With Pure Storage, the Giants anticipate simplicity, consistent performance with all-flash and efficiency derived from deduplication and datacenter density.
While baseball operations worked tirelessly this off-season to field the most competitive squad possible, the franchise's IT team focused on enhancing the performance of its storage infrastructure. As advanced statistics and analytics become increasingly more important in professional sports, the ability to access and discern tangible value from massive amounts of organizational data has become paramount. Increased storage density with Pure will allow the Giants to consolidate a rack of disk to just three rack units. Pure Storage is dedicated to helping customers expand the realm of possibility and delivers a multitude of transformative benefits to the Giants organization, including reduced data processing times for key SQL workloads and reduced time to clone SQL workloads for business intelligence use cases.
Blogger Jordan Ferney lives in a 500-square-foot apartment in San Francisco with her husband and two sons. On maximizing closet space: The Elfa closet system from the Container Store is mandatory for us.
Can I know from where I can get the book shelves that are on the floor in the kids’ bedroom, please? Oh my stars, this post is the best thing to happen to me since we found out we were pregnant a couple of weeks ago–I feel so much more confident now about being about to fit the three of us comfortably and happily in our 600-square-foot, rent-controlled, SF apartment. I have the perfect spot for a magnetic wall, i was wondering, did you just use sheet metal? It is very charming and cute but with such a small space, I would get crazy with the clutter. The conferenceWe, as conference organizers, know very well how hard it is to deliver high-quality presentations and workshops when you have more than a few speakers. Patty Toland of Filament Group thoroughly analysed why performance matters and presented first-hand advice on how to reduce the size of the site and make the load progressive so that the user gets something usable in less time.Design systemsLooks like the Atomic Design is not enough any more. Speaking of immigrants, three Croatians set up a tent offering coffee and snacks back in 1849 and today the establishment is called Tadich Grill. You are viewing a limited version of the website due to your browser, an unsupported version of Internet Explorer. In a storage-savvy San Francisco residence, drawers for shoes tuck away under the raised mezzanine floor.
With ample space for shoes, the deep entrance closet of a New York City home helps the residents maintain a minimalist interior.
A built-in cabinet by JKK Woodcraft keeps shoes in check at the door of this Brooklyn family dwelling. The Walnut Coat Rack by 2131 includes a base on which to rest shoes and boots, and a connecting bar that can be used to hold hangers or drape scarves and jackets.
Each week, we tap into Dwell's Instagram community to bring you the most captivating design and architecture shots of the week. It's all part of Dwell on Design + designjunction's three-day event, featuring a program of talks chock-full of leading figures in design, architecture, urbanism, and beyond—coming up May 13-15 at ArtBeam in New York. The Jewish Museum in New York City takes it outside with a celebration of the Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. A 1960s home infested with powderpost beetles had to be sacrificed before this this Zen-inspired house could happen.
At the base of Echo Mountain in Phoenix, a geometric home by Wendell Burnette opens up to the surrounding desert landscape.
A creative couple transforms an old Toronto storefront in Dundas West into a home and studio.
Thanks to a contemporary interior that she’s been updating for a decade, modern architect Abigail Turin has learned to love her traditional 1925 San Francisco home.
Johannesburg-based design studio Counterspace was founded in 2014 by young architecture graduates Sumayya Vally, Sarah de Villiers, and Amina Kaskar. With Alvar Aalto in mind, a renowned Swedish architect crafts a serene home on a long-held family plot. A half-century later, furniture designers are catching up to painter Yves Klein’s visionary Table Bleue. A hillside Virginia home located on a notch between two ridges is fun for the whole family. But because it burdens only the “manner in which persons may exercise their Second Amendment rights,” the regulation more closely resembles a content-neutral speech restriction that regulates only the time, place, or manner of speech. Jackson contends that section 4512 is over-inclusive because it applies even when the risk of unauthorized access by children or others is low, such as when a handgun owner lives alone.
They also upheld the ban on the sale of hollow points within city limits, although San Franciscans are free to own them and use them as long as they come by them elsewhere. FML, I can see it now: “Excuse me, could you please stop stabbing me momentarily so I may remove the trigger lock from my handgun after I open my safe? I assume this gives SFPD the right to inspect gun owner’s storage, since thats the only way to enforce it.
This is similar to the situation a few years back when some State(s) tried to pass laws requiring drug dealers to have a license. Unfortunately it also provides the DA an angle to persecute home defenders by asserting that the owner accessed their weapon too quickly, therefore implying that the weapon could not have been secured according to statute.
The NSA scanning your email and phone calls does infringe on your 4th Amendment rights, but due to advances in technology, it doesn’t inconvenience citizens and is therefore ok. The Police chief, reported on in this blog some time ago, thinks that the issuance of CCWs should be based on objective criteria evaluated subjectively.

Yes, although if the victim manages to keep his nerve after the experience of shooting someone in self-defense, he will remember not to respond to such a question. I’d be lucky if I were even that coherent, but I hope I would remember not to answer probing questions from the police. Good advice to STFU, but nothing will keep the cop from arresting someone in this scenario short of an open safe or lockbox or trigger lock.
But not in the scenario where a roommate foolishly lets a cop in the house and the cop discovers an unlocked gun in your room while you were out going to a gun free zone.
Just leave it unlocked next to your gun, if questioned, just say you had it locked up on your night stand, prior to the home invasion. If you use a long gun for HD, buy a cable lock long enough to loop from the empty chamber through the ejection port, loading port, mag well, or whatever is applicable.
Well let the first person who gets shot from a home invasion sue the city, County and State for violating their rights and SCOTUS ruling that we are responsible for protecting ourselves. Just because the State has no duty to protect you, doesn’t mean that you should have the ability to protect yourself.
To think that at one time I was gonna take a trip down Pacific Coast Highway in my dream modded out Stang. Yeah … Apart from the above, all the RVs moving at about 15 miles per hour in the curvey sections between Monterey and Cambria can make it a miserable experience for anyone who likes twisty roads and beautiful scenery. There’s also not a lot of opportunity to cut inland for most of that stretch, either.
We must ensure that there is minimal tissue damage caused to the person that has just been shot, bystanders be damned.
San Francisco, the city that enabled tens of thousands of men to effectively murder each other with AIDS.
This coming season, the Giants will depend on Pure Storage to access critical data more quickly, thereby enabling better personnel decisions on the diamond, and better business decisions behind the scenes. Additionally, the data efficiency derived from Pure's blend of data reduction technologies will accelerate time-sensitive analyses. All-flash design enables consistent, increased performance for database and analytics workloads across the organizations. So we figured we’d get a long, thin wooden bar, plus four stools, which we can stack next to the fridge between meals. Now, if I buy supermarket flowers, I’ll go to my backyard and get some green clippings, and they make the bouquet look like some amazing florist did it.
So I asked my friend Jamie from Furbish, a great store in North Carolina, to be an extra set of eyes. We’ll invite friends over, make a big pot of soup and hang out on the stoop for the best people watching. I would love to to do it, i have a Zillion leap frog magnetic learning toys, but i fear the stainless fridge would get all scratched up from them.
I’m thinking to live in a condo near Greenhills, I can already picture out, how would the interior will be arrange. The fact is that not all speakers have the same practice, experience, or the mojo for the stage. For more complex projects, products, and ecosystems there needs to be a well-formed design system in place.Alla Kholmatova of FutureLearn introduced a pattern language and a modular design system for building web solutions. Enjoy!Mystery speakerAs with every Smashing conference, a mystery speaker was announced and he turned out to be Jason Fried, co-founder of Basecamp. It’s positioned in downtown San Francisco and is one of the oldest continuously operated restaurant in town.
For full website functionality, please upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 9 (or greater), Firefox, Safari or Chrome.
Their projects are collaborative, research-led investigations into possible futures and ideas of otherness in Johannesburg. We reject this argument, because San Francisco has asserted important interests that are broader than preventing children or unauthorized users from using the firearms, including an interest in preventing firearms from being stolen and in reducing the number of handgun-related suicides and deadly domestic violence incidents. Once you stop trying to put a square peg in that round hole, your head won’t hurt anymore.
We who understand know what it means, and the uninformed get the impression it’s a good thing. Isn’t that like saying the city should be able to ban bullets entirely, because after all, a gun without bullets has less lethality than one that is loaded. The police can not break down the door on suspicion that you have a loaded firearm that’s not locked up per regulation. So keep an unlocked trigger lock next to your gun at all times and you’ll be ok in this scenario.
In the spring and summer months on the farm, I’m more likely than not to be armed if I take a nap because I can just go right back to working after awaking. I’d rather restore rights and then concern myself with the few remaining ancillary privileges later.
The elimination of storage system cost and complexity will enable the organization to be agile when implementing storage-dependent initiatives. While spending a year living in Paris, we visited Florence, and when the hotel was checking us in, they handed our boys little naked ceramic David statues. You know how you’d read Domino Magazine, but there was no real place to buy that kind of stuff?

Dolores Park is down the street, and they have new crazy tall slides and structures by designers. The conference was above average in the quality of talks and the city was, simply put, awesome.
Being an expert in the field doesn't necessarily mean a person will excel in giving a presentation in front of a 200+ audience.Smashing Conference in San Francisco had 15 speakers in 2 days and the average quality of the speeches was excellent. His presentation was conducted in a form of an interview, which proved to be a much better format. We had excellent lunch there, even if the dishes are not related to Croatian cuisine anymore :)We also had a few drinks with a guy working for Lyft whom we knew when we were still students back in Croatia. But the city of San Francisco has elevated a good practice into a law and now, in their ruling in Jackson v. They’ve advanced the cause of concealed carry with their Peruta decision, but are fine with criminalizing those who keep a pistol on their nightstand while they snooze.
On the other hand, there is only one gun store in the city, and it hardly has any ammo anyway, because the city, by ordinance, limits the quantity it can have on hand. Great idea for closet organization too- I didn’t know that kind of organization was possible in such a small space. We enjoyed the trip despite the 9-hour time difference and a strong jet lag.Even though we’ve been planning on going to a Smashing conference for a while, only Igor managed to make it to Oxford 2 years back.
I will remember his presentation for him mentioning the “McDonald’s Theory”, that people are inspired to come up with good ideas to ward off bad ones. He discussed how they position Basecamp on the market and explained that they don’t want to do something just because everybody expects them to. He gave us insight on what it is like to be an IT developer in the Bay Area - not simple at all, due to the high prices of living.
MTV, без сомнения, является лидером среди музыкальных каналов, ориентированных на тинейджерскую аудиторию. The City of San Francisco, the Ninth Circuit court of appeals has upheld its constitutionality. The rent cost is absolutely jaw dropping.And, of course, we met a guy at the conference whose ancestors are from Croatia. We also display a Fez hat we got during a trip to Morocco, when an old guy walking down the street just put it on Roman’s head. Our stuff had been in storage, and I realized there were 10 things that I was happy to see, but everything else I didn’t miss it at all. Due to the highly expensive roaming, we were dependent on a couple of MiFis which simply wasn’t enough. When you have a small home, your stuff is worth more to you out of your house than in your house.2. Since the new standard is tunneling all traffic through one connection, there is no need for having big CSS and JS packages which will only be rendered once the complete packages are fetched. A well-known CSS wizard Harry Roberts gave a very useful talk for all frontend people on how to apply traditional paradigms in CSS.
Don’t know why there was no regular WiFi, but that is something that should have been better. It is, after all, a conference about web technologies.Still…The conference was overall very well organized thanks to the Smashing crew and the MC Tim Kadlec. Keep up the good work.The Croatian trailAs we had 2 more days to spare, we used this time to drive to Sonoma and Napa Valley to visit a few wineries.
Our living room used to feel small, but when we finally hung art and stacked books on the coffee table, it instantly felt homey and spacious.3. Possibly the best talk of the conference for me was the one by Jeffrey Veen (Partner at True Ventures and advisor at about.me, Medium, and WordPress) on how to craft creative cultures.
The last and the most important for us was the Grgich Hills Estate which was established by a Croatian Miljenko Mike Grgich.
Usb-даптер accu-chek smartpix) в глюкометре используются тест-полоски тест-полоски акку-чек актив (accu-chek active) для определения уровня глюкозы в крови статистика (среднее за х дней) диапазон измерений (ммольл) глюкометр акку-чек актив (accu-chek active) с батарейкой, 10 тест-полосок акку-чек актив (accu-chek active), ручка - автопрокалыватель акку-чек софткликс (accu-chek softclix), 10 стерильных ланцетов акку-чек софткликс (accu-chek softclix), инструкция на русском языке с гарантийным талоном. He got famous in the wine industry when he became the first to beat the french winemakers in France with his 1973 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay (this event is now known as the Judgement of Paris). After his efforts, it was proved that the Californian Zinfandel is actually a Croatian grape varietal Crljenak Kastelanski, probably brought to California by Croatian immigrants in the 19th century.
You know how with baby clothes, you’re just constantly changing up their clothes since they’re growing so fast?
14 октября 2008 года я приобрел usb-модем от Скайлинк CMOTech SNU-680 в одном из московских салонов сотовой связи "Евросеть". It was our favorite date, you get inspired, you know that great feeling…and we realized we wanted our home to feel that same way.
Cо своими оценками событий и прогнозами в программах канала выступают ведущие эксперты, политики, государственные деятели. Russia Today постоянно получает актуальную видеоинформацию от собственных корпунктов по всему миру и ведущих мировых информационных агентств.

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