Small kitchen make you bother to rearrange and organize stuff for cooking, but now there is a practical solution to overcome your problem with intelligent storage solutions.
The armoire was painted orange when it was handed down from Ed’s parents to us when we were married.  We used it as a food pantry in our first house. It is truly a unique piece.  It is just short of 8-feet tall and is on wheels – which makes it fairly easy to move. A good portion of the thread is old with price tags of 35 cents.  Some even came from stores or companies that no longer exist.
On the side of the bead storage, I have folders filled with laminating sheets, transfer paper, magnet sheets, vellum, and cardboard.
If you look closely on the top inside of the door you can see the paint has peeled and the original orange color is exposed.  It is going to get a new coat of paint soon. The top of the right side holds the spray paints I use most, Mod Podge, Spray Glue and other frequently used products. Since the wall separating the two sides of the cabinet is thin, I can’t put any nails in it to hold stuff up.

Buying kitchen furniture should suit the needs of you, do not buy too much stuff because it will simply not used, so you have to organize all the kitchen equipment you need.
I have been creating for many years and have collected lots of goodies to use in my projects – most of it I store in this armoire.
Command Brand sells clear caddies that are hung with the no-damage picture hanging strips.  I have two caddies to hold tape -Glue dots, florist tape, electrical, double sided tacky, and specialty tape. I love them and can never seem to pass them by when I am out and about at flea markets and thrift stores. Dangling glasses, pans, and other kitchen appliances can also save a lot of space, you can choose kitchen cabinets and try to have a lot of space for storage space.
We finally did find one -I have the key on a big ribbon tassel now so I won’t lose it again.
Comes in handy every now and then – so I keep it.  I like to draw and attached a few of my favorite drawings to the door. I have them organized by color.  I add them to gift wrap, decorate, and make many things with them.

The kitchen is colorful and neat without the scattered stuff will look beautiful though small.
Since I am a full-time creative blogger – I need this stuff handy to produce the amount of projects I do. Better than Ed or I ever did when it was up to us to put it back together in previous moves.
Small kitchen ideas is not an obstacle to creating a comfortable space for mothers to cook, so check out our collection of best small kitchen.

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