Shortly after we moved into the tiny house we had some dear friends, Dave and Trina Feucht, over for dinner. We installed the small glass jars with a simple screw through the lid and surprisingly its one of the first space saving details that guests remark on about our home.
A few weeks ago I changed out all of our random spice containers of various sizes and shapes (we buy in bulk and had been refilling the old spice containers) and put all of our spices in Ball’s 4oz crystal jelly jars and it’s SO much better and easier to find things!
Just a tip – spices can lose their flavor and intensity when stored near the stove due to the heat. I wonder if there isn’t a way to color the jars and therefore lessen the light to the spices.
I use jelly jars for my herbs and spices as well, but they are on shelves in the dark corner of my cabin. Our extensive range of Dolls House Miniature Apothecary items are totally unique to us and we have spent considerable amounts of time and energy designing stunning and beautiful pieces that compliment and enhance your dolls house scenes.
All of the dolls house miniature glass items are hand blown to our designs and exacting standards. Our dolls house miniature labels are produced from an authentic originals owned by us (shown in listings) and then modified and miniaturised to give a high quality, totally authentic look for use in your chemists or Apothecaries.
Where our dolls house miniature glass items come with a label we provide a spare set so you can have fun ageing and customising them without worrying if you damage a set.
I wanted to share this One Tip: How to clean the gunk off those great food jars so you can repurpose them!

Screwing the lids to the bottom of the shelving allows both sides of the vertical space to be used and saves valuable counter space.
All of our dry pantry items like rice, wheat flour, sugar, lentils, beans, etc are now contained with glass mason jars and displayed on the shelf above our seating area. It’s a deep cupboard and previously you would find yourself poking about for ages, without finding what you needed. I will be building a new cabin this next summer and I think I will incorporate the jars attached above with screws for those few items like salt and pepper that get a lot of use. I’m a pack rat at heart and hate to throw anything away (Certain areas of my house can attest to this). Coupons Below!Click on any coupon below to SAVE BIG on crafting organization & storage products!
Tammy does her best to keep up with these questions by adding notes to her tiny house frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. Tammy and I were cooking for Dave and Trina and we were having trouble finding our spices in the midst of our moving disarray. In addition I’ve started adding short, wide mouth pint mason jars to take up the space between the 2X4 loft  joists above the front door.
I used three screws with large washer to keep the lids on, since they get exposed to much motion and daily use.
Trina suggested that we should think about installing a few small mason jars above the stove to artfully display the spices and allow easy access.

We place a small amount of spices we use daily in the jars and consume the contents about every two weeks. When I was searching for tiny house tools and appliances I yearned for more details than most blogs or videos provided so today I thought I would start a series called tiny house details. We loved the idea, it reminded me of workshops where I had seen similar a storage solution for bolts, nuts and washers of different sizes. The contents aren’t fancy mainly black peppercorns, salt, red cayenne pepper, sugar, tea, and coffee. I found this great recipe on Pinterest and because of the method I could use repurposed jars! Here are a few examples of tiny house details chapters you can look forward to seeing: alcohol stove review, composting toilet system, windows, flooring, lights, loft bed frame, etc.
After I complete the series I want to post an easy reference page where Tammy and I can refer readers in the future who have interests regarding tiny house materials and tools.

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