Ogawa Fisher ArchitectsHi, the owners bought the table online, so I don't have any information on it. Ogawa Fisher ArchitectsYes, the storage bench was custom-built to fit the house and the owner's needs. Ogawa Fisher ArchitectsThe pendant fixture is something the owners found at a vintage store. Ogawa Fisher ArchitectsHi, this was a custom design that we had built with a local cabinetmaker, but it's not rocket science to design or build; we just recommend that you work with a professional, so that it is built to suit you and your needs. Beside the inconvenience of papers on out table we are eating at, it also all get mixed up with other papers and their art work and get lost. Ogawa Fisher ArchitectsHi Amanda, the pendant fixture was an antique piece the owners found at a local store.
Ogawa Fisher ArchitectsThese chairs were acquired by the owner, but I believe they are the Gilbert Chairs from IKEA. Rochelle ClarkeI'm having a custom cabinet made for my jewelry and would like to buy necklack hooks and inserts for the drawers.
Wendy Scott ACSP Sophisticated Storage SolutionsWhat are the interior measurements of your drawer boxes?
Wendy Scott ACSP Sophisticated Storage SolutionsThis particular design does not have a lock.
Wendy Scott ACSP Sophisticated Storage SolutionsThis custom jewelry vault was designed and made for the client's space by our company.
Robeson DesignI would suggest you screenshot this photo and email Black Whale Lighting in Encinitas Ca. Robeson DesignThe ladder is built into the shelves the run straight up from the edge of the lower bed. I Rebecca Robeson, this is Brandon talisse for the makeover Mondays will you be coming to renovate are rooms or just give us the design and we do it.
When a client wants me to decorate their bathroom, one of the first things that usually jumps out at me is the clutter. Before you start to decorate your bathroom, get a large trash bag and go through every item in your bathroom.
What a lovely way to display towels in a guest bathroom.  Simply purchase an ornate ceramic floral container and fill it with lush towels.
Too many towels in too many colors does not help your bathroom look very organized and decorated. If you have a cabinet above your toilet, add a few decorative bathroom accessories to make it look appealing.

When remodeling a bathroom (if there is room in your budget), bathroom vanity cabinets that look like furniture pieces are simply gorgeous! If an expensive bathroom vanity cabinet isn’t in your budget and your bathroom cabinet is in good condition, consider painting it! Have a custom shower curtain made, or sew your own extra long shower curtain, so that you can hang it all the way to the top of the ceiling. Here is a bathroom decor idea I did for a client.  I purchased a small tray, three candle holders, candles, and crushed seashells.
It is hard finding things to fit on top of the toilet, but this one was perfect.  I found all my supplies at Target. Small bathroom decorating has to be planned carefully, but with a little help, you will have a calm and serene room. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
I'm trying to design a master closet and I LOVE this look without all the face frame dividers.
Por ello hemos reunido 6 ideas muy creativas para poner una estanterA­a aprovechando siempre el espacio disponible. En muchas ocasiones, por no decir en la mayorA­a, cuando decidimos que necesitamos una estanterA­a, lo primero que hacemos es ir a la tienda de muebles y comprar una, sin antes meditar acerca de las posibilidades que nuestro espacio nos brinda.
En ocasiones por la falta de espacio nos es imposible poner ni un solo mueble mA?s, pero sabiendo que dicho mueble nos va a resolver parte del problema de que no tengamos espacio, hay que buscar una soluciA?n.
Para un estilo moderno, ligero y artA­stico, podemos recurrir a estantes de vidrio flotantes.
Lorena GalindoLove the design, I have a smaller laundry room, can you tell me the dimensions? It is way too easy for them to pile their lunch boxes, agendas and all sorts of papers and art work on the kitchen table. Bench serving as a storage space is just perfect for family with kids and it leaves table free of cluster to do home work or any other required table space activity.
The inserts we have are specific sizes, but can be ordered in a custom size in quantities of 4.
Please feel free to contact me directly if you have additional questions on the pieces used in construction, or have an interest in purchasing. There are so many products out on the counter tops, as well as mix-matched towels, and hardly any wall decor.
There are many bathroom tile design ideas, but I stuck with something I knew I could complete myself.

Seems like a really small bathroom decorating idea, but it is the details that make all the difference. Y no hace falta buscar mucho para encontrar una estanterA­a que se ajuste a nuestras necesidades, ni si quiera, a veces, tenemos que comprarla. Solo con poner las dos escaleras y en cada peldaA±o apoyar un tablA?n, ya podremos utilizarla como tal, guardando libros, objetos decorativos, o lo que nos plazca. Todo es cuestiA?n de estudiar y meditar acerca de lo que realmente quieres y necesitas y ponerte manos a la obra. I painted it black, added bun feet on the bottom to make it look like a piece of furniture. You just cut the tile to the size you need, add the tile adhesive onto the back, and then finish with white grout.
Another thing that adds beauty to your shower curtain is choosing an attractive curtain rod and curtain rings.
Simply find some towels that match your bathroom decor, roll them up and lay them in the wire basket.  Easy and cheap decorating!
A simple but elegant shower curtain, pretty towels, and an oval mirror above the toilet, were just a few small changes that made a big difference. Si sabemos buscar y sacamos nuestro ingenio podemos encontrar objetos que nos sirvan para fabricar una original estanterA­a sin recurrir a la tienda de muebles a comprar una estA?ndar.
Son piezas mucho mA?s econA?micas y si sabemos combinarlas bien, podemos crear espacios con una gran personalidad. Hace el mismo uso y no ocupa un espacio A?til, por lo que es una opciA?n altamente recomendable para estancias pequeA±as como cocinas donde se necesitan muchos espacios de almacenamiento. Before you can really begin implementing bathroom decorating ideas, you must get rid of clutter. When choosing greenery for the project, choose greenery that is a heavy plastic, like the one shown.
Do you really need three types of shampoos, two blow dryers, and more lotions than you will ever use? The reason you will want to do this is so that you can easily rinse it with water when it gets dusty!

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