Storage space is always a priority, it seems that no matter how large or how small your home is you still never have enough storage, solutions are offered to suit varying budgets but sometimes we need to take a step back and consider what product actually works best. Most people have far more clothing that they ever wear, their wardrobes are so crowded that things get lost and never worn again but they don’t have the space for more wardrobes, this is probably the ideal time to buy a clothes rack.
Clothes racks are the perfect versatile way to store clothes, to transport clothes around the home and can be used to make a guests stay in your home that little bit more comfortable.
Clothes racks are available in a fairly standard style but they may have more than one rail, or they may have shelving underneath to store other non-hanging items on, but there isn’t really much difference between the different types.
Give your garage, basement or apartment more elbow room by stashing your bicycles up high in the Saris CycleGlide Ceiling Mount Bike Storage.
Winner of the Dyson Australian Design Award, the G1 glass top pool table made by Nottage Design, comes complete with folding mechanism for easy storage. Featured in the Paradise Tower Penthouse, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas and the Esquire SoHo apartment, the CueLight interactive pool table uses high definition imagery to respond in real time to every shot, taking the pool table to another level. With an LCD television, stereo sound, built in DVD player, a mirror backed bar, a shelf to keep your books AND a pool table, this is the Executive pool table. This list of awesome pool tables was compiled by Home Leisure Direct – suppliers of English, American and luxury pool tables throughout the UK. If you have the luxury of a spare room you can use it partially as a dressing room and partially as a guest room, spreading your clothes out and making everything a little more accessible.

With the unpredictability of the British weather it is sensible to have all your out of season clothes available on your clothes rack just in case the weather suddenly changes again.
Some are more robust than others with the more solid wooden ones also being more attractive than the plastic framed ones, depending on where you plan on putting your clothes rack may make a difference to how decorative you wish it to be.
It screws securely into your ceiling, creating a stable, out of the way spot to park up to four bikes. Perfect for your home or small business, this bike storage unit easily parks up to six bikes, inside or out.
This versatile bike wall mount holds a pair of bikes and fit almost anywhere including you garage, basement, living room, entryway and more. Securing to walls, studs, pillars or posts, these versatile storage racks hold a single bike vertically. Crafted for Saris Triple Tracks and Single Tracks, these bike wheel holders carry your front wheel while your bike is in a fork-mount rack.
Traditionally made from a flat surface of quarried slate, covered by cloth and surrounded by cushion; but if you prefer something a little different, here are some of the more unique pool table designs out there. You can also add flame trails or water ripples from the balls movement created by sensors and an overhead projector. Carved using a chainsaw and blowtorch in a walk in freezer, it took over 100 hours to build.

Expensive at $12,000, it should have all these other features!As if this wasn’t enough, why not add a PS2? Featuring a completely transparent playing surface, the patented Vitrik allows the balls to roll just as on cloth. At $200,000 dollars it is by far the most expensive pool table out there and $80,000 of that will just get you the system, no pool table included!
At least when you get knocked out in the first round of killer, you won’t be short of things to do! While playing though, you might want to wear some thick gloves as you might get frostbite, and it better be a quick game! Despite being under the table, the legs are also a thing of beauty and are patterned with gold leaf or platinum.

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