The Janion Hotel was built for $25,000, opened in October 1891 as a railroad hotel with 48 bedrooms.
The hotel lacked a liquor licence, limiting prospects in rough-and-tumble Victoria, and shut down less than a year after the first guest checked in. By 1895 the E&N Railway had purchased it and used the south west corner of the building for its station and offices. In June 2012 Reliance Properties purchased the building for $2.5 million with plans to develop it into for 100 micro-condos.
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The defining area of The Oregon Territory was made in 1819 where an agreement by Britain and the U.S. The process in changing the organization of the Pacific Coast occurred in 1858 when the colony of British Columbia was created by the governor named James Douglas who sought out Engineers in order to create this new colony.  These engineers arrived in 1859 and were hired to provide a military presence, survey the region, and assist in laying out new towns and roads in order to create a self functioning colony. In 1868 the main land people, called conservationists, adopted resolutions that described how and why British Columbia should join Canada.
The Important part of Confederation was when in 1881 The CPR was used to combine British Columbia with rest of Canada. The blacks were originally from San Francisco, they immigrated to Canada by the S.S commodore because they heard that slavery was prohibited in Canada. Chinese people started to settle in Chinatown especially the workers because their work was nearby. The Sikh were from Hong Kong, they came to British Columbia because they were drawn by the industrial development. In the 19th century thousands had immigrated to Canada with the hope of finding a better life, they thought they could get rich instantly since there was gold rush! Issues: Open-Pit mines leave behind bare rock faces and large residues of waste rock, when the water makes contact with this waste it goes back in lakes, rivers, and can cause the water quality to decrease and damage aquatic ecosystems. Importance of location: Barkerville was one of the main areas for miners to go to find gold during the caribou gold rush, the gold rush attracted people from all over the world to Baskerville many also started to open business.
The Forestry industry has made lots of jobs for Canadians across Canada, in 2008 80 000 jobs relied on the forest industry, thanks to the CPR it makes it easier to transport lumber across Canada as well as other trading goods. Importance of location: The mine was first a fort that was owned by the HBC, later they found coal and decided to make into a mine.
Salmon have been really important for Canada, in 1990 salmon represented 55% of the total value of the commercial catch, in 2005 salmon only made up 10% which means the fishing industry is facing some hard times as well as the first nations that live near the coast because they depend on salmon as a main food supply. When the Europeans first started to settle near the coast the fishing industry started to grow, on 1870 the first salmon canary was opened in the Fraser river.
Importance of location: The Fraser River was one of the common places for fishing and still is one of the most common places for fishing salmon in British Columbia, Europeans and Aboriginals use to fish in this river. Industry’s role in BC’s growth: Even though this industry is very small compared to the rest in BC its really important because it provides food for Canadians as  well as people around the world.
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After the owner of the Northern Junk Company died in the 1970’s the building became very derelict.
The fur trade was going so well that they did not recognize how quickly the area was being populated by Americans. In 1860 – only two years after the creation of this new colony – several miners discovered large amounts of gold in the waters flowing north towards the Quesnel River – this was a sign that the ‘Big Load’ was close so the miners continued traveling North up the Fraser River. The CPR ended in Port Moody but then they realized that the Harbor for the end of the CPR wasn’t appropriate due to not enough flat land, they later found a more suitable location. Since British Columbia was isolated from the rest of Canada  the CPR brought them together.
Many settled on Vancouver island (Salt Spring) Because Canada needed more people to settling over there. Chinese workers had been arriving to Canada for a couple of decades already, Chinese residents settled around Carrall  Street and Dupont Street.
Since the stuff they sold was mainly supplies they made huge profits due to the mining industry and the gold rush going on at that time, lots of people needed those supplies!
They settled in different  places  around BC like Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Victoria, and Lower Fraser River. They worked on building the CPR, Fishing and Forestry industry.
The mining industry and gold rushes that have happened though out the years have brought many workers around the world to work in this industry. After the gold rush ended Barkerville was destroyed by fire on September 16 1868, many building were affected but 3 months later they were rebuilt. It was constructed to be the company store of British Columbia Mill and Vancouver Island spar and lumber and sawmill. Coal mining was on the east coast of Vancouver island and it started around 1850. Mining later expanded to the mainland which later led to the development of British Columbia, this type of industry relies on export sales. Aboriginals rights have been affected by the decreasing salmon due to over fishing and the destruction of habitats and spawning areas, They can only hunt salmon for food, social and ceremonial purposes. Salmon have been a main source of food for aboriginals as well as the rest of the people that live in Canada, if something happened to the fish or ocean it have a big effect on the economy and culture. This industry also helps other industries in Canada because it gives food to them and without food no one can really work or live. There are daily scheduled BC Ferry and Pacific Northwest Ferry services from the BC and US mainland to Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands. The owner applied for a demolition permit, and the city of Victoria responded by proclaiming heritage designation to prevent destruction.
As to a decision of to whom it may be ruled by, a treaty named “The Oregon Treaty” was not made until 1846 where the U.S.
The HBC would have their own mining places and then they would sell what they got, mostly gold. They originally started working in Fort Langley, they would work with the fur trade, as farmers or fishing along the river;  as time passed  they started to live on their own in BC and got married aboriginals. Since the 1800’s British Columbia has been exporting wood to places all around the world, The industry has grown so rapidly, in 1900 the industry valued at 2 million 10 years later it was worth 65 million a 31% increase! The building was originally located on Dun Levy Avenue and then it got moved to Point grey road so it could be preserved, now it’s a museum. Due to the number of imports that Canada gets the agriculture is sometimes affected with the revenue they get.

Dedicated work force, from the office staff, to our hard working movers, will make your move go as smoothly as possible.
We're trained in proper procedures, have the right materials, and can do it in about a quarter of the time. Cold Storage, E & N Railway, historic places, hotel, Ice and Produce Company, Janion building, Store Street, Victoria, Woods Milling Company. As was usual in those times, no one considered the interests of the First Nations inhabitants. Fifteen years later  Mr.George Simpson, Governor of the HBC, was not happy on how Fort Vancouver was developing. They also wanted a road that the people could bring their wagons on to be built from Lake Superior to New Westminster, providing a crucial trade link Canada.
Some settled on Coal harbor (Stanley Park) and started to work on the Hastings mill because it was close to their settlement, Lanka Creek. After a couple of years of hard work Jewish people started to establish Churches for themselves, Just like they had back in Europe. Coal was very valuable back then because it was used to fuel steamships, heat up homes and make steel. After the explosion the coal mine re opened and produced 18 tons of coal, this was a very successful mine. Private airplanes and major airlines such as: West Jet, Air Canada, Pacific Northwest and Air Transat fly in and out of the Victoria International airport.
Cold Storage, Ice and Produce Company, and the facility for Lake of the Woods Milling Company. In result he shut Fort Vancouver down along with all trading post along the coast, except Fort Simpson, located at the top of the Oregon Territory.
Later the Royal Navy Settled in Victoria after their main fort was moved from Fort Vancouver  to Victoria on the island. The building also housed an assayer’s office, and, briefly, the bottling plant for Pacific Beer. Those in favor of joining the United States felt it was a better economic deal for British Columbia. Later on they had so move to spring island due to high prices, Spring island then became their settlement. He did not agree with Simpson as he felt his and all the forts along the coast were essential. Canada was far away, but nearby Washington and Oregon that was prospering, and annexation would ensure them anent links to this market. He developed a hated for Simpson and the HBC, he continued to encourage settlement south of the Columbia River.

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