Bespoke storage, which can conceal living room clutter and display favourite items, creates a streamlined and modern look. Where interior design is concerned, it is an unfortunate fact that children respond positively to bright and primary colors whereas; adults have a preference for a more sophisticated palette.
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I determined what top clearance I could maximize that would allow my daughter to sit up in bed comfortably, but it will be tight as she grows.
Then I tweaked the desk area height as well to maximize without too much of a struggle to get into the area.. Maytag has reinvented the laundry room, with an ultra-modern modular design that integrates every function into a complete and flexible system. Maytag uses more steel and less plastic than other brands, including stainless steel for both the inner and outer drums.
This unique sturdy standing construction makes Maytag washing machines more durable and stable than other washers, which are suspended inside the outer casing.
This unique construction allows the machine to manage the highest of spin speeds whilst also prolonging the durability of the machine.

Intelligent sensors within the dryer adapt the drying programme to optimise the energy and time usage. In many homes, the laundry area is short on the folding and working surfaces and the storage space you'd ideally like to have. Playrooms have, in the past, been associated with garishness and mess but a commitment to clever storage and a carefully chosen theme can turn a playroom into a realm of fantasy for children and a magical family escape for adults. Pirates and the high seas prove a popular choice with young boys and girls alike but trends, by nature, are fleeting and even more so when dictated by the whims of children. We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends. Innovative home appliances: Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer, Drying Cabinet, storage, sorting unit and ironing board all together in one place. A drying cabinet which, among a host of other functions, offers up to an incredible 16 metres of clothesline space, warm towels and vented auto programmes - for gentle fresh air style drying whatever the weather. With Four Shock Suspension, the outer drum rests on four supporting power dampers firmly attached to a steel bottom plate. By using 2000rpm in your washer, you decrease the running time and energy consumption in your tumble dryer by approximately 50%, compared to 800rpm. And it puts less strain on the belt and drive system - protecting the motor and ensuring a longer lifetime for your dryer.

The temperature sensor ensures even drying results, with no concerns about shrinkage of delicate fabrics. Maytag's Smart Helpers are designed to solve this problem, and to make your life much easier. The LED Display and Synchronised Aesthetic with other Maytag Laundry Room Concept appliances only come to enhance the stylish and modern aspect of the space. The construction stands inside the machine and spinning – even at 2000rpm - is virtually free of vibrations.
They offer clever features which provide everything you need to help you - without taking up valuable floor space. And they harmonise perfectly with the overall look and functions of the Laundry Room Concept.
That's why at Maytag Laundry, Dishwashing and Refrigeration products enjoy a full 2 year parts and labour warranty.

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