We understand the hassle and stress attached to a big move and the panic of realizing that you simply have too many belongings with no where to put them. Whether you’re interested in storing a few items or you need a large space to put several of your valuables, we have the space for you. Our six-floor, green friendly storage facility is always expanding and upgrading, and is the ideal place to store anything that you want protected and secure. When designing our storage we made to sure think of our customers and how to make their moving process easier and less hectic. We also offer affordable, high quality packing supplies that will make your move easier and more organized, along with very affordable insurance. Regardless of your circumstance, we can accommodate all of your storage needs, big or small.

We have closets and warehouses available for rent that range from 25 to 300 square feet that will store all of your belongings for weeks, months, or years. Our current space compared to our original set up in 1886 is a dream come true and something that our owners could have only dreamed and hoped for. We also want our customers to feel safe and to trust our business with protecting their valuables.
Our rates and sizes, special offers, and our Rental Agreement can all be found on our website, but we encourage phone calls and on site visits. Since 1886, we’ve been providing the Boston area with reliable self-storage, storage units, residential storage, and business storage. However, regardless of our expansion and growth, we will always keep the integrity of our business and never compromise on our customer service and customer relationships.

We have a high capacity elevator that makes moving your belongings in and out much more efficient, several brand new, pristine, and modern storage units, up to date fire protection systems, and an emergency lighting system. We have a very friendly staff that is happy to help our customers, educate them on the facility, and answer any questions or concerns they may have.

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