The Casita makes a great storage building and many buyers have also transformed them into "tiny cabins" or "tiny houses", perfect for that lakeside retreat or backwood hunting property.
As with all Better Built Buildings, the exterior is extremely low maintenance to save you time and money.
This "tiny house" can be custom built to your specifications, allowing you to specify such things as overall building size, door and window sizes and locations, and shingle colors that blend with existing structures.
You may also be interested in our Lofted Porch, which offers similar features with a slightly different porch arangement. Order your "tiny house" Casita or any Better Built storage building at the Flying Moose Antique Mall in Wichita, KS. Water storage tank prices will depend on a number of things, namely the type and size that you intend to purchase. Plastic vertical water storage tanks, such as the one shown below, are the most popular, as they are the easiest to install. They come in several different sizes, usually ranging from 20 gallon to 15,000 gallon capacity. 100 – 300 gallon units are also popular with residential customers, primarily those who want to store large amounts of water outside.
Some people may choose to store their water below the surface for better safe keeping from things such as extreme weather conditions, wild animals, thieves and vandals. If you are passionate about saving the environment and want to conserve water, there are several types of storage solutions which you can use to harvest rainwater.

Underground rainwater retention Cisterns, such as the one shown here, will be able to hold anywhere between 700 and 2600 gallons.
Since these tanks are suppose to store water for you over a long period of time, you want to make sure that you are investing your money into a high quality model. If you intend to keep your water tank outside, or even inside near direct sunlight, make sure that the water tank you purchase is UV stabilized.
Both buildings offer an abundance of overhead storage, and covered entry ways that make great cabin layouts. Many options are available that allow you to customize your building to your specific liking. If this is something that you would be interested in doing, special underground water storage tanks are available as well. These typically cost anywhere between $500 and $4500 depending on the size and the features they have. Not only does your tank have to store water, but it has to ensure that the water remains clean and safe, readily usable at any short moment’s notice, even if left alone for several years. If exposed to the sun long enough, a water storage tank that is not UV stabilized will start to release toxic chemicals into the water. To minimize the growth of algae, the best color to buy your water storage tank in is green.
According to the United Nations, the world’s population will increase by 50% by the year 2050, and there are already one out of six people who lack access to safe drinking water.

They will usually have mold in tie downs so that you can secure them to the ground to prevent them from sliding or tilting over.
As mentioned above you can get a 300 gallon unit for about $300, or you can get a gigantic 15,000 gallon unit for around $10,0000 and up. This will ensure that your tank does not leak, as well as to prevent contamination of the water. The inside of the building is still open with exterior stud walls that can be left unfinished, or you can finish the interior any way you want. It is no suprise then to see an increasing amount of consumer interest to install water storage tanks in homes in order to be better prepared for any sort of water crisis or other natural disaster.
This concern usually pertains to polyethylene, or other plastic based units, but if you are purchasing a UV stabilized model then it should be perfectly safe.
The aggressive pricing strategy adopted by Microsoft and Google has put lot of pressure on Dropbox to lower prices and offer smaller plans. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.

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