Its hard to tell from the picture in that pdf, but does that dolly have the top resting on the window or just above the window? I just built mine per the write up and appears the window hinges will sit on top of the blocks that you build up. This home grown hard top storage solution by Shawn (RedRockJK) Ayres is an inexpensive and effective way of storing your 4 door Jeep’s hard top. Shawn used a pair of hangers he purchased from his local home depot, a 2X4, some foam, and a comforter.
Measuring 48 inches from the ceiling attach the hangers to the wall using lag bolts at least 3″ long. Mopar's Jeep Wrangler Tool Kit is the easiest and most convenient way to remove and reinstall your Jeep's hard top, doors, or soft top. We are not affiliated with FCA US LLC, Jeep or any other companies whose products or part numbers are shown here as a reference. Thanks everyone for your tips i made a dolly today and now plan to make a hoist to lift the top off my TJ. It definitely makes it easier to handle alone -- I have had my wife help me each time I've had to lower it, but it was more to help guide it and let one of the ratchets out. I'm guessing it would be possible to do it yourself, just a little slow going, since you'd need to let a few inches or so out in the front, walk to the back, let a few more inches out, etc. If quick one-man operation is a must, you may be better off with one of the commercial products.
As you can see, it also accomodates the removeable panels and will hold the soft top next winter.

Then once it is off, I have wood slats that run across inside the top with bolts that drop through the mounting holes. Yeah, I figured that I have 3 sons and they can help me twice a year getting it up and down. Great ideas for the hoists, but after viewing all of the pics you have all guilted me into going out and cleaning my garage! How on earth do you spend weekends in the woods and still have garages that are cleaner than commercial kitchens? Our premium, functional boxes andbaskets can carry all sorts ofthing-a-ma-jigs and gear-a-ma-whatchits.
To qualify for FREE shipping the parts on an individual order must meet a combined total value of $49 or more. Be sure to locate studs…measuring 80 inches from the first stud should give you the location of the next stud.
Position the top in-between the hangers and have the extra person place the wood on the hangers and lower the top in place. This storage cart is designed for storing all CJ and Wrangler hard tops in the upright position. This practical and easy to use kit allows you to store your Jeep Hardtop up near the ceiling of your garage utilizing a system of hooks and pulleys. Including a T-30, T-35, T-40, and T-50 torx bit and ratchet, each hard top removal tool kit comes with its own Jeep logo storage pouch.
Customer must select Standard Shipping in the checkout and ship to an address in the contiguous 48 United States.

This tool kit is the perfect accessory to throw in the glove box or center console of your Jeep Wrangler JK for easy access. Some parts require additional handling charges due to their large size or weight: including wheels, tires, full suspension lift kits, oversized bumpers, tire carriers, body tubs, hard tops, cargo racks, winches and hitches. Features include four heavy-duty swivel caster wheels mounted to an all steel tube frame with durable black powder coat finish. The 58" Crossbars adjust freely on the 54" long tracks to adapt racks for bikes, boats, snow boards, skis, surfboards and gear. Oversized items, items that are delivered by truck freight, prior purchases and returns do not qualify for free shipping. Kit includes one green carrying case with a white Jeep logo, ratchet, and four torx bits sockets. The new two door is a little harder to hook up in the front since there is not long lip like the four door. These Overhead Rack Systems are more functional & durable than any other rack systems on the market today. Special molded rubber cushion pads cradle both corners while the foam padded support bar tilts your top in the 90-degree position. Safely lock your hardtop rear lift gate prior to placement on the cart with our optional Lift Gate Clamps (below).

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