Flipping through new listings in East Van, I noticed this modern condo that has been recently updated, and though it could be a flip.
The maintenance status of the building is very important when deciding on a unit to do a condo flip.
The front hall area has the aforementioned coat closet, as well as a focal wood panelled wall as well as extra storage space.
The bathroom received a great update, with new everything: modern vanity with a butcher block top, new tiling, new toilet and new fixtures.
All in all, this looks like a good reno that made smart decisions without going overboard on extras to drive up the price.
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Caroline says in a statement issued Wednesday by the Monaco Palace that he will marry Tatiana Santo Domingo. The statement does not provide any details about the wedding, including the bride's nationality or the planned date.
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Prince Andrea Casiraghi arrives with girlfriend Tatiana Santo Domingo for the religious wedding of Prince Albert II of Monaco and Princess Charlene of Monaco at the Prince's Palace on July 2, 2011 in Monaco. Follow our latest Twitter activity on topics ranging from great deals to what's happening around the Valley. You can share your full access digital subscription with a friend by simply entering in their email address. A long shelf extends from the kitchen into the dining area as both a design detail and space for books and things.
Not much was done to the living room, aside from a new coat of paint (including a focal wall) and lots of added pot lights to ensure this North facing unit is always bright. The pot lights in the kitchen and living room also continued through the hallway to the bedroom. I assume the strata does not allow in suite laundry, which is always a great addition to a space (thanks to the added value). The Registrant may be permitted to access the VOW only after the Participant has verified that the email address provided is valid the Registrant's agreement to the VOW's Terms of Use is confirmed.

His nickname is Spike and he used the nickname Spike Wells to set up a Facebook account, but deleted it after the media found out about it. He met Nelson Mandela and the Spice Girls on the same trip to South Africa with his father in Nov. On his 30th birthday, he and his brother, Prince William, will receive their mothera€™s wedding gown. He has acted a€“ he played the role of Conrade in an Eton College performance of Much Ado About Nothing. He is currently fourth in line to the throne behind his father, his brother and his nephew, Prince George, but that will change as soon as the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to her second child next spring. He has a bit of a green thumb a€“ he helped create the Forget-Me-Not Garden for the annual Chelsea Flower Show in 2013 to bring attention to his African charity, Sentebale. He is reportedly a Star Trek fan and there were reports in 2011 he wanted to be the first royal in space. He was named a Counsellor of State when he was 21, meaning he can carry out official duties for the Queen.
He started a charity with his brother, which is now called the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. He planned an after party following his brothera€™s wedding that had people dancing well into the night. He played a tambourine in a Diamond Jubilee song called Sing, a collaboration between Take Thata€™s Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Albert, the son of late American film star Grace Kelly, ended decades of bachelorhood last year when he married South African Olympic swimming champion Charlene Wittstock. This 1 bedroom unit in 2234 Prince Albert St was purchased as an ugly unit in May 2014 for $230,000 and is currently for sale as a clean, modern home with unique design details, for $315,000.
Ensuring a building has many of it’s major updates completed in the last few years, a rainscreen system (if applicable) and a big contingency fund to pay for upcoming expenses will ensure that the unit will not only be desirable for prospective Buyers, but will give you some peace of mind that no large building expenses will come up while you own it. In what was a very smart decision, the Sellers decided to leave the wall separating the kitchen from the front door, which now contains a coat closet and more counter space and storage (these are the small things Buyers look for). The mountain view is a great part of this suite, and thanks to the clean, bright design of the unit, they become a focal point.
Ensuring the bathroom has smart storage space, counter space, lightings and a good shower or tub is important in any bathroom reno. It definitely shows the value of installing extra lighting, and modern finishings, without the need to break the bank on reno costs.

He formerly flew Apache helicopters as a pilot in the Army Air Corps and served in Afghanistan. After he admitted to drinking and smoking pot, Prince Charles sent his youngest son to Phoenix House UK to send the then 16-year-old Harry a message. As well, Prince Harry will get his inheritance - more than $17 million - from his late mother. He wrote a note to her with the word Mummy on the envelope, which was placed on her casket.
He can attend Privy Council meetings and sign routine documents, but he cannot, for example, dissolve Parliament unless the Queen instructs him to do so. The royal has admitted it can be hard for him to date or find a woman interested in pursuing a long-term relationship.
The appliances were updated, and the upper cabinets were removed on one wall to give the kitchen an open feel. The more deals you, as the renovator, can get on materials and work, the higher your profit will be. It was a powerful part of the scene when Harry and his brother William walked behind her casket as it worked its way through the streets of London to her funeral.
It’s always smart to keep in mind both your bottom line and the potential re-sale value of a renovated unit in an older building.
The charity focuses on causes involving helping young people, raising awareness and support for the Armed Forces and conservation groups.
It's perhaps not really a surprise the party-loving prince could plan a rather outlandish bash. And in 2012, photographs of the prince playing pool naked with a blond woman while on a private vacation to Las Vegas surfaced.
Pot lights were added to give the kitchen some light, along with new light fixtures above the bar. He spent eight weeks in the South African country and filmed the hour-long film on a held-held camera.

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