Vintage Luxe (as pictured in the 2 images above) is all about embracing the glamour of yesteryear with deep violets, dusty pinks and subtle greys combined with the luxury and warmth of copper accessories and plush fabrics.
Forge Ahead is a look that seeks out the old and breathes new life into loved or forgotten objects.
Shibori Style looks to the timeless and refined colours reminiscent of the traditional Japanese art of Shibori. And, if you had no idea of the historical background, you might be tricked into thinking they secretly learned how to walk on land, once you hear of one specimen whose bones were found buried in the earth 250 km inland in 1849.Railway workers in Vermont were laying down the state’s first tracks, when they happened upon the buried bones around 3 m below the surface. Scientists dredge up bacteria that have been near-starving for 86-million-yearsResearchers interested in single-cell organisms, like the bacterium Escherichia coli in the picture below, won't lack for any on this planet, and 90 per cent of them live beneath ocean sediment. Thursday, April 28 summed up in 4 mapsSee Full StoryMulti-day severe weather outbreak in the U.S.
This year's colours were developed bytrend forecaster Lucy Sutherland and were brought tolife through various room settings by Melbourne stylist Deb McLean.

This deep moody palette has an industrial edge with dark charcoals, lush greens and rich eggplant. Refined indigo shades sit alongside intricate patterning offset by powdery whites, deep denim and watery blues. According to NPR, dating the sediment around it helped paleontologists estimate an age of around 11,500 years at the time of the animal’s death.That figure actually points to the answer as to just how a whale fossil shows up well above sea level. They reckon the impact on Earth of large meteoroids or asteroids could have been powerful enough to blast material from our planet right onto our satellite, which could conceivably include organic material. So when scientists from Aarhus University in Denmark dredged the area looking for microbes, they probably weren't expecting much.But when the cores were analyzed, not only were there bacteria living in the sediment, but they had been there a long, long time.
Like 86 million years - older than the impact that ended the Jurassic age.And we said "living," which is technically true.
However, as lead researcher Hans Roy told NPR at the time the results were published, the bacteria had such low levels of sustenance and oxygen that they were almost in a state of suspended animation."They left the surface 86 million years ago with one lunch box, and they're still eating out of it," Roy told NPR.

It's quite remarkable."The bacteria may be near-starving, but astrobiologists must be salivating.
Popular Science points out the find bodes well for the chances of some kind of microbial life surviving within the soil of otherwise inhospitable planets.A 13,000-year-old teenager in a sinkholeWhen the skeleton of a teenager was discovered within a Mexican sinkhole, that in itself wasn’t news. Lots of people in pre-contact America tumbled to their deaths in those.No, what was surprising about this discovery was the fact the girl, called Naia by her discoverers, may be the oldest human skeleton ever found in the Americas – and her bones might prove the hyphothesis that the Americas were initially populated by Siberian peoples once and for all. Yolland, Centre for Astrophysics and Planetary Science, School of Physical Sciences, Ingram Building, University of KentLike all hypotheses, they had to test it first. But Sutherland notes the researchers say material ejected from the Earth to the moon would be going much slower than that, hence the lower speeds at which they did their test.So they tested whether fossils could get to the moon from Earth with a science gun.

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