All text licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand Licence unless otherwise stated. Gladstone's suburbs grew in two decades, the 1960s and 1970s, brought about by the rapid industrial growth described in the Gladstone entry. Huntly: Genesis Extends Life Of Coal-Fuelled Power Station To 2022Genesis Energy will keep its two coal and gas-fired units at Huntly Power Station operating until 2022, having previously said they'd be closed by 2018, after wringing a high price from other electricity generators who wanted to keep them as back-up. The SleepingInAirports community has voted the following airports as the Best Airports in the South Pacific. Conveniences: Free WiFi, 24-hour food, showers, pay-in lounges, and activities to do on a layover. Here are the Top Five Airports in the South Pacific as selected by SleepingInAirports voters. The zzz Factor: Staff are friendly and will direct airport sleepers to comfortable places to rest.
The zzz Factor: The airport has comfortable padded armrest-free seating (obviously not pictured).
Survey: If you have a bit more time, leave some comments on theA Airport Surveyso that we know why you like this airport. Airport Reviews:Your airport reviews are the most important contribution that you can provide to the community.
With a capacity of 39 million cubic metres, it supplies nearly a quarter of the city’s bulk water. Before then, the town had on its outer edges the airport, the hospital, Gladstone High School (1953) and the racecourse.

We are so thankful for the kind airport workers who help us when we are lost and give us blankets and pillows when we're stranded. As long as our travellers have WiFi and some comfortable seats to stretch out when they need to take a nap, they are happy. While there are currently no designated rest zones in the airport, Auckland Airport offers travellers some areas with armrest-free padded seating.
The loud and frequent announcements can get annoying, so you might want to bring ear plugs.
There is a designated sleeping area that overnight sleeper must go to if they plan to spend the night. Before it was built in 1977 the Mangatangi River, which is tributary to the Waikato River, was a popular angling spot, and in 1993 the dam’s owners (Watercare) agreed to restore trout fishing on a trial basis. Its urban growth was mainly to the south and south-east of the city centre.West Gladstone is south-west of the city centre. If you are coming in from a long haul flight and would like to freshen up, there are free showers. It has the Gladstone Central drive-in shopping centre and the Stockland Shopping Centre (1977), a State primary school and a Catholic high school, both in 1966. The $5 note was awarded the IBNS Banknote of the Year title at the International Bank Note Societya€™s annual meeting. To get away from the crowds during the day, there is a pay-in lounge where you will receive buffet meals, unlimited WiFi and showers.
It also has the hospital, State high school (1953) and racecourse.South Gladstone has a State primary school dating from 1898, but its significant growth period is traceable from the opening dates of the Toolooa State high school (1981) and the nearby Trinity College (1985).

The airport is open 24-hours, but there is only one food and beverage concession that is open throughout the night.
It also has a TAFE and two out-of-town cinema sites.Sun Valley is immediately south of West Gladstone and South Gladstone. Both places have historic names dating from survey work in 1853-55: County of Clinton and Kin Kora Creek, derived from Irish nomenclature.
Clinton also has Gladstone's airport, and recreation reserves on its eastern boundary.Between Clinton and Kin Kora there is New Auckland, named after Auckland Creek, the suburb's eastern boundary. The creek was named after the sailing vessel, Lord Auckland, which brought some of the first European settlers to Gladstone in 1847. New Auckland was originally a housing estate.To the east of Auckland Creek there is Telina, and to its east there is Toolooa.
Telina was also a housing estate, but Toolooa is an old locality name which had a railway station on the North Coast line. Exclusively industrial, Callemondah has railway marshalling yards, coal stockpiles, a power house, sewage treatment works, harbour facilities and the Gladstone Marine Campus of the Central Queensland University. Barney Point also has railway and harbour facilities, a maritime museum and a small beach with an adjoining residential area with parklands and a bowling club.

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