Galvannealing is a process of galvanizing and annealing steel to produce a product that is strong, durable and corrosive resistant. After 63 years of making the toughest steel buildings on the market, all of our products will be manufactured in Galvannealed Steel! This beautiful patio furniture is fade resistant, won't scratch or split, and is completetly water resistant; backed by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.
Countoured seats are molded to the curves of your body and have a higher back for total relaxation and comfort! A 4-foot swing or glider can comfortably accommodate two average size adults, as seen above.
A 5-foot swing or glider can comfortably accommodate one child and two average size adults, as seen above. Custom size furniture also available! Contact your local sales lot representative for more information.

Give those outdoor birds a great home with an Amish crafted Bird House. Built with amazing detail these small structures look just like houses! If you're looking to improve your shed storage, look no further than 100% steel sheds from Man Products. Since 1950 Man Products has been building, what are by all accounts, the strongest steel sheds, garages, cellar doors and commercial buildings available today. Construsted from heavy-duty steel for durability, these are the only single door access on the market.
Built to accommodate any size, commercial buildings from Man Products are the solution to your building needs. Based in the historic town of Amityville in the southern shore of Long Island, NY, our rugged products are shipped all across the U.S.
We provide you with the most durable and affordable metal building storage sheds available on the market.

Each of our Doors come with Hydraulic Assisted Lifters, an Outside Keyed Entry and Fully Welded Seams. Each one of these products is designed according to the highest standards of steel construction. If you have any questions regarding any of our metal products, simply give us a call at 1-800-645-6362.
Beware of companies on the Internet that sell metal building products using materials from other countries or unknown sources. We've been helping families like yours for over 60 years and we look forward to providing you with the best metal building solution for your needs.

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