Topeka police were investigating Thursday the theft of an undetermined amount of property stolen from almost two dozen storage units in southwest Topeka.
Although police don’t have an exact value of what was stolen, the amount is excessive, said police public information officer Kristen Veverka.
Police are pursuing leads, she said, but she couldn’t provide any more information because it is an ongoing investigation. Meanwhile, the storage company has attempted to reach people renting the burglarized units.
The break-in was the second time Lindeen’s unit has been burglarized in the five years he has been renting space there, he said. By his count, $2,533.21 worth of wood-working and hand tools are missing from his unit — including an old circular saw his dad passed down to him before he died. He was storing his wood-working tools in the unit while he and his wife waited to close on a house.
The staff at Topeka Public Storage deferred comments to the corporate office in Glendale, Calif.
Steven Glick, senior vice president of Public Storage, said in an email that the self-storage company takes security at all of its 2,100 locations seriously by offering several security measures, including gated facilities.
You may be correct in regards to one or two units, but I guarantee that it is not happening all over town that 23 units in the same night at the same facility are getting broken it to. No one should be surprised, especially since "the storage facility wasn’t well secured and that it didn’t have video cameras". I too had a storage unit completely cleaned out, it was also public storage but the facility on 8th ., and according to employees and the dectective investigating the case there were about 30 other units broken into and contents stolen at that sight, and now on 41st. You know the ones that find those very expensive heirlooms worth 10's of thousands of dollars.Hey thieves--news flash--it's a TV show, and it's a fake set up deal. You're only a few clicks away fromlocating Kansas Commercial and Kansas Businesses for sale. This 45,849 SF multi-tenant property features a combination of offices, lab and industrial suites. Jeff Ports of United Country Real Estate Professionals is offering this property located at 4101 Ross Lane in Chanute, Kansas. Jeff Ports of United Country Real Estate Professionals in Chanute, Kansas is offering this property located at 1110 W. This 4500 SF building at the corner of River Ridge Rd and Iowa St sets on a 34,000 SF lot with access to both streets.

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Find new and used forklift equipment for sale, lift truck parts, service, warehouse products and rental forklifts at Berry Material Handling. However, not all of the victims had been contacted as of Thursday, and storage company employees weren’t informing other people who rent at the facility about the burglaries. The first time, which happened about two years ago, people picked through his stuff “at their leisure”— taking musical instruments and audio equipment, he said.
He questioned how well the units were protected if the burglars had time to go through 23 units without getting caught. It took her a while to figure out what was missing, she said, because whoever stole her property had replaced the lids on her boxes and restacked them.
Although the burglary upset her, she said, she was glad no one took her more prized possessions — her book collection and photographs.

Topeka Public Storage folks have some questions to answer and everyone should pull out of all the units there. No one in their right mind in these economical hard times would leave a priceless item in a public storage--anymore !!! Includes 4 heated green houses, 1 cold frame green house, storage shed, irrigated planting plot, floral shop with walk-in refrigerator and office space. Our inventory includes a great selection of side shift, narrow aisle, cushion tire, reach, electric, pneumatic lift trucks and forklifts from Drexel, Bendi, Genie, Terex, Utilev and Yale.
Storage unit prices and availability in Topeka are determined by many different factors, including real estate, population growth, the wealth of the local population, the current economic climate, and more.
Attractive brick building sits on a corner lot at Main Street and US Highway 160 with 10,895 sq ft lot. Using US Census data, we've pieced together a better picture of those factors as they relate to self storage in Topeka.Self Storage and Moving in Topeka, KSMany people use storage as part of their move, so if there are many people moving to Topeka, you might expect storage prices to be higher and unit availability to be lower. The uh, 'perps' came in and hid in an empty unit during the day, then the accomplice would come and let them out at nite to do their shopping. By looking at population changes in Topeka, we should be able to get an idea of how many people are moving to or from the city. They'd clip the locks, go in and shut the door behind them and have all night to rummage through your stuff and then move it to their empty one to look legitimate taking out during the day. The dude running the place told me it happened the same time at other facilities in Oklahoma and Missouri.
If housing occupancy rates in Topeka are high, it's probably safe to assume that storage facility occupancy rates in Topeka are also high, which would push unit prices up.
Interesting that they offer content insurance which is ridiculously expensive but 'boast' security lighting, barbed wire, etc. The average occupancy rate in US cities is 89%, so it's likely the case that storage facilities in Topeka also have higher than average occupancy rates.
Anyway once was enough for me--I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone but my worst enemy.
High occupancy rates in Topeka will make it more difficult to find a good deal on a storage unit.

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