Rogiers Park has been procured for us by Barbra, whose husband worked for Balcones Heights.
Donations received at the Spring Swap will be used for buying door prizes and other incidentals such as dishes and cutlery for desserts. Rogiers Park is a very few blocks south of Crossroads Mall and is close to IH 10 and 410 so is easily accessable. There are three or four tables in the covered pavilion, but more tables will be needed so if you have a table you can bring please do so.
I would like to start some more seeds, root some more cuttings and do some divisions, but don't want to have too much stuff left over if I can keep from it.
By the way, I received an email from Tonya saying her email got hacked, which is what I thought so I didn't open the link, but it would have been easy to have been fooled because of the little chatty note that came with it along with a philosophical quote. Donna, would love for you to set aside some blue ginger and some firespike for me if you have enough to spare.
Thank you for the offer in return, but my husband doesn't tolerate many vined plants around our place. I usually offer a selection of ornamental grasses but this year most are just hanging on and some aren't even producing seeds yet so I'll have to wait until closer to Oct. I haven't started any cuttings yet with this heat, but can dig up small plants of Coral vine, Chocolate plant, Pigeon berry, Winter honeysuckle, etc.
Will also have seeds of Scarlet pentapete (and maybe seeds from a pink pentapete that hasn't bloomed yet), Love in a puff, Velvet pod mimosa, Mock orange, Amaranth, and some others. Another helpful hint, which takes more time, but is great to have: consider putting a notebook together of your plants.

You may notice above and below this post that people are talking about the plants they have.
I'll be there and it is very exciting to meet the other plant lovers who lives in the same city. For instance someone passed along a bright green thornless cactus that has VERY elongated leaves.
Another person passed along a gorgeous bright green thornless cactus that looks rather like a Christmas cactus, but it's not the same. Parking is on the street and wagons will be helpful in bringing in plants so let us know if you have one to bring for others to use as well as yourself. TexasTonya, I've been wondering how the Papaya plant that you wintered over in your green house is doing. TexasWANTED: A 10, or preferably a 15, gallon nursery pot to grow my Malabar spinach in next year.
We are happy that this swap will be held at what may be our new regular location, and at no cost (for now). You may end up taking home more than you bring, and it's not always easy to get it all back in your car. If you are new to this and wonder what's going on, this is what we call pre-arranged swapping. Sometimes I get home and forget who gave me certain plants and I'd like to remember you as I enjoy the plant. I've never seen anything like it and was wondering if I was doing something wrong with it -- not enough sun or something.

Hopefully everyone will take a look (or 3) at it and let me know what ~might~ you like when the swap comes around. If you ever attend a swap that asks for donations please drop a few dollars in the jar to help cover the cost -- which is usually covered out of the pocket of the hostess.
You can list what you have and others can either post here what they would like from your list or they can contact you by email (if you make sure you add your email to your preferences). Get a name tag, sign up for door prizes, and if we have one, sign the list for future notifications of swaps. Please consider that you're leaving the swap with plants that would have cost so much more at a nursery.
After nearly 15 years of hostessing and attending these swaps I've learned a lot from others. Keep track of each swap and bring the plants to the event for that person, and they will bring what you liked from their list. This is especially helpful to newbies who have told me often that they were confused with the way things were done at the swap. It's a good idea for all of us to put our name on our table so that everyone knows who to find when they see a plant they'd like.

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