Pratical, durable and reasonable in price; that's one way to describe these resin Rubbermaid storage sheds from Lowes. Set a Reminder and we'll send you an email when it's time to stock up on items you buy regularly or seasonally, like air filters, fertilizer or mulch.
I need a storage shed for my backyard to keep the push mower, weed eater, blower, tools, chemicals, and other general crap from the garage. Originally Posted By HABU: The metal ones sweat like a whore in church, dripping on all your stuff.
I've never done any carpentry of this magnitude before and I doubt any of my friends have either. I was thinking of doing a concrete pad first (another thing I've never done) and putting it on that. We build sheds with cement siding and treated floors, little more pricey but worth it, even in the short run. To purchase an Arrow storage shed such as this Arrow Milford shed from Lowes could be an excellent choice if you're in need of a new outdoor structure.
If you need extra outdoor storage space, then perhaps a Rubbermaid storage shed would be just perfect. If you have been looking for something that won't rust, rot, or be subjected to termites or anything else that would cause decay, then going with plastic definitely makes a lot of sense. Well perhaps one of these storage sheds from Lowes by DuraMax and Suncast might be worth looking into.
Stay away. Something you could heat to 50-55* to keep things dry would be my first suggestion.
I got a 20' shipping container delivered for $2k its about the most secure thing you can get for the price. I put one up on my mother's lot and it took nearly 2 full days with a cordless drill because of all the screws.
They rust, they're rickety as hell, they seem to be an insect magnet, and they get HOT AS BALLS.
Anyone know where I can get some good plans with different designs? It is not that hard to design, I built mine without ever drawing it up, just a notepad and calcuated parts out as I made it. I don't think this is something I could wing like I do everything else in true man fashion. I will email you a materials list of any particular size you might need if you want to build it yourself.

These Arrow Milford storage building sheds are quite roomy and can be found in a couple of different sizes. Lowes is one store that carries a couple of nice Rubbermaid storage sheds in various styles and sizes. These Rubbermaid storage buildings at Lowes don't ever require any upkeep or maintenance, and whereas you might have to sand and paint a wooden shed every couple of years, there is no need at all for that with one of these resin units.Over at Lowes you can actually find a rather nice selection of these Rubbermaid sheds.
I know I'll have to spray the inside edges with foam insulating spray to prevent it from leaking. Biggest thing you can do to make it actually last is to put down blocks and actually build a subfloor just like a regular shed. It was built by previous owners on a slab about 15-18 years ago. I am planning on tearing it down, leaving the concrete slab then get a pre-fabbed metal building hauled in on a truck. This Arrow storage building is made in galvanized steel which is perfect for structure and strength, and it doesn't require any maintenance. These sheds would be perfect if you have a lot of stuff which never seem to have a particular place to go, and you simply want to organize your things and protect them. They come in all shapes and sizes, so no matter whether you need something long and narrow or short and long, or maybe you have more space and want a larger sized building, it shouldn't be a problem.
It also comes with a floor support kit for free but it looks pretty flimsy so I'll have to support it with bricks or something.
Structurally they seem pretty stable, however the tin siding looks like it would dent very very easy.
In the mean time I'm keeping an eye out for a built one to possibly get moved on craigslist. Well, looks like it's going to be awhile till I get to the garage. You can find large and small sheds as well as vertical and horizontal sheds, so there is certainly a selection to choose from here. I won't be keeping anything to valuable in there, just my mower, weed eater, and blower which are all older and all given to me. My city has a Lowes, Home Depot, and Sears.
You might also keep an eye on craigslist for a used shed or even an enclosed trailer for cheap. The whole reason for the shed is to just get the crap out of the 2 car garage because I'm turning it into a weight room. I ran electricity,telephone and used a portable gas heater.I had work benches Including reloading stuff. Lowes is a great store if you want to check out a larger selection of outdoor structures and sheds by a range of brands such as Duramax and Suncast, however Home Depot would also be worth a try.

The main drawback I saw was the doors, can't really lock them, they don't slide well, and the handles are thin flimsy plastic. I plan to epoxy the floor, new paint, roll out rubber flooring under weights, mirrors, new power rack, new dumbbell set, plus set up all my old equipment. There are of course wooden storage sheds to purhase at home improvement stores, but even though they make look nice, they are not at all as easy to clean with a hose as the ones made in plastic are, so if you're concerned about that, then Rubbermaid would be a good choice.
You would have no issues whatsoever fitting a rather large riding lawn mower, bicycles or other tools and things which are more cumbersome. Those are all questions you should think about, before running out and picking something up.This DuraMax shed below is nice because it features a lean-to structure so it's relatively small and efficiently uses the space. These Lowes Rubbermaid storage sheds would be ideal if you need to store garden equipment, or perhaps bicycles and toys.
These sheds feature double wall construction and the doors are steel inforced for extra strength and durability. It's made out of metal and vinyl so you don't have to be concerned about upkeep or maintenance. So all in all, it seems like these Rubbermaid storage sheds should hold up well for quite some years to come, and since there are so many models available it shouldn't be too tricky to find something that works with your space requirements and budget. With one of these sheds you can easily organize everything just right, and since there are so many sizes and shapes to choose between, it shouldn't be too difficult to find something suitable.
It should last long and would be ideal if you don't have a huge space to put the shed on, but all you need it for is storing gardening tools and maybe some sports equipment.
All of these sheds should be easy to assemble and they should keep in good condition for years to come. I can't say either of these sheds will win any prices for their looks, however they're certainly practical and durable. So no matter what type of storage structures or sheds you need, Lowes is certainly worth checking out. Durable, double-wall construction provides an extra layer of protection for added strength and security. Durable, double-wall construction provides an extra layer of protection for added strength and security.

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