Shown here is S Area, where glassified, high-level nuclear waste produced at the Savannah River Site is temporarily stored. The answer to this question leaves our president and our nation with many important considerations. It is important for South Carolinians to evaluate the risks and benefits of nuclear reprocessing at SRS and to become involved in this debate. Redi-Door Storage provides convenient storage accommodations serving the Four Corners and San Juan County. With two locations in Farmington, and one each in Aztec, Bloomfield, and Kirtland, you will never have to drive out of your way to get to your stored belongings. When you're ready, you can see unit availability, pricing, features and rent your storage unit. We are locally owned and operated storage professionals who strive to provide all of our tenants with the cleanest and most convenient storage facilities in San Juan County and the 4 corners area. To make your Storage Search easier, you can navigate through this site by using the search option up top or select a state from the map above or the list to the right.
The US Nuclear Waste Policy Act designated Yucca Mountain Repository in Nevada to serve as a repository for our nation's nuclear waste.

For example, SRS has employed thousands of South Carolinians over the years – Georgians too. There is little on earth that can hurt people more than a nuclear explosion or a radioactive leak.
It may bring jobs – which are extremely valuable in this economy – but will it bring them at too high a cost? We are committed to offering a range of affordable storage options to answer your residential and commercial needs along with personalized and knowledgeable customer service. Make Redi-Door Storage your convenient garage for both your hardworking equipment and play-day gear. Feel free to contact our storage experts by telephone at (505)- 324-0124 or drop into our Redi-Door Storage Rental Office at 900 Schofield Lane in Farmington.
You can search for Storage with the Advance Storage Search Option, Fill in almost any combination of fields and you can find exactly the storage location that you desire. Always put the heavier boxes on the bottom and the lighter ones on top of the heavier ones. Local contractors who have been hired by SRS to help build facilities have benefited as well.

SRS is on the National Priorities List as part of the EPA's Superfund program, which means that it is being investigated for "known releases or threatened releases of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants." These risks will be with us for decades to come. His May 2008 article in Scientific American, "Nuclear Fuel Recycling: More Trouble Than It's Worth," outlines the concerns associated with reprocessing, including the excessive expense and an increased possibility of terrorist attacks. Furthermore, in early 2009, President Obama issued a statement declaring "states should not be unfairly burdened with waste from other states," and funding for Yucca Mountain has been drastically reduced. Though SRS officials are working hard to find solutions to these problems, a great deal remains to be done. If you plan or need to frequently use the storage space you will probably want something nearby, also a larger storage space may be more convenient than one packed to capacity. Others might opt for a smaller storage unit and pack it to the ceiling rather than to pay for space you’re not using.
If even the smallest storage units are too much, look into mini-storage facilities: self-storage facilities that specialize in small loads.

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