The show will six new bidders battling it out for abandoned lockers in the Big Apple, with two individual bidders, two duos, and a recurring auctioneer. First up is Joe Pauletich, who is known to his friends (and soon television viewers) as Joe P. A self proclaimed “legend” on the NY auction scene for more than 20 years, lanky Queens native Joe P is the shrewd but unassuming Philosopher King and Zen Master of storage facilities. He has a “sixth sense” about storage and looks for high-end rooms that speak to him, but he’s so stealthy you may not even see him coming – even as he outbids you. Mike Braiotta is the show’s brash Bronx bruiser family man who operates Operation Lockdown Apparel.
Next we have the very necessary sexy ingredient (Thank you Brandi Passsante!) in the form of bidding vixens Candy Olsen and Courtney Wagner. Relatively new to the auction game, leggy Candy and brassy Courtney are longtime pals (and Brooklyn hipsters) who together specialize in vintage clothing, which they sell from their C&C Pop-Up Shop.
Chris Morelli and Tad Eaton are co-owners of The Frayed Knot vintage store in Hoboken, New Jersey, which sadly was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The co-owners of Hoboken, NJ’s vintage shop The Frayed Knot, Chris and Tad are the dynamic duo of furniture redesign, antique treasures, and bickering. Of the two, Chris is possessed of an unstoppable energy but with no filter between his brain and his mouth, while Tad is the pragmatist who quietly assumes control with a roll of the eyes and well-timed sarcastic remark. With their design skills, pluck and good taste, Chris and Tad can turn an unpolished auction gem into a sparkling family jewel – if they don’t drive each other (or the other buyers) nuts first. Taking the place of nimble-tongued Dan Dotson will be auctioneer John Luke, a serious New Yorker with decades in the business. The New Yorker’s New Yorker, John Luke was born in North Harlem and has been fast-talking his way through auctions for over twenty years.

With his friendly smile, teasing manner and no-nonsense approach to the sell, John Luke is our personal tour guide through every nook, cranny and room (they don’t call ‘em “lockers” around here) throughout the Big Apple and the ’burbs.
Brooklyn dames Candy Olsen and Courtney Wagner are relatively new to the storage auction game. As the only female cast members, Candy and Courtney look to make every advantage count and aren’t afraid to use a little lip gloss or a hint of style to get a leg up (not that it ever seems to work with this crowd).
Mike Braiotta is a keen buyer with a confident swagger who specializes in teasing the competition on his way to a big score.
More often than not though, Morelli and Eaton harness their opposing temperaments, and their skill at restoring furniture, to make some serious profits.
Auctioneer John Luke has been speed-talking his way through auctions for more than 15 years. New York City itself with its wildly different neighborhoods and eclectic personalities influences and impacts each auction and every purchase the buyers make. We will be profiling each of the bidders with their own posts prior to the premiere, but until then we have put together some brief bios with photos below. Joe is the owner of SoHo Treasures and has been bidding on storage lockers for more than two decades. Mike looks like a just-as-grumpy but only more dangerous version of Jarrod Schulz, complete with his own edgy clothing brand! He’s a “storage room day trader” with a confident swagger who’s looking for dependable items he can turn around and flip for fast cash.
Between a sexy, sophisticated wardrobe and their flaming-banana yellow van, C&C cut an unusually pretty picture on the gritty NY auction scene.
Chris Morelli has a background in textile design, owning a restaurant, and studying to be a litigations consultant at Columbia, but all of that came to a screeching halt when he was hit by a bread truck!

While Mike might like to bust people's chops, this dedicated family man is all business and he’s deadly serious about unseating Joe P from the auction throne.
Whenever there are heavy goods to lift, Mike’s quick to rope his cousin Brandon into action to provide some extra brawn, if not necessarily any help in the brains department. Considering the way these two conflicting personalities bicker, their store name could just as well describe their friendship, which always seems on the verge of unraveling. Even if they go home empty handed, at least they have their loveable one-eyed pooch Dottie B to keep them smiling. In the ‘City That Never Sleeps,’ every day is the 1st of the month, and with over 8 million stories to be told, just imagine all that stuff that our local bidders are just waiting to dig through. But with less cash to spend than their well-seasoned counterparts, C&C aren’t afraid to play hard, compete with the big boys, and even use their feminine wiles to get ahead. After that he and partner Tad began rehabbing old furniture and selling it on Craigslist, which quickly became a lucrative endeavor. I assume we will see more about their post-Sandy story in the first season of Storage Wars New York.
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