With killer instinct, the Berniers target the best storage units in the country and go to extreme lengths to get their hands on what's stashed inside. Follow them to the country's most competitive auctions as they risk a fortune to go head-to-head with hostile locals.

The executive producers are Catherine Catton, Jenny Daly and John Quinn.The commission for the series make sense. UKTV’s Head of Acquisitions & Co-Productions Alexandra Finlay negotiated the deal which saw UKTV license the format from T Group Productions.

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