Laundry time can sometimes be tedious if you have to first make it uncluttered and then continue with the main laundry chore.
We butted them together in the corner, put a vinyl upholstered foam cushion on top (easy slippage for butts) and stapled upholstered foam to the wall for the back. Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running.
Chasen: The shelves are vertical in this position and seem to act as supports, they are positioned slightly more than 1 foot apart. The mattresses and bed is finished with a solid wood frame, so they can not slip off accidentally.
For the top of the bed i reused bedframe parts from an ikea bed we had before, and mounted it on a bedframe made of plywood. We found over time that the step up was a bit to high, and having small kids in need of night attention did not work wonders for getting in and out of the bed at night.
Overall i can wouch for this bed, it has a nice amount of storage in the drawers, and for rarely used stuff the center is also nice storage. I really really love this hack, but as others, I’d probably put a support in the middle as well. There are a good number of pieces there, so you might be okay, but I’d be a little worried since those units were not designed to carry that kind of load. At our old house, we had a tiny entryway where we all fumbled over one another trying to remove our shoes and coats before we got mud and dirt everywhere. So when we bought a home, I knew for a fact that I wanted a big entryway and a mudroom setup where our family of 5 could stow away all their c-r-a-p in a decent-looking manner – and we found something that fit the bill. After looking at plenty of DIY mudrooms and IKEA mudroom hacks online, I put together a little plan for what I wanted. We bought 2 Ikea STUVA storage benches in white from Ikea, which I knew would be plenty of space for all 5 of us to store our shoes.
To create the board and batten, we purchased 1x3s for all the vertical boards and a 1?4 for the horizontal board that the coat hooks (IKEA SVARTSJON hooks, $2.99 a piece) are screwed into. The shelf on top is made from a 1?6; I planned to use more 1?4, but realized I needed extra width for the corbels I was purchasing to support the shelf. Put together Stuva benches and paint (spray with primer then use a foam roller made for cabinets to paint two smooth coats). Paint board and batten and shelf same white color as trim in house (as you can see, our board and batten blends into the existing staircase above). Description: The objective for this project was to create a wall full of storage, a TV unit and a well-lit sewing workspace for one person. There is more than adequate lighting considering that it is a basement (walkout), and overall we are very pleased with the results. 5) Used a cable grommet and drill bit similar to the ones in the IKEA SIGNUM Cable Outlet Kit. Anonymous- I didn’t actually fasten them together as there is a small door behind them for the plumbing components that need to be accessed twice annually.
Other Anonymous- We considered the other IKEA adjustable legs, but we didn’t like the stainless steel finish for this application.
This looks really great and I think I’m going to change my work space to this instead of what I planned before.
We wanted to create a window seat for our four year old girl, so we purchased 2 BESTA bookcases for either side of the window. It is wonderful to day- dream about huge  modern mansions with humongous bathroom designs, gorgeous extraordinary planned storage and everything designed perfectly.
Wicker Baskets can be purchased in most home improvement stores or decor places for a fairly affordable price.

Wicker Baskets work especially well in rooms carrying wooden accents and neutral colors more then anything else.
Simplicity can be enhanced through small pegs and neat looking shelfs or small ledges where aesthetic values and vertical space allows you.
If you really enjoy materializing DIY projects and you really want to make you bathroom top notch, clutter free, you should consider a custom storage for your bathroom.
This is a special method that will enhance your aesthetic values beautifully, tailoring an unique solution to aid you in your relaxation hub. Bathroom storage is indeed difficult, especially in small bathrooms and weird spatialities yet by thinking outside the box and documenting your project can easily overcome any situation and enlarge your bathroom interior design with ease. I have zero experience in building or reconstructing something like this-do you think I would have any issues trying to build the same thing? I know I can buy the legs off Etsy and I’m assuming I could go to home depot for the top and have it shaved down to the right size (or do you have a better suggestion?).
When you attached the hardwood top, did you use the metal “screw” devices from the original top, or did you attach it some other way?
I measured roughly the hight of the legs at the wall, and compared it to the height of the BESTA. This is gorgeous, a really great hack that is both modern and a throwback to mid-century modern! In order to make your laundry room organized and easy to use we have found some hacks for you. Turning them sideways made the height better, we could always add baskets or bins in the holes. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items". If therefore has a central bridge made to handle the weight so that issue never entered my mind. So what i ended up doing was cutting the bed down to size with the 2 drawer MALK which really made us alot happier about getting in and out of the bed at odd hours.
There was very little space to hang coats or backpacks or purses, and even less to store shoes. I loved the idea of using a TV console or storage bench from IKEA as the main portion for storing shoes and then building some board & batten behind it (which I am completely obsessed with).
I work part-time as a graphic designer, but I'm also passionate about writing, DIYing, fashion, cooking and living on a budget.
We had the perfect opportunity because we were finishing our basement, and so we were able to work with lighting options not normally available. I had to take out the drill bit, remove the excess wood, and drill again 3 times because of the thickness of the EXPEDIT and VIKA AMON together. If we were to have fastened them, I would have just used the IKEA brackets to attach both to the wall. In order to create the window seat, we added 2 lower cabinets, but they weren’t quite long enough, so we had to create faux panels using the extra shelving. In reality though, things are far different for most of us, we end up with very small, often weirdly shaped and oddly proportioned bathrooms in which nothing seems to fit, in which no storage has been envisioned in the design process. These will last forever and add coziness and warmth in your interior design whilst providing storage options throughout the home. If this is not the case or if you simply want this storage option to become an accent in your interior design you can purchase colored wicker baskets to match or contrast your interior design.
In the bathroom hanging shelves or hanging cabinets are a spectacular method to create storage space. Repurpose old  things if they help you enhance the storage and especially let them become a DIY project that you will be proud off.

This has been highly in the decades before 2000 because it managed to transform a pedestal or suspended sink to a storage option able to shelter items from the general eye. The easiest one is  to buy one that fits your interior design and of course the hardest and most rewarding one is creating your own DIY project to aid you.
Here you can include all of the above but in a unique design line that will enhance all the pieces and become a design motif.
Custom designs are exuding personality and determination, this making your bathroom even better . Any other issues you think I might run into (Screw holes, moving the center divider, etc…?) or do you think I could do it pretty easily on my own? We also had a unique challenge with a large box in the middle of the wall where plumbing is hidden. The height of the desk was a bit awkward at 33” (in between a bar height and table height), so we used special stools.
This means that we have to use some bathroom storage hacks and ideas, we have to fuel our imagination and boost our creativity in order to have that extraordinary clutter free bathroom in which we can achieve supreme relaxation, calm and serendipity.
Simple sizes would look even better, cozy and warm, nicely organized to create a small ensemble in which you can deposit things directly related to their size, you can throw toiletries, small towels, toilet paper or any other accessories that you need. You can shelter toilet paper, soap, and whatever else you need, whether you choose to go with a shelf which lets items visible or with a suspended cabinets which offers them privacy, there are many methods to materialize that wall space. Think this through as the holes in the bathroom wall are not that graphic if you change your mind afterwards.
For example a small bedside table can beautifully used to hold toiletries, paint it by hand in a color or model that you like better, add a shelf in the low segment if you can, make it your, make it useful. It`s simple to realize, it can match your interior design or enhance through textures and it just works whatever you choose to throw underneath.
Whatever you choose, you will soon find out that this one of the most efficient methods out there, providing ample storage for most of your items as well as one of the most versatile method in terms of personalization if you make it on your own.
Instead of using the top I replaced it with some Ipe (a brazilian hardwood) that I made at a local woodshop. The height is actually great with the stools because it can be used while standing for short periods of time also.
What did you use to fasten your 2X2 to your 2X4 did you just screw right into them or did you use brackets?
Further on we will discuss and showcase a few ideas worth considering in your small bathroom design.
You can go with a small hanging shelf that has consecutive levels, carrying multiple items, you can create shelves by purchasing small wooden crates for a local craft shop, these can be personalized  in your interior to match your interior perfectly.
Think outside the box and get creative, you can declutter your bathroom by adding a few item carriers . It is interesting because you can change the skirt every week, month or season to match your current interior theme.
You can use hanging organizes such as hanging baskets of the door or spice racks, you can position them wherever it suits you as long as they get the job done and declutter the interior design. The problem is that my receiver is 46cm deep and will be sticking out if I get the current model.

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