We offer both Paperless Billing and Online Bill Payment, conserving paper and ink resources as well as the environmental emissions associated with their production and delivery. We’ve been “Green Minded” since long before it was the in thing – our facility is rife with nature and over 200 trees and 8 retention ponds, promoting a beautiful, environmentally friendly facility! You do not have to agree as a condition of getting any services from Movoto real estate of its affiliates.
This 3 bedroom, 1 baths house located at 464 County Road 161, Gainesville, TX has approximately 13,504 Sq.
This 3 bedroom, 2 baths house located at 1018 Oxford Dr, Gainesville, TX has approximately 11,064 Sq.
Sustainable Wine Cellars wishes to take a moment to thank a valuable member of our custom wine cellar team. With resources available to meet at job sites, take and be responsible for dimensions, schedule shipments according to tight construction schedule deadlines and have the product professionally installed; Sustainable Wine Cellars and AR Homes have streamlined the wine storage process. Andy, Ben, Ian and company, thank you for your time and we will continue to support your company with our quality metal and EcoWineracks Bamboo racking systems.
Introducing the newest addition to the Sustainable Wine Cellars distribution network, Haile Kitchen & Bath, LLC. Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of having a local source for your wine storage needs. The past couple weekends and the next few upcoming have been truckloads of grapes brought in on refrigerated trucks. A couple times a day I will head into my basement to push the skins back down into the juice of my Syrah to keep them in contact, deepening the color and pulling tannins from skins. People who really love wine, tend store them in anything from a custom wine cellar to a simple wine refrigerator, sometimes for up to 10 years or more where. So the next time you slip into your wine room to find that perfect bottle of wine for your guests, take a moment to consider decanting as an option for serving.
It starts with a breathtaking decent down a wide, spiral stairway with white, hand hewn French limestone walls. The grand entrance to the wine cellar features an expansive glass wall and a large double cellar door.
Once inside this 3,500+ bottle room you are greeted with an expansive wall of traditional wine racks and a 9’ wide arched opening with a beautiful art feature, lit by LED spotlights.
Our client chose our EcoWineracks sustainable bamboo wine racks featuring a Low VOC walnut stain with water-based lacquer finish to contrast with the white stone pillars and arched, brick ceiling. All of the double display and horizontal display racks are lit with LED strip lights and the chandelier also features LED bulbs. The wine cooling system, it is comprised of a large custom ducted split system with redundant features. The evolution of fine dining and wine pairings has grown exponentially the last couple decades.
A dining experience with an unforgettable wine pairing(s) is what we tend to gravitate towards these days. The next time you visit your favorite dining establishment, take a quick look at how the wines you enjoy are being stored. If you are like most homeowners in this country you bought an existing home rather than building one yourself.
Under a Staircase: The space below a staircase is often unused and can be a very handy place to hold your wine. Extra Space in the Garage: Many garages have extra storage space or you may not have an unused parking space. If you want to store and age fine wines, you have to follow certain rules to ensure proper maturation. So whether you are planning a custom wine room or even a small wine closet, let our experts assist you in selecting the right components that will make your space perform the way it needs to in order to protect your wine collection. This 3 bedroom, 2.1 baths house located at 717 Woodbine Ests, Denton, TX has approximately Sq.
This includes storage for Students, UF, Military personnel, Law Enforcement, Business and Residential tenants.
Whether you are interested in a relaxing family getaway or hosting a corporate event, Chippewa Retreat Resort has the facilities to accommodate. AR Homes, located in Sharonville, OH has been actively promoting wine storage for many years. Call to set an appointment to meet with our selections staff to turn your dream of a custom home into reality.
AR Homes calls and provides specs on an upcoming project, SWC provides a free CAD design, timing for completion is discussed so PO’s can be issued, products ships, arrives and is installed by a company that specializes in wine rack installation.
Shortly after arrival, a group of wine making veterans dives in to crush, distemm, process, distribute and enjoy each others company. This goes on for roughly two weeks as I check specific gravity and try to gage when primary fermentation has ceased. Palming a wine glass: If you want to look like you know what you are doing, be sure to never hold the bowl of your wine glass in the palm of your hand. Over-Testing a Wine in a Restaurant: When your server pours a sample splash of wine into your glass it is not to see whether you like the wine you ordered. Judging a Wine By the First Pour: Many wines, especially reds, can be quite complex creatures and need a little time to air before hitting their peak. Buy Wines Because of a Cute Name or Pretty Label: A simple rule of thumb is to never judge a book by its cover. Always Adhering to Wine Pairing Rules: There is some truth to pairing a dry white wine with a delicate fish, or a big red wine with a T-bone steak, but these really are suggestions rather than the rule. Gulping Instead of Sipping: The art of wine tasting and truly enjoying a fabulous bottle comes down to mindfulness. Sometimes it describes an above grade wine room or wine closet, but the true meaning would be a space created below grade, as in a basement or cellar. The basement is separated into two areas; an entertainment area consisting of a bar and intimate dining room and then the wine cellar. The lower wine racks are double deep, enabling the white marble countertop to extend out from the upper double display racks.

The side walls include double deep, rectangular storage bins and individual bottle storage for 750ml and 375ml bottles. Temperature inside the room is monitored and controlled by a mobile phone app with built-in warning system for temperature and humidity. Grilling a ribeye, sautéing sea scallops or your favorite delicately sauced pasta dish can be made in most kitchens and backyard barbeques, however, having an expert define boutique domestic and imported wines really gives your dining experience savoir-faire. Don’t be afraid to ask the staff questions and even if they can give you a quick tour.
Buying is a whole lot easier than building, but it can pose a problem for Oenophiles if the floor plan did not include a custom wine cellar and space is a consideration. Since 750 ml wine bottles have length of up to 14”, if your staircase is wider than 40 inches, you can put wine racks against one side and still comfortably access the space. We encourage anyone looking to store their property; whether it is to make extra space in your home or office, cut back on financing that extra storage space, you are traveling between places as a student or in the military, for long terms or short terms, to rent from Interstate Mini Storage for all your Self Storage needs. AR Homes team of professionals, including Andy Temmel, Ben Fox, Ian Rife and company have been aggressive in including a contemporary style of wine storage in all their residential floor plans. President Brad Fortune has been providing quality onsite evaluations as well as design, conceptual planning, remodeling and product installation in the Gainesville market for 4 Years.
After you have met with the Haile staff to define your project, you will be given a tour of the related products in their showroom. As the Syrah is in primary fermentation there is a 6 gallon carboys of Merlot that recently completed primary. First of all it can throw off the balance in your hand, making it difficult to hold the glass upright. It is only intended to allow you ensure that the wine bottle was not corked or if it has started turning into vinegar in the restaurants wine cellar. In that same light, I do not suggest buying any wine because it has a beautiful label or a really cute name.
This custom wine cellar is unique for Southern California because nearly all homes do not have basements.
These are all evident as you stand outside and glance through the windows at the lighted display racks and case storage racks immediately inside.
The upper racks consist of double display racks and large horizontal display racks capable of holding up 4.5L Jeroboam bottles.
Trust me, if they are storing the wines properly, they want you to see their set up so you can tell all your friends, family and colleagues.
Provided the closet is located in an interior portion of the dwelling, the temperature is maintained below 72 degrees.
The addition of wine racks allow wines to move from their cardboard cartons on the floor into great looking wine racks.
You can always partition off a section of the room and use the rest of the square footage for another purpose. The wine cooling system used to cool the space will depend on the year-round environmental conditions of the garage. Properties near 464 County Road 161, have a median listing price of $- and a median price per sqft of $-. Properties near 1018 Oxford Dr, have a median listing price of $- and a median price per sqft of $-.
John McGraw worked closely with our cellar design and refrigeration consultants to produce a jaw dropping wine storage and tasting room. From the model at Homerama 2014 to inclusion at the selections process, AR Homes includes wine storage in all its available and custom floor plans.
High-end residential kitchen and bath or even commercial renoations are well within the expertise of Haile Kitchen & Bath, LLC. Getting together with colleagues, neighbors, friends to prognosticate why we do what we do.
Refining Mother Nature’s creation into a dry, red wine with complexity is always the goal. Sauvignon Blanc, Reisling and Chardonnay recently transferred into my cooled wine cellar to slow down fermentation that are nearing the sit back and wait stage. Wine is served at a pouring temperature which enables you to discover its full flavor and complexity. First swirl the wine in your glass a few times to aerate it, then put your nose into the glass and take a good sniff. Take the time to really enjoy your wine by the sip, letting it travel around your mouth, exciting each taste bud. Some might even say that this space is a modern marvel because it required our client to blast and dig out the large space from solid blue granite. Lighted horizontal display racks are positioned on the sides of the racks facing into the bar area.
These days it has become so specialized with extended wine lists, sommeliers, wine stewards and liquor managers that restaurants are able to make incredible pairings with food and wine not many would have considered twenty years ago. Sustainable Wine Cellars’ EcoWineracks all come standard with low VOC stains and Clear Finishes. Building out this type of space is usually easy since the floor space is open to start with. Give us a call and we can help you decide which type of wine refrigeration system will work best for you. Anything above this temperature range will result in accelerated aging, resulting in wines not reach their full potential.
Lower humidity will result in dry corks which can create a pathway for air to enter the bottle. It is important to make sure that your wine room is constructed with proper insulation and your wine cooling system is robust enough to maintain your set temperature. Properties near 717 Woodbine Ests, have a median listing price of $- and a median price per sqft of $-.
Home sale data is not an appraisal, CMA, competitive or comparative market analysis, or home valuation of any property.
A tremendous amount of attention was paid to keeping a working, commercial wine storage room warm and inviting to guests as well as future capacity expansion.

A custom wine display comprised of Bamboo wine racks with a dark stain and clear finish have been awarded space in this fantastic showroom. Whether you are the most serious of collector, a hobby collector or simply enjoy the process of home wine making, the conversation is always serious and everyone is attentive. Assistant Wine Cellar Manager Mark (neighbor) is cleaning bottles and helping bottle last years wine so we can make carboy space for this years juice. The heat from the palm of your hand will warm the wine in the glass which can alter flavor and texture. Finally, it makes it impossible to swirl the wine in your glass enabling you to enjoy its fragrance and truly explore its taste.
If you see a label you are interested in, using a wine rating app like Vivino will tell you what other wine lovers think of the wine, which may alter your buying decision.
Decanting a wine enables it to contact a larger amount of oxygen, making it noticeably more flavorful and aromatic.
If you want to wow your friends at a dinner party, serve your wine from a really beautiful decanter and see their reactions. Not only can they make these pairings, but these same experts are most often on site to define, taste and make your dining experience as delightful as possible. Custom Wine Racks and Modular Wine Rack Kits all come with this same attractive and durable finish. With a little creativity you may be able find a location in your home that might work for your wine storage. Just add stud walls, vapor barrier, insulation, wine cooling system, a wine cellar door, some wine racks and presto!
Here are the big six key areas that you need to address when building and operating a climate controlled wine cellar.
Higher humidity levels will encourage mildew and mold growth which can deal a big blow to wines and is difficult to eradicate. It is also a good idea to have a temperature monitoring alarm in your room to alert you if something goes wrong with your wine refrigeration system. If a display rack is used, it should never have a greater incline than 15 degrees to maintain contact between wine and cork. The wine cellar stores over 1,350 bottles which was enough to meet the current demand of his guests. It is always surprising to me just how little even the more serious wine collectors know about the process. It may even allow you to expound on your knowledge of decanting and the wine that you are serving! If a white wine tastes a little funny, you may try decanting it for 20 to 30 minutes to see if it smooths out its flavor and aroma. Because bamboo racks are so incredibly hard, they do not endure the same nicks and dents other softer materials do. Often large viewing windows are present to make the wine room part of the dining areas for all diners to see.
If mold does bloom, never use chemicals like bleach, as this can easily permeate corks and ruin your wines.
Huge swings in temperature caused by sudden loss in cooling can cause reactions to take place inside the bottles. Seeing wine sales as having tremendous growth potential, John intentionally designed the space so it could be easily expanded when the time comes. A custom backsplash and LED accent lighting make a simple concept personal and elegant to the homeowners needs.
I would spend hours listening to the opinions of colleagues on how, why, what they were doing to control and improve the process. All of these factors lead to extreme heat gains inside the room, requiring a commercial wine cooling system that is dramatically oversized to compensate for these conditions. Any glass doors or windows should have UV shielding and you should never use fluorescent lights in your cellar.
Discerning diners are more than willing to enjoy high-end wines they know is being stored properly as opposed to being shoved in any nook or corner they have space.
Not being satisfied with Bamboo racking displays, Brad converted this space into a true wine room. About five years in, I realized of the dozen or so people I was getting information to hone my craft from, only a couple of them made wine I could tolerate.
717 Woodbine Ests, Denton, TX has been on the market for 427 days days and the median days on market for a property in the area is -. Now when I need some advise or help to overcome a stuck fermentation, high pH, low acid…I consult a very tight group of winemakers. Please contact one of Movoto's top-rated agents to see Denton Market Trends and to help you get the best deal for 717 Woodbine Ests, Denton, TX. 464 County Road 161, Gainesville, TX has been on the market for 80 days days and the median days on market for a property in the area is -. 1018 Oxford Dr, Gainesville, TX has been on the market for 97 days days and the median days on market for a property in the area is -. There are still times I butcher a wine, but those times are far less frequent as my knowledge of the process improves.
Please contact one of Movoto's top-rated agents to see Gainesville Market Trends and to help you get the best deal for 464 County Road 161, Gainesville, TX.
Please contact one of Movoto's top-rated agents to see Gainesville Market Trends and to help you get the best deal for 1018 Oxford Dr, Gainesville, TX.
Demo, proper construction, cooling, racking and installation services to bring your dream to reality.

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